Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Video Tuesday-ish

A fun little mix this week.  Starting off with a gruesome Kathleen Edwards video… I know, just what you'd expect from her.  Next up is a new video by Heartless Bastards, and yet again I'm enamored with this band (and it's not because of the "boobs as eyes" nonsense in this video).  Finally is some new fun.  All I gotta say is I'd love to be their luggage.

Bonus this week is a dark new video by Vandaveer, which I'm thrilled about because it points to a new album coming out April 30th!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Modern Electric!

New music from one of Cleveland's finest local bands!!  They're next show will be at the Phantasy Nightclub on Saturday, and that's the only show I'll excuse you from my house concert that same night.  (though you could probably make both shows in the same night)

 Check out their live from the tour van performance… 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Javelin (3/22/13)

This was like my third time seeing Javelin, but having Raleigh Moncrief opening made this an extra special show.  I'd heard of Raleigh a couple years ago and liked a couple songs he's put online.  He definitely doesn't mind experimenting, which can give you some songs where you're questioning the appeal, but there's no doubt there's talent there.

Raleigh Moncrief (3/22/13)

I wish there had been more of an audience for Javelin, but they put on as good of a show as they ever have.  The drumming once again was a spectacle all it's own.  Did I mention these boys are adorable?  

Javelin (3/22/13)

Javelin (3/22/13)

Jacco Gardner (3/20/13)

A couple years ago, The Spot at Case Western Reserve University was getting some AMAZING shows… but some things have changed and most of the bands have been snoozers.  I checked out this show and instantly fell in love with Jacco Gardner's take on the 60's pop sound.  Live it was just as good…

Jacco Gardner (3/20/13)

Jacco Gardner (3/20/13)

(2 more songs over on my YouTube Channel)

Angelisa (3/20/13)

I was on my way to see Jacco Gardner at The Spot, but thought I would swing by the Barking Spider first - for old time sake.  Luckily for me, Angelisa was playing!  I hadn't seen her in some time, and was nice to see some friendly faces there.  Love this place - every time.

Angelisa (3/20/13)

Starfucker (3/18/13)

This Starfucker show was the first show of the year that really excited me.  I mean, I was *really* excited, particularly because I really liked what I'd heard from both openers as well!  First up was Blackbird Blackbird, and as much as I liked their newest album, their live show (vocals) were a little disappointing (but still check out their recorded stuff!).

Blackbird Blackbird (3/18/13)

Trust was up next and this was amazing!  Had this Crystal Castles meets Yaz vibe.  :-)  Stunning.

Trust (3/18/13)

Starfucker!!!  Unfortunately their light wall wasn't working…  I was really hoping they'd just forget about it and turn this show out, without the lights.  Unfortunately they were distracted as they kept messing around with it, there wasn't much alternative light, and then there were some sound issues.  Despite all that however, they were still pretty damn good.  Made even better once they got the disco ball going.

Starfucker (3/18/13)

Starfucker (3/18/13)

Sara Watkins (3/13/13)

I was thrilled to be seeing Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek fame) at the venerable Kent Stage.  Of course just getting to Kent to visit friends played a major part…   Opening was Jonathan Kingham, who I was actually planning on missing - but when we realized Jim Blum (from Folk Alley) was being honored in a tribute - we got there early.  Turns out, Jonathan was quite entertaining…

Sara was great too… I couldn't get a good pic, but her shoes really stole the show however.

Sara Watkins (3/13/13)

Major Lazer (3/3/13)

Before seeing this show I had just posted my Total Crush post for Diplo - and little did I know that he would actually BE at this Major Lazer show.  *awesome*  But before we get to that, opening was Gent & Jaws, who were good and is what you'd expect coming from the Mad Decent label.  

Gent & Jaws (3/3/13)

Dragonette was up next.  I have to say their addition to this bill was a little bit of a surprise.  They're great pop, but not quite the ass-shakin' bass level of the other acts.  Opening was a bit slow, but they caught on.

Dragonette (3/3/13)

Then Major Lazer took the stage and the party really began.  I can't say they did much of actual "performing" as it seemed more just constant crowd-pumping, but whatever - that was fun too.

Major Lazer (3/3/13)

Eilen Jewell (3/2/13)

Where did March go?  We're also moving from famine to feast with shows over the winter months, moving into spring.  Tim to clean house, staring with Eilen Jewell, who charms me every time.  

Eilen Jewell (3/1/13)

I was also meeting some friends up there and hopped over to the Ballroom to catch a little bit of Wesley Brite & the Hi-Lites…  

Wesley Bright & the Hi Lites (3/1/13)

Great night at the Beachland.

Coming Soon! Drew Gibson House Concert

One Week Away!  Please RSVP if you're interested in attending…  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Almost Video Tuesday

This week!  First up is a new video by the illustrious Parenthetical Girls for A Note to Self.  Next is Matt & Kim's fun new video for It's Alright.  Finally, a new band CHVRCHES, with a great song (& video) for Recover.


Bonus:  Let's get wacky with Here We Go Magic, which sort of turned me off at first - but ended up watching the whole fucking thing.

Last Week's Video Tuesday

These are piling up (like my work load).  Going to double up this week, so let's be quick about this… First up, Blackbird Blackbird, who's opening up for Starfucker on Monday's show at the Beachland **exciting**.  Next is the new video by Junip, heavy shit.  Finally is Two Door Cinema Club's video for Next Year.

Bonus, my ever-loving SSION.  This shit is crazy - but I LOVE it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

POSTPONED: Animal Collective @ House of Blues

Postponed until July 16th!

I've been on the fence about tomorrow night's Animal Collective show (w/ Dan Deacon opening).  Mostly about the +$20 price tag, but the live videos through the link below I think are swaying me towards going…  Should be trippy.

AC2 1

Watch Animal Collective Play “Applesauce,” “Moonjock,” And “Amanita” In NYC - Stereogum

A lot of people, myself included, got a nice way to curb some of the madness that took over when the new Animal Collective album was on the horizon last year — radio! Seriously, Centipede Hz Radio kept me sane for those last weeks of the summer; gradually giving fans bits of information, songs that inspired the record, and finally the full album paired with Abby Portner’s trippy visuals. The band really connected with their fans in those last couple weeks, and (without any leaks for once) got us all online to hear Centipede Hz, for the first time, together. Now Centip"

(Continued... Watch Animal Collective Play “Applesauce,” “Moonjock,” And “Amanita” In NYC - Stereogum)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Total Crush: Diplo

I thought it appropriate to post this Total Crush today, as we're seeing Major Lazer tonight at the House of Blues, with Dragonette opening!  Should be a great show.  Anyway, Diplo (who runs Mad Decent, which Major Lazer is on)… swoon.  I know he's hittin' it big, but I think it's legitimate.  I think he's doing what he loves and is helping people along the way.  Good for him.  Good for us.  Read below for more.

IMG 7952 diplo 1

This song & video are stunning.

Why Diplo Matters ~ Oh So Fresh! Music

"Yet, his founding label Mad Decent has become one of the purveyors of good music in the coming years as well, which has its own repertoire growing. Just like his own influences and music styles, he created a place for artists doing something unique and cool. With his label and amazing roster, he has thrown free concerts in major cities like Philadelphia where he has roots, New York City, and more. These 'Block Parties' as they are called have been known for their intense fun, and only added to the labels resume. Mad Decent's roster includes a hell of selection of artists including trap sensation Baauer, Dillion Francis, Flosstradamus, Snoop Lion, Zedds Dead, Major Lazer, and tons more. So as he not only continues to experiment and create new sounds to the mainstream, his label as well pushes artists to recognition.

So this comes down to why Diplo matters. Although he does plenty of songs and production outside of mainstream notice, it's the songs that do make the radio or become big that are major influences. Most songs that are extremely popular use the same mudane formula, but Diplo shook the industry with production that was completely different and was stilll accepted. If anyone deserves the respect, it is him. Oh yeah, and he get's hot girls to twerk it on the daily. RESPECT."

(Continued... Why Diplo Matters ~ Oh So Fresh! Music)

Article: Learning To Love Music You Don't Know (NPR)

 Oh how I miss working at a record store…

We Get Mail: Learning To Love Music You Don't Know : All Songs Considered : NPR

We get a lot of mail at NPR Music, and amid the piles of new CDs and holiday cards from local merchants are many smart questions about how music fits into our lives — and, this week, ways to delve into unfamiliar genres."

 This is part of why the disappearance of so many record stores is such a shame: Like good fans, good record-store clerks love it when people ask for tips on new things worth trying — if you ask for interesting recommendations in good faith, most record-store clerks will be reluctant to let you leave the store at all. But there are ways to cobble together a similar experience online, from algorithm-based services like Pandora and Rdio and Songza and Spotify — where you can wander down rabbit holes based on the recommendations of sources you trust, or simply get a quick crash course in what's popular at the moment — to, and you knew I was going to do this, NPR Music, where curators are there to lead conversations and point people in the direction of artists worth discovering.

(Continued... We Get Mail: Learning To Love Music You Don't Know : All Songs Considered : NPR)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

TED: The Art of Asking



A long promised U.S. Copyright Alert System (CAS) finally went live earlier today.  Starting with Comcast and followed by AT&T, Cablevision,Time Warner, and Verizon later this week, major ISP's will issue escalating punishments to suspected P2P infringers, reducing their connection speeds after 5 or 6 offenses. - See more here.