Friday, October 19, 2018

Article: Nomi Ruiz Calls Out Queer Appropriation on New Single

I’ve been a big fan of Nomi Ruiz since her early Jessica 6 album, even seeing her open for Holy Ghost! at the Grog Shop back in 2011! Well, Jessica 6 has a new album out today, The Eliot Sessions, which I’m really looking forward to checking out.  In addition to her music, I also appreciate her speaking out on behalf of the appropriation of queer artists.  Check it (and her) out.

Jessica 6 cr Bailey Robb 2018 billboard 1548

"Mainstream artists profiting off culling inspiration from the underground is 'a tale as old as time,' Nomi Ruiz says. But that doesn't make it acceptable, and when the artists being squeezed like creative sponges — often without their consent — are of marginalized communities, those mainstream artists are complicit or even contributing to that systemic oppression. Today, the New York songwriter calls out one of the most famous of these perpetrators — Madonna — with the premiere of her new single, 'Ridiculous.'

The track is part of a forthcoming EP, The ELIOT Sessions, where she expands on the electronic dance-pop of her last two Jessica 6 full-lengths by circling back to her roots in R&B, hip-hop, and soul. That's where she'd started — solo, back in 2005 — before appearing on multiple tracks on Hercules and Love Affair's first album, before Jessica 6."

(Via Nomi Ruiz Calls Out Queer Appropriation on New Single.)

"Listen to the V Magazine & Gitano NYC present Nomi Ruiz/Jessica 6's Playlist below:"

(Via Jessica 6 is Here to Make You Fucking Groove | V Magazine.)

Tall Heights (10/16/18)

One week after being at Mahall’s for the Sainseneca show, I was back to see Tall Heights there - for the 2nd time!  This time they had a full bill of great artists, each one the would have been worth seeing separately!  It started with Frances Cone from Brooklyn New York, which Noisey accurately described as “"Think Fleetwood Mac meets Dirty Projectors..."

Frances Cone  10 16 18

Next up, the wildly attractive Old Sea Brigade (as confirmed by the entire band of Frances Cone), who’s been described as “gorgeous, meditative songwriting" with a "sense of Southern gothic.”. 

Old Sea Brigade  10 16 18

Finally, Tall Heights was on stage, and the room was filled mostly with young women.  These guys have obviously started to take off, as mentioning during the show, how their last album has just seemed to have been discovered just as they’re releasing a new one.  They stuck to their guns and played a lot of songs off their new album - which I’m really enjoying!  You should check it and them out.

Tall Heights  10 16 18

Tall Heights  10 16 18

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Video Day #tzachill

As always, I’m charmed by Amy Ray - this time by her new song and video for Tonight I’m Paying the Rent.  Calvin Love won me over back in 2015 and I haven’t heard much from him since, until I discovered the video for the single Wildflower (new album out 10/26).  It was a pleasant surprise to run across this video for Domestication from Laura Gibson, as it signals a new album coming Goners coming out on 10/26.

Blood Orange is in full video release mode, and here is the newest for Chewing Gum feat. A$SAP Rocky & Project Pat.

WRUW's Studio-A-Rama 2018

I was only able to catch the last two acts this year, but so glad I made it.  Despite being in a tent outside MOCA, it was still rather frigid!  Both bands bundled up and really warmed up the crowd.  I wasn’t entirely familiar with either Land of Talk or Lucy Dacus, but I’m always down for a female-focused indie rock band!  Both were superb.

Lucy Dacus  10 13 18

Land of Talk  10 13 18

Saintseneca (10/9/18)

I was able to catch Saintseneca at last year’s NEOCycle Music Festival, and have loved all of their work since.  They have this indie rock sound that is all their own, with a quirkiness that I love.  Such a great band, and love that they’re Ohioans!

Saintseneca  10 9 18

Saintseneca  10 9 18

Opening was Trace Mountains from New York.

Trace Mountains  10 9 18

Trace Mountains  10 9 18



Article: Apple CEO Tim Cook says algorithms are 'draining the humanity out of music' in new interview.

This has been my approach with this blog, a human-centered recommendation platform.  I’m probably somebody you know, who is recommending music and giving my own personal take on it.  If you read further in the (quite short) article, it goes into how Spotify is trying to overturn the label model.  I think there’s definitely room for improvement in the label model, but at the same time I don’t want to turn it over to algorithms - especially with their being created by privileged, mostly white, mostly male Silicon Valley armies.

Tim cook 2156 1120

"Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed some thinly-veiled concern regarding his competitors. In a new interview with Fast Company, Cook highlighted the importance of human-curated music services. Though he didn’t call out Spotify by name, Cook did directly highlight the difference between Apple’s human-driven and Spotify’s algorithm-driven curation approaches, even going so far as to say ’We [at Apple] worry about the humanity being drained out of music, about it becoming a bits-and-bytes kind of world instead of the art and craft.’"

(Via Apple CEO Tim Cook says algorithms are 'draining the humanity out of music' in new interview : Dancing Astronaut.)

Monday, October 15, 2018

Video Day #tzaupbeat

HUMANS are coming back with another album and if this video for Breakfast with Liz is any indicator, it should be great!  Seeing the new Rayland Baxter video for Casanova just makes me regret not staying for his show at the Beachland Tavern, which I’m sure would have been as fun. Alessia Cara is as charming as ever in her new video for Trust My Lonely.

Bonus: LCD Soundsystem just put out an epic video (Sissy Spacek!) for oh baby.  Totally worth the watch.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Cautious Clay (9/27/18)

Similar to my serendipitously learning about the Van William show at the last minute, the same thing happened with Cautious Clay.  I’d noticed his catchy name before, but it wasn’t until I saw him on the video with AlunaGeorge that he really registered with me.  Then when looking at the Beachland website for a possible show I could try out the new iPhone camera, his name popped up!  Perfect.  Making it even a little more special was finding out he’s a Cleveland Heights native.  His live show was a little more analog rock than his digital pop stuff online, but he was still great.  His blend of R&B, rock, pop and jazz was really enjoyable.

Cautious Clay  9 27 18

Cautious Clay  9 27 18

Opening was 17 year old Victor! from Chicago.  He was irreverent and playful.  Very refreshing.

Victor  9 27 18

Victor  9 27 18

As for the phone camera - I think it did pretty well!  It’ll probably take me a couple more concerts to really decide if I want to still carry my DSLR to shows!

Video Day #tzaupbeat

Generationals are out with another video for their new single Days Alone. Leon Bridges busts a move in his new video for If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be). Justice released a… dramatic new video to match their banger Love S.O.S.

Bonus:  Years & Years have been on an intense storyline with their new singles, and part 3 is out for All For You.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Van Wiliam (9/19/18)

There’s something to be said for experience.  Van William definitely has that, as the once front person for Port O’Brien, and then Waters.  Now he’s striking out on his own and performed a solid set at the Beachland Tavern.  I’ll be honest, after just opening up for Guster at the House of Blues, I thought there would have been a bigger crowd at the Tavern, but I never mind some elbow room!   He leveraged his experience and great songwriting to still thoroughly entertain us, even breaking out some older songs!

Van Wiliam  9 19 18

Van Wiliam  9 19 18

Sontalk opened, and this was a real treat!  These guys have remind me of the War on Drugs - some strong, soaring, emotional ballads.  I’ll definitely look for these guys again.

Sontalk  9 19 18

Starting off the night was our own Shawn Brewster (from Shawn & Shelby and Oldboy fame).  The early crowd was tough that night, but still did a great job.

Shawn Brewster  9 19 18