Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Find: CANT

So I posted a video from CANT on a previous Video Tuesday and mentioned talking about them (him) more.  The more I listen to the new album, the more I like it.

6229362762 315ed04580

Particularly this song (play it loud):

Here's a live version from KEXP (and here's the rest of the videos).

A bit more info…

CANT: From Grizzly Bear's Friction, A Solo Gem : NPR

" as far as side projects go, Grizzly Bear is basically a high-school valedictorian."

CANT is the latest addition to the pedigree — a Chris Taylor solo outfit with a moodier strain of after-hours sultriness than can be heard in Grizzly Bear's lofty melancholia. Its debut album, Dreams Come True, grooves as readily it sulks, borrowing liberally from Prince and Depeche Mode, and "She Found a Way Out" is a clear standout. Taylor's sparse guitar arrangement and airy harmonies evoke intimacy akin to Daniel Rossen's take on "Deep Blue Sea," right up until the sucker-punch second half erupts. Synths wash over the track, nearly swallowing the heavy bass-snare hits as Taylor professes, "She can't / She can't / She's gonna find a way out."

The result has all the grandeur of Gary Numan's Pleasure Principle, and belongs nowhere near a proper Grizzly Bear album, but as Grizzly Bear's Yellow House proved, a little friction makes for better music. Best of all, in that band's case, what doesn't fit makes for great solo material."

(Continued... CANT: From Grizzly Bear's Friction, A Solo Gem : NPR)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris Documentary

Knowing how much I love both La Blogotheque and the Pitchfork Music Festival, you could imagine my delight to see them converge in Paris.  Watch the magic.

Article: Why Rappers Are Suddenly Speaking Out in Support of Gay Pride

What a breath of fresh air...

Why Rappers Are Suddenly Speaking Out in Support of Gay Pride - The Daily Beast

Hip-hop and homophobic hate speech have long gone hand in hand—but now MCs from Fat Joe to The Game are changing their tune. Chris Lee on rap’s gay-friendly tipping point. Print Email Comments (10)

Has hip-hop finally had it with homophobia?

20110830 042250

Since the genre’s explosion into the public consciousness in the early ’80s, rap music has stood apart as one of popular culture’s most unregulated forums for anti-gay hate speech. From Ice Cube’s paean to male anal rape, “No Vaseline,” to Big Daddy Kane proclaiming himself “anti-f----t” and Eminem’s scorching repudiation of homosexuality on 2000’s “Criminal”—“Whether you’re a fag or lez / Or the homosex, hermaph or trans-a-vest / Pants or dress / Hate fags? The answer’s yes”—MCs have unleashed homophobic rants and hurled slurs in songs without fear of censorship or reprisal for nearly three decades.

But in the last few months, seemingly unprompted by anything more than some new wellspring of compassion, major hip-hop artists have been speaking out in vehement condemnation of old homophobic tropes, calling for greater tolerance toward gay people, urging closeted gays to come out, and expressing admiration for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in ways that would have been unimaginable a generation ago."

(Continued... Why Rappers Are Suddenly Speaking Out in Support of Gay Pride - The Daily Beast)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Video Tuesday

Party hard this week with Deer Tick's raucous video for Main Street  Next up is a dizzying new video for YACHT's I Walked Alone.  Finally a new Goldfrapp video for Yellow Halo, a new track on their upcoming Singles release (2/6/12)   …and another "bonus" video this week.

Another wacked out video, this time from Major Lazer, feat. Diplo!


Coming Thursday: Paper Thick Walls @ Wilbert's

It's been quite a dry spell for shows these last couple weeks, but that's going to change - at least for a night. I got word that Paper Thick Walls are performing at Wilbert's on Thursday. While I already had plans for that night, I should be able to catch these guys first. Nothing like two shows in one night…


Check out this gorgeous live video of Liar's Lawyer shot for AudiotreeLive.com.

Pretty cool stuff, looking forward to this show…  Check out some of their other stuff.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great Gift Idea! Put the Needle on the Record

Have you got your copy yet??  http://matthewchojnacki.com/book/store/

Cover Story | Music Lead | Cleveland Scene

""The '80s were all about complete oversaturation of imagery," he says. "I was looking for things that just popped for me, whether they were representative of the decade or they just stood the test of time." Chojnacki's tastes aren't confined to one genre. The 45 and 12-inch sleeves in his book — which come from his personal collection of 5,000 — include everyone from Madonna, Peter Gabriel, and the Smiths to Run-DMC, Twisted Sister, and Dolly Parton.

"I wanted every page to be a unique experience," he says. "I probably looked at more than 10,000 images." He also got the stories behind the pictures, interviewing many of the musical and creative artists."

(Continued... Cover Story | Music Lead | Cleveland Scene)

Needle Cover 2

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video Tuesday

I missed last week, but this week's a can't miss (includes a "bonus" video below). Starting off with CANT's video Too Late, Too Far (I want to talk more about this band more soon).  Next up is a *great* video by Handsome Furs for Serve the People.  Ending with Bombay Bicycle Club's Leave It.  Don't forget to check out a little Duck Sauce for dessert.

I can't believe I'm posting this one.  But it's just… incredible.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Plants & Animals / Free Download

I feel like with every Plants & Animals release, I like them exponentially more.  This new single "Lightshow" for The End of That (out 2/28/12) keeps that trajectory.  Listen and download it here:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Austra - The Choke

Incredibly beautiful… and I'm not just talking about the room.


disco naïveté » Austra - The Choke (Paper Bag Session)

"Katie Stelmanis takes place behind that grand piano at The Great Hall of the Hart House on The University of Toronto campus again for the second  installment of the Austra Paper Bag sessions and performs a stripped-down version of The Choke."

(Continued... disco naïveté » Austra - The Choke (Paper Bag Session))

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps (11/14/11)

Last week I caught another great show at the Beachland Tavern.  Scanning for new bands / shows (as I often do), I ran across Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps and was instantly taken by her voice.  I was instantly sold on the show, and the $5 price tag was just right.  Opening was Bethesda, an NEO band.  I think they had a lot of good qualities, but I'm not sure I really dug the vocals.  They're a fun, young band though…  I hope they do well.

Bethesda (11/14/11)

Next up was… well, this is kinda embarrassing.  Next up was Caroline Smith & the The Good Night Sleeps, but I didn't realize it until their last song.  While I had been checking out their album, i wasn't really familiar with their work.  And throw in the fact that any videos I had seen of Caroline she had dark brown hair - also, I had no idea who Humble Home was, and thought they might have a female lead singer as well - and the Beachland listed Caroline as the headliner! So I was really thrown off, and chalked it up to the last two bands being similar.  I instantly liked what I heard and thoroughly liked the last performance (and was looking for a whole 'nother set of great female vocals).  Last song comes and I hear it's Caroline… Der.   Still, a great performance, and possibly an earlier night than expected!

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps (11/14/11)

Finally, the real Humble Home took the stage.  Caught a couple songs from these local guys, but took the chance to get home a bit early.  These guys weren't too bad… (especially on the eyes).  ;-)

Humble Home (11/14/11)

Video from, and entire concert posted at: http://www.youtube.com/user/kingofthecastle7

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video Tuesday

Some stunning videos today… I'd be a terrible music blogger if I didn't join the masses and post the new Fleet Foxes video for The Shrine / An Argument. Next up is a new one from Florence & the Machine for No Light, No Light.  Finally, a visually stunning video from The Naked and Famous for No Way.

Guerilla New Music Exposure

I love my friends.  I love that when they're in my presence, they know they're going to be subjected to some music they've  (probably) never heard before.  I kinda enjoy this personal, guerrilla-style new-music promotion that I do outside this blog. - and thankfully my friends usually just play along (and sometimes even like it).  A couple weekends ago I had my most recent chance, with a couple friends visiting form Pittsburgh.

Their whole time staying with me, they were subjected to my crafted playlist of new songs that were specifically selected to be amenable to both their tastes.  Now I'm sure they didn't even take much notice (these friends in particular), but I get satisfaction out of it no matter what.

But this isn't always a 1 way offering.  This particular weekend I was treated to a couple videos of songs that *I* should check out - neither of which I've heard before (and kinda liked both).  Not the kinda stuff you'd usually see on here, but fun and worth checking it out.

Monday, November 21, 2011

MONDAY the 28th: Beirut @ House of Blues

UPDATE:  Make that next Monday (28th) - Thanks Amber!!  // See why I'm so excited about this Beirut show tomorrow night at the House of Blues (despite the $30 price tag)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Article: Building a House of Wax in Cleveland (Gotta Groove)

Good stuff… Go Gotta Groove!

You Are Here - Building a House of Wax in Cleveland - NYTimes.com

"In the heart of postindustrial Cleveland, in one of those cheery urban-reclamation areas with freshly painted brick buildings and almost unnaturally green lawn spaces, you’ll find Gotta Groove Records, one of around 20 plants in the United States that still press vinyl. On the day I visited, the guts of this converted elevator factory were packed with hissing, clanking vintage record presses, and the walls were lined with band fliers and colored LPs. A dry-erase board at the far end of the shop displayed the day’s jobs, Tom Waits and Tim Buckley among them."

(Continued... You Are Here - Building a House of Wax in Cleveland - NYTimes.com)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video Tuesday

Quite an interesting selection of videos if I do say so myself.  Probably my favorite Icelandic person at the moment: Sin Fang w/ Because of the Blood.  A groovy-green video from Mates of State with Sway.  Rounding out the three is another interesting Yellow Ostrich dance video for Mary.  (...and there's a bonus below)

So not typically my thing, but a big "Bravo!" to Duran Duran for making a slick video for one of their comeback singles.  Bravo...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shows This Week!

Took a week off last week - thankfully, as the week before was exhausting!  Some great stuff this week, check it out!

Monday:  Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps
Beachland Tavern / $5 
A stunning voice.  Opening for Caroline Smith & the Good Nights is Humble Home and Bethesda

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps - "Calliope" by performermag

Tuesday: Mister Heavenly
Grog Shop / $12
Mister Heavenly is a feat. members of Islands, Man Man and Modest Mouse!  A solid rock beat.

Mister Heavenly - Mister Heavenly by subpop

Wednesday: Los Rakas
The Spot / CWRU Only
Not something I can see being a huge hit on campus, but Los Rakas sounds fun!

Los Rakas - Kalle by Radio Morillo

Thursday: The Wilderness of Manitoba
Beachland Tavern / $8
Just the name The Wilderness of Manitoba evokes a romantically organic feeling.  The music follows it up… for fans of Fleet Foxes.

The Wilderness of Manitoba - Orono Park by Stayloose

Thursday: Pomegranates
Grog Shop / $7 ~ $8
I guess I've seen Pomegranates before, but with some strong local support, this might be worth another shot.  This song sounds great.

06-pomegranates-corriander by indieana john

Free Small Black Mixtape: Moon Killer

Having been a fan of Small Black for a while now, I'm excited to see them sharing a mix tape - especially for free.  Check it out:


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Video Tuesday

Going a little off the beaten path this week.  Starting off with new Cass McCombs's for The Same Thing.  Next is a band I've seen and enjoyed, and finally with a full release... Gauntlet Hair with Keep Time.  Finally, is EMA with Marked.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holy Ghost! / Jessica 6 (11/4/11)

The closer this show came, the more excited I was to see it!  First off, I'd been reconnecting with the Holy Ghost! album and realizing just how much I liked it.  Then I also spent some time with Jessica 6 who was opening.  The more I listed to their album, I was about as excited for the opener as I was for the main act.  I just knew It'd be a dance-bonanza.

Jessica 6's sound has been described as nu-disco, and I can definitely see where that comes from.  I'd also discovered that some members came from Hercules and Love Affair (who's previous album I loved), and they've been listed as one of the inspirations for the new Madonna album!  Wowza. Well, they sounded amazing and it turned out to be the dance party night I was hoping for (I'm sure that shot of jaeger didn't hurt).

Jessica 6 (11/4/11)

(sorry for the poor video quality)

Holy Ghost! really kept the party going. These guys filled the stage... and the room.  They played many of the songs I was hoping for, including a couple of my favorites that I recorded...

Holy Ghost! (11/4/11)

Holy Ghost! (11/4/11)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beat Connection @ Laundromatinee

I first mentioned Beat Connection as a New Find back in April.  I'm still enjoying the album, and I'm glad to actually seem them in person and live at Laundromatinee!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tomorrow: Holy Ghost! @ Grog Shop

I have a particular affinity for bands with an exclamation mark in their name.  Especially a worthy band like Holy Ghost! I've already featured two of their videos on my Video Tuesday series, and they're finally coming to the Grog Shop Tomorrow ($12~$14 @ 10pm)!  I checked out the opener, Jessica 6, and they'll be worth getting there early (relatively speaking), being a band boasting former members of Hercules & Love Affair and scoring a cameo from Antony (from Antony & the Johnsons).  Oh, did I mention Holy Ghost! scored one from Michael McDonald.  Seriously…

Holy Ghost! – “Some Children” (Feat. Michael McDonald) Video - Stereogum

DFA and Adult Swim teamed up to create a video for Holy Ghost!’s “Some Children,” with a directorial credit going to lilfuchs. This is the HG! song with a cameo from Michael McDonald! (Stereogum’s style guide mandates that an exclamation point be used after every instance of both Holy Ghost! and Michael McDonald!, for reasons that are self-evident.) The clip is playful, animated, and vibrant in a way that recalls Ed Banger art director So Me’s work with Kanye and Justice, and to those points, ends appropriately with the hoodied hipster creation scene depicted above. "

(Continued... Holy Ghost! – “Some Children” (Feat. Michael McDonald) Video - Stereogum)

I think these guys are going to be a lot of fun...

Watch: Jessica 6 Video Featuring Antony | News | Pitchfork

"NYC dance outfit Jessica 6 (whose lineup includes ex-Hercules and Love Affair members) teamed up with fellow H&LA alum Antony Hegarty for a track called "Prisoner of Love" on Jessica 6's debut album See the Light.

Now, Antony co-stars in the video, which was directed by Marco Ovando and styled by Lady Gaga collaborator Nicola Formichetti."

(Continued... Watch: Jessica 6 Video Featuring Antony | News | Pitchfork)

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

What a fun night with friends.  So often I go to shows by myself because it's just too hard to get people out to shows - let alone as many as I do.  Tonight I was actually out with two friends and they just made the night.  Two of us hit Music Saves for an early in-store performance of Blitzen Trapper. *AWESOME*  (great job Melanie!)

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

We had time to kill afterwards, because the Beachland wasn't even letting people in yet. W caught up with the third and we tried the Collinwood Cafe -- Closed.  We ventured all the way to the other end to the Boardwalk.  I was blown away.  I'd been in there a couple years ago during some day festival, and it wasn't much.  However, bar lighting made this place so much cooler, but then isn't that always the case? Cheap & delicious eats.  Will definitely be back.

SS+W Boardwalk (11/1/11)

We got back to the Beachland in plenty of time for The Belle Brigade and Dawes.  But honestly, we grabbed a table back in the bar and had a great time just hanging out and talking.  We could hear the music from table, but nothing really drove us out onto the floor.  We grabbed a glass of much-needed water and headed out for Blitzen Trapper.

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

The place was still pretty full, so we hung back as any consider, self-aware tall person does.  Blitzen Trapper put up a full, heavy set of pleasantly current sounding 70's rock riffs, mixed in with some more sensitive songs peppered in.  Earlier I talked to my friend about how sometimes for shows, they're much better when you have a previous connection with the songs.  I think this was one of these shows.  One friend got bored and left, but these guys had me sold the entire night.

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

Video Tuesday

Video Tuesday my ass. Let's go ahead and bring on weekend with Class Actress' ...Weekend. Next is Miracle Fortress with Possession, and I hope you have some bass on those little speakers of yours. Finally is M83's Midnight City, a band and album everyone is talking about.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tommorrow: Blitzen Trapper @ Beachland & Music Saves!

A big show tomorrow, with Blitzen Trapper, Dawes and The Belle Brigade over at the Beachland Ballroom tomorrow night…  I guess it's a co-headliner with Dawes, but I think you can see where my alliances lie… and The Belle Brigade is nothing to sneeze at.  Also an AMAZING pre-show / in-store performance for Blitzen Trapper at Music Saves (@ 6:30pm)!!!!!

Check out a recent performance by Blitzen Trapper on Jimmy Fallon (not seriously, that's just the lingo)

Also on NPR:

Blitzen Trapper: At Home On The Highway : NPR

"October 20, 2011 Blitzen Trapper is duly renowned for its sense of adventure. The Portland, Ore., group is nominally a country or folk band, complete with the requisite drawl from singer Eric Earley, pedal-steel guitar and golden harmonies. But that twang is accompanied by spacey keyboards, prog-rock guitar solos and a healthy dose of experimentation. Since 2007's breakthrough Wild Mountain Nation, each Blitzen Trapper album has been exciting and surprising, even as the group has toned down some of its past eccentricities."

(Continued... Blitzen Trapper: At Home On The Highway : NPR)

More on Painted Palms

I knew I liked these guys for a reason.

Shows This Week!

Trying to break-up the once-a-month Month Highlights piece into weekly segments, in order to receive a better consistency of completion.  We'll see.  This week is an easy one…

Tuesday: Blitzen Trapper
The Beachland Ballroom /  $14 ~ $17
Looking forward to these guys coming back again.  Blitzen Trapper has a well reviewed new album with American Goldwing, and will put on a  great show, with the likes of Dawes and The Belle Brigade just confirming you should go early.

Fletcher by subpop

Wednesday: Dr. Dog
Beachland Ballroom / $16 ~ $18
Philadephia's "oddball pop" darlings, Dr. Dog will be performing with Quite Life and Wax Fang.  All these bands should make for a great indie pop-rock night.

Dr. Dog - Stranger by Dr Dog

Thursday: Cold War Kids (SOLD OUT)
Beachland Ballroom / sorry about your luck

Friday: Holy Ghost!
Grog Shop /  $12 ~ $14
Holy Ghost! is a great electronic duo out of NYC, making a name with some great remixes and went on to release a great full-length album.  Jessica 6 and their slick version of "nu-disco" should be a great elctro-dance warm-up act.

Holy Ghost! - Hold My Breath (Cosmic Kids Remix) by CosmicKidsHo

Saturday: The War on Drugs
Beachland Tavern / $10 ~ $12
The War on Drugs is a notable pop/rock band out of Philadelphia. You may remember them as the former home of Kurt Vile, but their new stuff is good and this should be a great show.  Purling Hiss & Carter Tanton are opening.

The War on Drugs - Baby Missiles by edin2sun

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Future Islands / Javelin (10/27/11)

The Beachland has really been rocking the end of this October, with yet another great show. This time I was seeing Javelin & Future Islands, both are bands that I have seen before.  But opening first was Ed Schrader's Music Beat.  I know I've seen these guys before, probably as an opener I didn't write about.  However, they're worthy of a mention here, especially watching both guys from Future Islands and Javelin in the audience rocking' out to them.  Not sure how quite to describe them, other than experimental.  I'd totally see them again.

Javelin was next and they were SUPERB.  As good of a show as I've seen them perform (and I've seen them twice).  Super high energy, and the electronic drumming was just exhausting and thrilling to watch, all at the same time.  I'm a little pissed I didn't catch video of these guys, but definitely one of the best shows I've seen in a while.  (seriously low light and lots of movement on these pics)

Javelin (10/27/11)

Javelin (10/27/11)

Future Islands were just what I was expecting, again.  An incredibly intense, but enjoyable show.

Future Islands (10/27/11)

Future Islands (10/27/11)

Jess Klein (10/26/11)

Seeing Jess Klein was coming to town really took me back, all the way back to 2005 when I saw her the first time.  Sounded like a perfect show for a Wednesday night in Cleveland.  I bellied up to the bar early and ordered a quite-delicious burger from the Beachland.  Jess Klein took the stage and was a talented as I remember (and I'm sure more-so).  Such a great range of style, effortlessly switching from country/bluegrass sound to a sultry blues number.  I really got a Patty Griffin meets EmmyLou Harris vibe.

Jess Klein (10/26/11)

Jess Klein (10/26/11)

Take a listen (entire show over at kingofthecastle7):

Tom Freund was actually the headliner this night.  Good performance, but this night was really about Jess for me.

The Sounds (10/24/11)

The Limousines first focused my attention for this show, but quickly got excited about seeing The Sounds as well.  Once again I was surprised by a band that Clevelanders are excited about, who's been around a while (2003) and who I haven't heard about.  Though I guess it shouldn't be, and I'm thankful that's the case actually. It was a nice crowed for a mid-week electronica / dance pop show at the Beachland Ballroom.

Walked in for the last couple songs by The Limousines.  Unfortunately, because I liked what I heard during our entry, and trip to the bar for a beer.  By the time we got settled and I went to grab my camera, they were done.  Shit. Good stuff though!

The Sounds (10/24/11)

The Sounds entered to the fanfare of a veteran band, that I guess they are.  Their performance kind of lent to that aesthetic as well though you could see it was worn.  Maja walked on stage, smoked a cigarette, and really tried to rile up the crowd.  Maybe it was late in the tour, or maybe it was just an off night for them, but it just kind of fell flat.  Their live show wasn't nearly as good as some of the gems on their recent release. I caught this little ditty and headed out soon after.

The Sounds (10/24/11)

The Sounds (10/24/11)

Out This Week: Deer Tick (LaundroMatinee)

Glad to be seeing some Deer Tick news, the most of exciting of which is their upcoming performance at The Happy Dog (seriously!?) on Saturday, December 3rd!  Also they have a new release Divine Providence that came out this past week (Oct. 25th.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Video Tuesday

Starting off with Future Islands' Give Us the Wind - WHO can see at the Beachland Ballroom on Thursday!  Next up is Lord Huron and their amazing collage of vintage video for Mighty.  Next up is a new track by Chairlift, where I have to agree with thepointofeverything.com and have no words for it - but I like the song!

Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings (10/18/11)

Before this show, I would have really hesitated adding Dave Rawlings name to the title of this post.  Mostly because I've been such a fan of Gillian Welch over the years that I would hated to have her share co-billing with some guy who I didn't know.  But that's all changed.  While Gillian was great - David really stole the show for me, with his superb - and I mean like - middle of the song standing ovation, superb.

The sound was excellent. The new songs were excellent. My friend Tim pointed out that this were some of the best, pitch-perfect harmonies he's ever heard (and I would agree).  Throwing a mic on the ground to catch some stomping and body clapping on Six White Horses shows some of the dynamics they added to the relatively simple setup. The only drawbacks were that no photos could be taken, and the dumbasses who kept yelling out for a cover Long Black Veil (asses).  Gillian took it in stride with professionalism and humor, as a true performer with class would.  Overall = stunning.

Gillian Welch (10/18/11)

I did grab one crappy iPhone photo though (breakin' the law!)

Gillian Welch (10/18/11)

The Underground Railroad to Candyland (10/16/11)

The Underground Railroad to Candyland was not a band that I wasn't expecting to see on this night.  I was stopping up at the Beachland to grab some posters, knowing that the Screaming Females would be performing that night - but not quite sure if I would stay around to catch them (it was a Sunday night).  Well, I didn't - but I did stay long enough to really, really enjoy this band.  The hard-driving punk/pop sound of these guys were amazing.  Throw in some face paint, horns, and a cutie with butterfly wings and I'm sold.  I'd love to actually stay for a proper-show by them sometime.

The Underground Railroad to Candy (10/16/11)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video Tuesday

I have a good reason!  Anyway… Sin Fang's newest video for Slowlights from Summer Echoes - both a great song and video!  Next is a new video by Holy Ghost! for Hold My Breath, a nice trip down memory late (and who are coming to the Grog Shop on Friday, Nov. 4th!)>  And finally a great new video from Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, for Critical Drain.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neon Indian (10/15/11)

So I ended up missing both shows from Thursday night, but it was nice having a 5 day break since my last show.  Actually, that's probably what allowed me time to prepare for the sold-out Neon Indian show at the Grog Shop. I didn't get tickets until the day-of, and glad I did.

I had plans earlier, so I missed Purity Ring as the very first opener.  I was fine with it, as I would pretend I didn't even know about it (I was excited about Com Truise however).  Well, Melanie had to go on and tell me what a great show it was!  Ugh, oh well.  But I was over it pretty quickly once Com Truise started.  I had been enjoying their more adventurous and dynamic electronic / pop sounds.  Often not radio-friendly, but I found myself thinking how I found it exciting and even began wanting to see them more.

Com Truise (10/15/11)

I really enjoyed the Com Truise show.  I also liked Neon Indian, who I guess had been here not too long ago (that one eluded me).  I hear at that show some of the kids were really fucked up, but maybe that helps with the chillwave sounds.  I could see where tripping a bit might have helped the show, but I still found it quite enjoyable.  Here's one of my favorite tracks:

The lighting was terribly low this night, so here are the best of the photos that I could get.

Neon Indian (10/15/11)

Neon Indian (10/15/11)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tomorrow: Canon Logic @ Euclid Tavern

Wow, this is my first recommendation for a Euclid Tavern show!   One of my great Cleveland disappointments was not getting here in time to see a show in the old tavern.  Piss soaked floors?? Bring it on...  OK not really, but I would have loved to have gone to at least one show there.  Now's my chance to finally see a show in the new one...  The only hiccup is Those Darlins over at the Grog Shop.  I really want to see them, but I think the allure of the Euc is bringing me there.  Oh, and Canon Logic. They have a big rock sound, sorta like Killers or Snow Patrol.  It's not the easiest sound to pull off, but I think these guys do it well.  Check them out:

CanonLogicRapidEmpire by lightscamerawolfgang

N18516970771 549067 4777

Some comments about their sound from their recent full-length release:

In the Spring of 2010 Canon Logic released their first full-length effort, FM Arcade, an eclectic album of powerfully catchy pop songs. Converse’s Talk Blog said "FM Arcade is rife with slick musical structures and beautiful, clear vocals.” Achieving a growing popularity in their native NYC, supporting acts like Oh Land and the Lemonheads, and headlining Bowery Ballroom, they broadened their reach up and down the East Coast on tour, and the songs stretched even further, landing placements on CSI:NY, internet ad campaigns, and on Hollister Co. and affiliated stores’ playlists, nationwide.

Now, I have no idea what time these guys might go on.  I might need to call the venue.

Wild Flag (10/10/11)

There was a choice last night, between two equally compelling shows.  The Beachland had Bitch, who I've seen before, and is always a great performer.  I've never seen Wild Flag, but I did have a great experience seeing Sleeter Kinney back in Hot Rock days.  However, the great new self-titled Wild Flag album (buy it on InSound) had swung me in the way of the Grog.

Opening was YellowFever out of Austin.  This duo sounded good, were really talented, and I really enjoyed listening to them.  I did.

YellowFever (10/10/11)

Now I have to admit.  I think I'm feeling a little burned out... or something.  I went into the show last night with some excitement.  Saw some friends I hadn't seen in a while, and was overall pleased to be there.  But during my time there, I felt kid of distracted and unfocused.  So just as YellowFever was "good" - so was Wild Flag.  I preface this because I know this show was better than the creativity I can muster to do these ladies justice. Honestly, I was thoroughly pleased sitting back and the bar chatting with a friend while Carrie belted out from afar.

Wild Flag (10/10/11)

Wild Flag (10/10/11)

They did play my favorite song from the album (and of the night):

Random Photo Moment:

Wild Flag (10/10/11)

Video Tuesday

CANT believe I've missed his album (tee hee hee), but I'm catching up on this Grizzly Bear member's side project now - and here's the first video for She Found a Way Out (keep watching, it builds).  Next up is a new one from  Ryan Adams for Lucky Now.  I swear this man can just pick up a guitar and beautiful music just falls off him.  Finally, a fun little ditty from CSS that totally hit me like a rock.

Monday, October 10, 2011

BRAIDS & Pepper Rabbit (10/8/11)

What a fun night this turned out to be (as I hoped it would be, being the first October Featured Event).  As I've mentioned, I've never seen BRAIDS or Pepper Rabbit before, and was looking forward to it - but I have seen Painted Palms before and was really looking forward to seeing them again (and I don't use italics often).

I arrived way-early, eager to get a good spot and just camp out at the bar and settle in for the night.  While I arrived alone, I like that it's getting the point where I can reasonably assure I'll run into at least one person I know.  Or at least be identified - as I was by a new NEO music blogger for NastyFancy.com (that's always fun!) Check them out!

Painted Palms kicked the night of right, with these soaring pop songs that just sort of drift among the clouds, with great electronic beats to keep them movin' along.  I could have listened to these guys all night, by which to say, I can't wait to see these guys in a headlining gig.  I was also able to pick up a vinyl copy of their Canopy EP (in addition to the digital version I already purchased).

Painted Palms (10/8/11)

(I have more videos here, and kingofthecastle7 recorded the whole show)

Pepper Rabbit and their dueling keyboards were up next.  These guys stick a bit more to the ground than Painted Palms.  Still, there was some electro-pop goodness happening.  Their album is one that the more you listen, the more you like.  Here's on of my favorites: Allison

Pepper Rabbit (10/8/11)

Finally, the headliners.  BRAIDS...  back to the clouds, but this time with a feminine touch. I'd been checking out their Native Speaker LP for some time now, and almost made a trip to Columbus to see them.  I know now it would have been worth it. Really incredible layering & texturing.  They were a joy to see live, and I'll be really excite to hear more from these guys.

BRAIDS (10/8/11)

BRAIDS (10/8/11)

Plenty more photos too:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Battles (10/5/11)

The concert bonanza continues.  Having just seen The Drums two nights ago (and thankfully not seeing Trans Am the night before), I (wearily) arrived at the Grog Shop for the Battles show.  Truth be told, I'd been spending a bit more time with the Walls album (the opener) prior to arriving tonight.

I've really been enjoying this electronic / pop sound happening these days and Walls is one of the bands defining it right now.  Their set was more of a DJ gig, as it was just one long performance, no breaks and no applause.  But you know what, that's fine.  I think it would have interrupted the story.  You should really check these guys out and consider their new album, Coracle.

Walls (10/5/11)

Walls (10/5/11)

I mean, just check this track out - it's great!:

Heat Haze by walls_band

By the time Battles took the (packed) stage, the Grog Shop had to be near capacity.  It'd been a long week and the path to the bathroom was gone - so I decided I wouldn't be staying too long.  I enjoyed what I heard from Battles.  Great stage setup, loved the guest video vocal setup.  Here's a couple distance pics.

Battles (10/5/11)

Battles (10/5/11)

Battles (10/5/11)

So knowing I wasn't doing Battles justice with this review, I at least wanted to also share a La Blogotheque video - just so you can appreciate their sound.

The Drums (10/3/11)

I've been a little luke-warm on The Drums, but I knew right away this would be a great show to bring my friend Andrew too.  See, Andrew and I were old concert-going buddies back in the BG days (Bowling Green).  It's been *years* since we'd seen a concert together, and other than his immense help with the House Concert - this was our show.  Making the night even better, our friend Kat joined us!  (Unfortunately, the show was *really* dark, so not the best photos / video.)

Opening was Veronica Falls.  It's been such a crazy week and all, I just got a cursory exposure to them, but the sounded good live and I like what I've heard of their album.  Feels like a basic kind of 90's girl alt-rock sound.  Done well.

Veronica Falls (10/3/11)

The Drums took the stage and brought out the 80's with them.  They may be sick of that simple, categorization, but it really is the easiest (especially when you're speeding through reviews).  I thought they'd be a little more un-afffected onstage, but they were pleasant and appreciative.  Loved their sound... here's a sampling:

The Drums (10/3/11)

The Drums (10/3/11)

Stephanie Nilles (10/2/11)

This was my 3rd House Concert, which I'm calling the Princeton Road Sessions.  This went so well...  Everyone was in a great mood, despite it being like the 8 day of rain in a row.  But then maybe it could have been the keg of Great Lakes (that we killed before the end of the show!).

Stephanie Nilles was superb, her performance just oozed talent.  The way she handled those keys, her dynamic "had a cold for years" voice.  She was just an all-around cool person. Of course for this show, I will be posting the entire performance online - as soon as I can.  In the meantime, here's a couple photos:

Stephanie Nilles (10/2/11)

Stephanie Nilles (10/2/11)

Fleet Foxes (10/28/11)

It's a little embarrassing, as a Cleveland music blogger, to be putting out a Fleet Foxes review so late.  It's no reflection on the band... the whole show was actually pretty amazing.  Well, the Walkmen were OK.  It was actually just a bit more fun to hang out in the Masonic Auditorium foyer and watch the people of Cleveland who actually attend a Fleet Foxes show.

Oh, there was one kick-in-the-pants thing about this night.  I tried getting a photo pass and was denied, so I didn't bring my camera.  What I didn't realize about these "Grog Shop presents" shows was that it's just the Grog Shop running it (SWEET!).  But damn, then I could have brought my real camera - instead you're left with an iPhone only show.

About the music?  Stunning as you'd expect.  The vocals, the sound, the presentation, everything was spot on for what you'd expect from this Seattle band.

Fleet Foxes (9/28/11)

Fleet Foxes (9/28/11)