Sunday, October 19, 2014

Video Day #tzachill

The Modern Electric with a fun new video for David Bowie Save Us All!  Ryan Hemsworth with a new video for Snow in Newark (new album out Nov. 4th).  Son Lux has stark and intense (NSFW) video for Easy.

Bonus this week is a new video for Coulda Been My Love by Foxygen - who just released their second album.

Yelle (10/17/14)

Yelle is a great pop band from France.  I’ve been liking their stuff for years, but this was my first time catching them live.  Seeing this show at the Grog Shop has just cemented these guys as one of my favorite pop bands!  Lively, theatrical, and knows how to get a crowd moving (a huge change from the Beachland a couple nights before).  All around party.

Yelle (10/17/14)

Yelle (10/17/14)

(Here’s a bunch of other songs together…)

OK Go (10/15/14)

Second night in a row at the Beachland, but in the Ballroom this time.  Got a group of friends together to see OK Go, but not before seeing Rollergirl performing is big opening slot for them.  He was great as usual, but also as usual, the concert crowd was stiff as a board.  Not all of them, but this phenomenon is still a mystery to me.

Rollergirl (10/15/14)

OK Go was everything you’d expect.  Lots of tech and graffiti… I feel the same for their live show, as I do with their recorded music.  I think they’re fun… but that’s about it.  I don’t know if I’m too distracted by the schtick to connect with the music, or if it isn’t connect-worthy.  Whatever, these guys are always a party.

OK Go (10/15/14)

Gardens & Villa (10/14/14)

What a great show!!  Their 80’s throwback pop/electronic sound is just superb - and current at the same time.  These guys are A+.

Gardens & Villa (10/14/14)

Gardens & Villa (10/14/14)

I should technically mention that Alex G opened the show (meh).

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Video Day #tzachill

Hidden Cameras have a new video out for Carpe Jugular.  Things lighten up a bit with tUe-yArDs new video for Real Thing. Caribou has a new (and kinda sad) video for Our Love.

Bonus:  A new video for Liam Finn, who I’ve seen and really enjoyed, but this video is, something else...

Tonight: Yelle @ Grog Shop

Yelle is performing tonight at the Grog Shop ($18).  Brush up on your French!

Yelle 118 1 540wide

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Dog at The Euclid Tavern Opens Today!!

Finally!!  …and very exciting.

Here is a superb piece on The Happy Dog opening up the venerable Euclid Tavern - and the importance that Derek Hess had on it’s history, both of the venue and the city’s music scene.  I love how his art was central to the venue’s success.

The Euclid Tavern Reopens; Artist Derek Hess:

"Lovers of hot dogs and good music rejoice! Sean Watterson, the owner of the Happy Dog in the Gordon Square Arts District of Cleveland, is bringing his popular combination of food and entertainment to a shuttered University Circle hot-spot the Euclid Tavern. ‘The Euc,’ was once the spot for blues and rock and roll in the region, attracting musicians Chrissie Hynde, Mr. Stress, Robert Lockwood, Jr., Joan Jett, and in 1987, Michael J. Fox in the film, ‘Light of Day.’ We sit down with the man who’s out to bring the ‘Euc’ back."

(Via.Applause: The Euclid Tavern Reopens; Artist Derek Hess / ideastream - Northeast Ohio Public Radio, Television and Multiple Media)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Heights Music Hop 2014

I missed this event last year, but this year but this year the Heights Music Hop was amazing!  Lee Road in Cleveland Heights was bustling.  Well produced, well attended.  Claps all around for the effort this year… 

Heights Music Hop 2014

Heights Music Hop 2014

Heights Music Hop 2014

Heights Music Hop 2014

Heights Music Hop 2014

Video Day #tzachill

New(ish) video for TRUST, for Are We Arc?  Next up is a new video for Snowmine’s Tidal Wave.  Just catching up with this slightly older video for Avi Buffalo’s So What.

Bonus this week is another slightly older video.  Perfume Genius has been getting all kinds of good reviews lately, and with videos like this, I’m not surprised.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tomorrow: Gardens & Villa @ Beachland Tavern

Gardens & Villa will be at the Beachland Tavern tomorrow night!! $12. This should be an amazing show!  Check them out below.  Also, sign up on their mailing list to get their Televisor EP for free!

GV 1401 1


Opening is Alex G. (below) and Summerays.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tomorrow: Heights Music Hop @ Cleveland Heights

Tomorrow night!  Cleveland Heights will be hopping! 

Heightshopposter14 6 733x1024

» Heights Music Hop Unveils Music Lineup: "The Heights Music Hop was a huge success last year and is on track for being even bigger and better this year. More than 30 musical acts will perform at over 10 venues from 5:00pm – 11:00pm."


Monday, October 6, 2014

Video Day #tzachill

Starting off this Video Day with a gorgeous cover of Ancora Tu by Roisin Murphy.  Elliphant and MØ, both Scandanavian artists, collaborate on this track for One More and produced this raucous video.  Finally, HAIM’s new video for My Song 5. 

Bonus this week comes from a name that’s new to me, Hollysiz, with a heart-felt video for The light.

New Music Venues in Town

There’s been a lot of music venue activity happening around town.  Here’s a couple articles about the new music venues that have opened so far… 

Music Box (on the West Bank of the Flats)


I’ve been able to see a couple shows so far in this venue.  The seating for me is nice... for shows that you should be seated for.  It becomes a challenge with upbeat shows.

"This is the first show I've covered at the new venue on the west bank of Cleveland's Flats. It is a beautiful, wonderful place. The supper club is elegant, in an industrial sort of way, and the forced camaraderie from what I call a 'Benihana-style'' seating – all the tables have six seats, so you're almost definitely going to be seated next to a stranger – is actually a plus."

(Via. Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle fill Music Box with songs and stories (Concert review) |

Bevy in Birdtown (formerly the Winchester)

Bevy 01

I have yet to see a show here (or even go) but I’ll be excited to see what they’ve done with this space.

"New owners Patty Lim and Beth Scebbi of New Century Builders have completely refreshed the space. The bar area has new flooring, a new ceiling, fresh paint and custom-designed lighting crafted from old wine bottles. There are eight draft beer lines, and a new kitchen will allow for a full-service menu that is scheduled to start sometime in October.

'We felt that Madison Avenue is really going to be taking over,' says Lim. 'Detroit Avenue is at its peak, and this is the next phase of development in Lakewood.'"

(Via. new owners transform winchester music hall into the bevy with live music and food)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Video Day #tzaupbeat

I just stumbled upon this video for Ways to Go from Grouplove, and glad I did - I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  Also catching up with Alt-J’s next pair of new videos for Every Other Freckle (there’s also a girl version too).  La Roux makes you want to Kiss and Not Tell with her new video.

Bonus is a throwback band for me, The Rosebuds, with a new video for Blue Eyes.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Macy Gray (10/1/14)

While this show didn’t take much convincing for me to go - I was basically walking into this show blind.  I knew Macy’s hits, but hadn’t paid *any* attention to her recently.  Fortunately, I was going with probably one of her biggest fans in Cleveland who gave me a last minute crash course update.

This woman deserves respect.  She is very talented (and so is her band!) and very entertaining, despite the near-comatose crowd at the Music Box.  I would totally see her again, and give this show a 9 on the DAKS scale.

Macy Gray (10/1/14)

Macy Gray (10/1/14)

Erasure (9/28/14)

This was my third time seeing this venerable 80’s band - and maybe one of the best that are still producing and performing!  The music is just delicious.  Front row helped.

Erasure (9/28/14)

Erasure (9/28/14)

(first videos w/ my new iPhone!)

(and the rest of the songs…)

Astronautalis / Sarah Jaffe (9/24/14)

I’ve been following Sarah Jaffe for a while, but was surprised with her being paired with Astronautalis.  Seeing them live, it all made sense however.  First opening was Transit, a Canadian rapper (my favorite kind!).  He has some great lyrics… bought his CD for $5.  Wish I would have caught some video.

Transit (9/24/14)

Sarah was admittedly a little sick, but she still performed flawlessly - playing a lot new tracks from her Don’t Disconnect album (I got my vinyl signed!).

Sarah Jaffe (9/24/14)

Astronautalis was great.  While he may be easily compared to other white rappers, I think his talent allows him to stand on his own right.  He’s definitely good looking and knows how to engage an audience!

Astronautalis (9/24/14)

Com Truise (9/19/14)

We missed Islands on this double-header night at the Grog Shop.  Well, sorta missed them.  But we stayed around and caught as much of Com Truise as we could. The beats were tight.  I’m glad to see such a great turnout for this show.

Com Truise (9/19/14)

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers / She Keeps Bees (8/18/14)

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers returned to Cleveland, and back to the Beachland this time, co-headling with She Keeps Bees.  A great night of strong female talent!  But before the ladies, Jason Wyatt Frederick opened up with a strong set (and some great humor).

Jason Wyatt Frederick (9/18/14)

I was thinking this night, how I like music from bands who you can’t imagine them doing anything else but performing.  The passion that Shilpa brings to the stage, I can’t imagine her doing anything else.

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (9/18/14)

Same with She Keeps Bees.  A great pairing. 

She Keeps Bees (9/18/14)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tonight: Macy Gray @ Music Box

Not sure what I’m getting myself into tonight, but Macy Gray does have some new stuff out.  Not half bad!

108553 MacyGray 617