Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Video Tuesday

So I had a whole other Video Tuesday planned, but I'd already filled up next weeks' and decided to just swap them.  Particularly, because I'm thrilled to be posting a video for The Dø's Too Insistent - one of my favorite bands of the last couple years.  Next up is a gorgeous video by Feist for The Bad in Each Other.  Finally, Eleanor Freidberger's Heaven.  Some heavy stuff for an all ladies week.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tonight! He's My Brother She's My Sister @ Beachland Tavern

Really excited about this Beachland show tonight, seeing He's My Brother & She's My Sister ($10)…  They're a little bit like Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros with some tapping action a la Tilly & the Wall.  This could be stunning.

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Opening, I'm FINALLY going to get to see the Shivering Timbers!

Video Tuesday

I really need to think about renaming this weekly piece… Another slate of great videos, starting with Wilco's Whole Love (via Jeff Tweedy's son Spencer).  Next up is a great song by Youth Lagoon for July.  Finally, an incredibly flexible video by Antony & the Johnsons for Christina's Farm

Finally, the bonus is a new (to me) band with a striking video & song from Perfume Genius.  Why have I not heard this before?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shows This Week!

There's a lot going on this week and I thought I should get it all down at once...

Tuesday:Los Campesinos! @ Beachland Ballroom ($15)
A fun, Welsh party band, these guys sound like they'll be a lot of fun.  (DJ'ing in the Tavern afterward)

Tuesday: Indie Orthodox New Year @ Music Saves & Beachland Tavern
Great deals from Music Saves during the day / DJ Barbergoth (Cloud Nothings) DJ'ing early.

Wednesday:Chiddy Bang @ The Spot (CWRU) (FREE / Student Only?)
Glad to see this show, as I thought we (CLE) were getting passed up.  New album out Feb. 28th. Download some Free Stuff.

Wednesday: Ryan Adams @ Ohio Theater / SOLD OUT

Thursday: He's My Brother, She's My Sister @ Beachland Tavern ($8/$10)
This brother-sister combo sounds amazing (more details here).  Also excited about Shivering Timbers & Lowly, the Tree Ghost opening!

and while it's not technically "This Week" - you should also plan on...

Sunday: Erin McKeown / Carrie Rodriguez / Kelly Joe Phelps @ Nighttown ($20)
SO EXCITING to see these guys at this venue.  I. Am. So. There.  You should be too…  Full Details Here.

acafe.com "In its third year, the "An Acoustic Cafe Evening Tour" features the diverse talents of four critically acclaimed singer-songwriters: Austin-based multi-instrumentalist Carrie Rodriguez, Northampton lit/pop darling Erin McKeown (1/24-29 only), Northwest finger-picking master Kelly Joe Phelps."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Video "Tuesday"

Let's just say I delayed this week's VT in protest of SOPA/SIPA (yeah, that's it).  Let's start off with Austra's freaky Spellwork video (admittedly, the song is better than the video).  Next up, take flight with Birdmonster's Sonny Pete and The Ghost of You. Finally some Gauntlet Hair with Top Bunk (and some Arnold awesomeness).

Keeping the bonus tradition alive, this Wiley video caught my eye (and ear).  Here is Boom Blast.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tomorrow: Greycoats @ Beachland Tavern

I was originally planning on the Langhorne Slim show at the Grog Shop tomorrow, but having seen him before, I'm trying something new (not that one should be discouraged from that show either).  I've been intrigued with the new stuff from Greycoats.  Check out these couple new songs (download one for free) and see what you think.  $6!

I kinda hope they're a cult.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tomorrow: Theophilus London @ Grog Shop

I can't explain it, but I held a little grudge against Theophilus London - for some reason… I once saw the album cover, which didn't do much for me, then I just started seeing his name everywhere.  It became just an easy name to overlook (he was already getting a ton of press - he didn't need any more).  But once I see someone is coming to town, they get a closer look - and boy I'm glad I did with Theophilus.  I didn't realize how fun and original his sound is. As allmusic.com describes him: "genre-bending approach draws from a range of styles, from soul-pop and new wave to electro and contemporary R&B. Citing influences that include Michael Jackson and Prince as well as Kraftwerk and the Smiths"  Whoa.  Grog Shop here I come.

Theophilus London

And if you need some help with his name...

Video Tuesday

These videos have been burning a hole in my computer… The 2 Bears (part Hot Chip) will show you how to Work, with a great song and better video. Next up is YELLE's fun Comme Un Enfant.  Finally, a new track and (uncomfortable?) video for Scissor Sisters v. Krystal Pepsy with Shady Love.

Yet another "bonus" video - this time is Lana Del Rey's overly grandiose (and a bit wacky) Born To Die. I actually don't mind her (yet).

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tomorrow: DOM @ Happy Dog

What a little break that was…  The holidays aren't the best time for live music or new releases, but this week is bringing it back in style - starting tomorrow.  DOM will be performing at the Happy Dog.  They are "hazy cosmic jive" group from Massachusetts, on Astralwerks, and hailing from Massachusetts.  This isn't my first time going to a pop show at the Happy Dog, which you wouldn't normally equate as a pop venue (at least I haven't yet).  But it turns out to be a pretty good one...


This single got me so excited to see them live… I hope they bring the same shenanigans.  Check 'em out and see why it's so sexy living in America.

Gossip Culture is back, opening this show as well.