Monday, October 10, 2011

BRAIDS & Pepper Rabbit (10/8/11)

What a fun night this turned out to be (as I hoped it would be, being the first October Featured Event).  As I've mentioned, I've never seen BRAIDS or Pepper Rabbit before, and was looking forward to it - but I have seen Painted Palms before and was really looking forward to seeing them again (and I don't use italics often).

I arrived way-early, eager to get a good spot and just camp out at the bar and settle in for the night.  While I arrived alone, I like that it's getting the point where I can reasonably assure I'll run into at least one person I know.  Or at least be identified - as I was by a new NEO music blogger for (that's always fun!) Check them out!

Painted Palms kicked the night of right, with these soaring pop songs that just sort of drift among the clouds, with great electronic beats to keep them movin' along.  I could have listened to these guys all night, by which to say, I can't wait to see these guys in a headlining gig.  I was also able to pick up a vinyl copy of their Canopy EP (in addition to the digital version I already purchased).

Painted Palms (10/8/11)

(I have more videos here, and kingofthecastle7 recorded the whole show)

Pepper Rabbit and their dueling keyboards were up next.  These guys stick a bit more to the ground than Painted Palms.  Still, there was some electro-pop goodness happening.  Their album is one that the more you listen, the more you like.  Here's on of my favorites: Allison

Pepper Rabbit (10/8/11)

Finally, the headliners.  BRAIDS...  back to the clouds, but this time with a feminine touch. I'd been checking out their Native Speaker LP for some time now, and almost made a trip to Columbus to see them.  I know now it would have been worth it. Really incredible layering & texturing.  They were a joy to see live, and I'll be really excite to hear more from these guys.

BRAIDS (10/8/11)

BRAIDS (10/8/11)

Plenty more photos too:

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