Thursday, May 27, 2010

Protect Your Neck

In line with that last post, I thought I'd also share one of my new humorous blog finds... People Dancing at Concerts.

From their most recent post...

Summer Tip: Protect Your Neck

All too often, during the hot summer outdoor concert season, exhibitionists forget to protect their tender neck backs while standing out from the crowd. Why not wear a heard-shirt with extra-long sleeves? You’ll protect not just your neck, but your burn-prone shoulder bone-skin and your in-love-with-dancing handles. You can thank us later when you’re not lying on a bed with unsightly skin-cancer bills!

Article: Stoners Rock

The New Gay is quickly becoming one of my favorite new blogs...

The Indie Rock Fag: Stoners Rock!
This post was submitted by zack

I had some time to kill on the bus recently, and I was getting sick of iPhone tetris, so I made a mental list of the five best live Marijuana-not-crack.jpgshows I’ve ever seen. (St. Vincent, LCD Soundsystem, New Pornographers, Animal Collective, Royksopp, w/ an honorable mention for Yelle, in case you’re wondering.) And I realized that one factor united them. They came with their own fairly unique sounds, visuals and stage setups, and from different genres, but the common uniting factor is that I was baked. Like a potato. We’re talking staring at my hands, clutching a glass of water, halfway to Amsterdam stoned. These are all bands I could spend hours listening to alone in my room or on headphones, but I know that their live shows had a little something extra that made them special. But did it come from them, or from what I smoked beforehand?

Pot and music have gone hand in hand since our cave-dwelling ancestors first haphazardly threw some green leaves on a fire and muttered “Ook never before notice how pretty pteradactyls sound."

[Continued at: The New Gay » Stoners Rock! ]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


What a fun mix... Major Lazer and La Roux.  Can't beat free!  Out today - click below.


It's Time To Smile

This past weekend, I drove back home to Risingsun, OH for the town-wide garage sale weekend (a yearly family obligation). In addition to getting to see family, one of the things I enjoy about going home is having 2 hours in the car (each way) for listening to music. It's often a challenge to pick something to focus on, but I found myself listening to the new Xavier Rudd album "Koonyum Sun" both on the way there AND back.  I have quite a bit of stuff I should be listening to, so that's definitely a testament to his new album.

His last several albums have been supurb, and this one doesn't disappoint. Totally upbeat and positive, a breath of fresh air.  This is definitely a great album to have this summer.

Here are some stand-out tracks.  Listen to them more than once:

The last song I wanted to highlight is actually the music on this "Making of" video... It's Time to Smile. Make SURE you catch Xavier Rudd coming to the House of Blues on August 27, 2010. I saw him there back in 2007 and can personally attest to how wonderful this show will be.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Video Tuesday (5/25/10)

Holy Fuck - Latin America (buy it at Insound)
Coming to the Grog Shop on Tuesday, June 1st

Robyn 'Dancing On My Own' (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

Goldfrapp - Alive (buy it at Insound)

- - -

A special Kylie video preview...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Need That Record! Documentary

This is pretty amazing.

“An elegy for a vanishing subculture …a lively, bittersweet film that examines - with caustic humor, brutal candor, and, ultimately, great affection - why roughly 3,000 indie record stores have closed across the nation over the past decade…” - Johnathan Perry, Boston Globe

From No Depression

Article: Finding the Long Tail in Music

I always find stories about the state of the music industry intriguing... It's still such a volatile time for the musicians and the music business. Who knows if it will ever "settle down" or if the speed of change will remain constant.

Finding The Long Tail In Music

In the past we've had an ongoing discussion with some folks on this site concerning whether or not it's now a better time to be a musician than before the internet became central to everything music-related. We've argued that today there are more options and more opportunities for bands than ever, and that's only a good thing. It doesn't mean that every band will be a success or can make a living. That's never going to be true (and has never been true, either). Many will still fail, but there are more tools and opportunities that if you learn to embrace them, you can absolutely do much better than you ever could under the old system -- which required massive backing to become successful. It was the golden lottery ticket story of musical stardom.

[From Finding The Long Tail In Music | Techdirt]

Monday, May 17, 2010

Album Review: Avi Buffalo - Self-Titled

Good review.  I'm definitely going to be checking out this album...  Sad I missed them opening for Japandroids last month.

Album Review: Avi Buffalo - Self-Titled
Published: MAY 6, 2010

Sexual frustration has never been so endearing.

Though the members of Avi Buffalo are rather young, this youth brings a lively feel to their latest self titled album. A recent Seattle Weekly article cited that lead singer/song writer Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg was signed in 2008, his senior year of high school. With a sound that reminds us why we first fell in love with The Shins and other quirky acts, Avi Buffalo has potential to be the next important, young act.

The lyrics are so engaging because of how relateable they are. Zahner-Isenberg recreates those awkward moments and confusing thoughts we all had around that ‘special someone’ we had our eye on in high school, and heck even in the rest of our lives too. His approach is unique. He is able to keep the common pleas of desperation simple without losing any emotion or credibility with the listener."

Avi Buffalo - What's In It For? from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Slow Club EP - Download it!

UK's Slow Club had been on my radar for sometime.  I'd been enjoying their previous release Yeah So, especially these tracks:

But to then offer up a Free EP for download is always a good way to bring them into focus.  I've checked it out and it's definitely worth your time.

Slow Clubannounce a giveaway of their Lets Fall Back In Love EP, available for download


Friday, May 14, 2010

Plants & Animals (5/13/10)

These poor bands... competing against the excitement, anticipation, and eventual depression of home team in dwindling through NBA Playoff game.  But they made the most of it.

Lowly, the Tree Ghost opened the show, and was able to draw some people away from the TV.  They were pretty good - dare I say better than I was expecting.  With just a little more confidence and comfortableness - they'll be excellent.  The male / female voice combo is a winner.

Lowly, the Tree Ghost (5/13/10)

Next up, the first of a double Canadian bill.  Elliott Brood dressed up for the occasion.  What a great group of guys, personable and funny... they really rocked it (with a banjo even).  I love it when bands play the same for a large audience, as they do a small one.  They were even hard to catch on camera.

Elliott Brood (5/13/10)

Plants & Animals took the stage, and the lights were low, like the morale of the audience.  Though a few drank their sorrows away and took to dancing.  Plants and Animals really had a great rock jam vibe going... not as song-based as I was expecting.  Though the didn't disapoint. at. all.  I definitely want to see what they can do with a proper crowd (and lighting).

Plants & Animals (5/13/10)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vinyl Documentary: To Have & To Hold

Great trailer on vinyl's resilience and resurgence...  Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Vinyl Documentary: To Have & To Hold

To Have & To Hold is a new documentary from Jony Lyle that celebrates and explores the phenomenon of collecting Vinyl. The documetary includes interviews with well known collectors like Bobbito Garcia, ?uestlove, Chuck D, Andre Torres (From Wax Poetics), Amir (of Kon & Amir) and Bruce Ludvall, the owner of Bluenote. Based on the trailer the film seems to be heavily focused on collectors in or around New York.

You can learn more about the film at the official Facebook page. Also there’s an interview with the director over at Mat Dolphin’s blog."

To Have & To Hold - Taster Tape from Jony Lyle on Vimeo.

This makes me disappointed I missed the ?uestlove DJ performance at the B-Side last month.

Plants & Animals Tonight!

At the Grog Shop.  This should be a great show... I've been enjoying their new La La Land a lot (buy it at Insound).  Here's the first track (and one of the best):

Also, this is one of my highlighted shows from my monthly Spangle article. Check out the videos I posted over there as well. Amazing... You'll see why I'm so excited about this show

Opening:  Elliott Brood / Lowly, the Tree Ghost
Cost: $10

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Show Me The O.N.E. (Yeasayer vs Jump Jump Dance Dance vs Grum)

Haven't heard this good of a track from The Hood Internet in a while... A little Hump Day pick-me-up for you.

The Hood Internet - Show Me The O.N.E. (Yeasayer x Jump Jump Dance Dance x Grum)byhoodinternet

File-sharers are content industry's "largest customers"

I would agree...

File-sharers are content industry's "largest customers"By Nate Anderson


Drawing on a major study of Dutch file-sharers, Prof. Nico van Eijk of the University of Amsterdam concludes, 'These figures show that there is no sharp divide between file sharers and others in their buying behaviour. On the contrary, when it comes to attending concerts, and expenses on DVDs and games, file sharers are the industry's largest customers... There does not appear to be a clear relationship between the decline in sales and file sharing.'

In fact, the study found that file-sharers often buy more content, especially when it comes to films and games."

(Via. Ars Technica)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Deer Tick (5/8/10)

Wow.  I love having high expectations, and then having them just passed on by...  I thought Deer Tick would be a great show, but I didn't realize it would be such a party.

Unfortunately we missed the local openers The Guile (did you see them?).

Deer Tick was a lot more Rock & Roll than I was expecting.  I'm talkin' real, alcohol-infused, 70's inspired, God's honest, Rock & Roll - with touch of twang.  Pair that with their excellent songs and John McCauley's distinctly piercing voice - this show was unstoppable.

I'm already ready for their next performance.

Deer Tick (5/8/10)

Deer Tick (5/8/10)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Laura Marling Tonight... in Pittsburgh

Since tonight's Deer Tick show at the Beachland is SOLD OUT, I thought I'd point you to the Laura Marling show tonight at the Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh).  Too bad she didn't make Cleveland this trip - but I'm hoping to see her someday soon.  Her new release, I Speak Because I Can was just released last month, and here's a gorgeous video and song to go along with it.

Feel like a road trip?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Marching in the Wolf Parade

It's a Wolf Parade bonanza!  These guys have been quiet for way too long - so all this new press is a real treat.

First off - download two new tracks here.

And how much fun does this new album sound?

Wolf Parade Shed Some Hats to Focus on New Album - Spinner:

When it came time to make a new record, Montreal's Wolf Parade decided to do it the old-fashioned way.

'We wanted to be a band in the room together and just make a record like we did it years ago,' drummer Arlen Thompson tells Spinner on the phone from his Mile End apartment, his baby daughter cooing in the background. While Thompson did double-duty as producer of the foursome's sophomore album, 2008's 'At Mount Zoomer,' and their debut, 'Apologies to the Queen Mary,' -- which was 'recorded in pieces and put together at the end' -- the upcoming 'Expo 86' (due June 29 on Sub Pop) sees the band getting back to basics.

'We started with nothing and came into the room together for the first time in a year, since the last showed we played, and we worked really hard on it every day for three months,' says Thompson, who's pleased with the new songs and arrangements. 'For myself, on the last record I did a lot of the engineering. It's fun, but I didn't want to wear both hats again. I wanted to focus on the playing and performance aspects.'"

Wolf Parade will be at the Beachland on Thursday, June 15th. Get your tickets ASAP.

Their new album, Expo 86 will be out on June 29th.  Pre-order it at Insound.


Frightened Rabbit (5/5/10)

Though I haven't spent much time with their new release (The Winter of Mixed Drinks), I truly loved their previous release (The Midnight Organ Fight).  So much so, this show had some extremely high expectations...  Very exciting.

Maps & Atlases opened.  They were quite enjoyable...  Their new album is coming out June 29th, and they'll be back at the Grog Shop on Friday, August 6th.  Will see them again.

Maps & Atlases (5/5/10)

Frightened Rabbit was good.  They rocked it a little harder than I was expecting (not a bad thing - at all) but they didn't quite live up to the expectations.  I can't really put my finger on it - as they did nothing wrong.  The sold-out crowd was also really into it.  Maybe it's just an off-week for me... (as representative of the quality of photos)

Frightened Rabbit (5/5/10)

So long as I shake it before the Deer Tick show on Saturday!! (another high-expectation show).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Frightened Rabbit / Maps & Atlases Tonight!

Another great concert tonight - this time at the Grog Shop.  If you haven't checked out Scotland's Frightened Rabbit - do so now. Especially their previous release: The Midnight Organ Fight (one of my albums of 2008).

Chicago's own Maps & Atlases are opening.


Buy it at Insound!

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (5/3/10)

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is a fun band - or should I say guy, since it's really just Owen Ashworth.  I'm not that well versed with his rather extensive catalog, but I like what I've heard and have had friends recommend him to me.

Opening was Magical Beautiful.  They had a similar sound and were somewhat enjoyable, but I can't say the vocals were all that great.  Nice background music though.  Casiotone took the stage, and it was a quick transition because it was the Magical Beautiful band that made this a "Full Band Show" for Casiotone.  Made sense, since they had similar sounds.

The show picked up a bit when Owen took the stage.  But unfortunately it was a blah Monday night and this show didn't really bust me out of it - so I didn't end up staying for the whole thing.  Not particularly Owen's fault.  I'll keep checking out his stuff...

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (5/3/10)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video Tuesday

So I joked around with this idea of a “Video Tuesday” schtick… Maybe I’ll just go with it.

Great OK Go Video, if you haven’t already seen it. (p.s. you can download this video version of the song for free by signing up on their newsletter)

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

This first Casiokids video just underscores how **awesome** this song is. Probably my most exciting release coming this year. Out June 8th.

I really liked Jason Collett’s last album… Hoping his new one is just as good


Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robyn & Ellie Goulding...

Not together (unfortunately), but a couple delicious pop tracks.

ellie goulding - lights (dream dubstep remix) / From (Wongie)

The excitement for this new Robyn album continues to build... Body Talk Vol.1 out on June 14th (UK)