Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings (10/18/11)

Before this show, I would have really hesitated adding Dave Rawlings name to the title of this post.  Mostly because I've been such a fan of Gillian Welch over the years that I would hated to have her share co-billing with some guy who I didn't know.  But that's all changed.  While Gillian was great - David really stole the show for me, with his superb - and I mean like - middle of the song standing ovation, superb.

The sound was excellent. The new songs were excellent. My friend Tim pointed out that this were some of the best, pitch-perfect harmonies he's ever heard (and I would agree).  Throwing a mic on the ground to catch some stomping and body clapping on Six White Horses shows some of the dynamics they added to the relatively simple setup. The only drawbacks were that no photos could be taken, and the dumbasses who kept yelling out for a cover Long Black Veil (asses).  Gillian took it in stride with professionalism and humor, as a true performer with class would.  Overall = stunning.

Gillian Welch (10/18/11)

I did grab one crappy iPhone photo though (breakin' the law!)

Gillian Welch (10/18/11)

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