Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guerilla New Music Exposure

I love my friends.  I love that when they're in my presence, they know they're going to be subjected to some music they've  (probably) never heard before.  I kinda enjoy this personal, guerrilla-style new-music promotion that I do outside this blog. - and thankfully my friends usually just play along (and sometimes even like it).  A couple weekends ago I had my most recent chance, with a couple friends visiting form Pittsburgh.

Their whole time staying with me, they were subjected to my crafted playlist of new songs that were specifically selected to be amenable to both their tastes.  Now I'm sure they didn't even take much notice (these friends in particular), but I get satisfaction out of it no matter what.

But this isn't always a 1 way offering.  This particular weekend I was treated to a couple videos of songs that *I* should check out - neither of which I've heard before (and kinda liked both).  Not the kinda stuff you'd usually see on here, but fun and worth checking it out.

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