Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neon Indian (10/15/11)

So I ended up missing both shows from Thursday night, but it was nice having a 5 day break since my last show.  Actually, that's probably what allowed me time to prepare for the sold-out Neon Indian show at the Grog Shop. I didn't get tickets until the day-of, and glad I did.

I had plans earlier, so I missed Purity Ring as the very first opener.  I was fine with it, as I would pretend I didn't even know about it (I was excited about Com Truise however).  Well, Melanie had to go on and tell me what a great show it was!  Ugh, oh well.  But I was over it pretty quickly once Com Truise started.  I had been enjoying their more adventurous and dynamic electronic / pop sounds.  Often not radio-friendly, but I found myself thinking how I found it exciting and even began wanting to see them more.

Com Truise (10/15/11)

I really enjoyed the Com Truise show.  I also liked Neon Indian, who I guess had been here not too long ago (that one eluded me).  I hear at that show some of the kids were really fucked up, but maybe that helps with the chillwave sounds.  I could see where tripping a bit might have helped the show, but I still found it quite enjoyable.  Here's one of my favorite tracks:

The lighting was terribly low this night, so here are the best of the photos that I could get.

Neon Indian (10/15/11)

Neon Indian (10/15/11)

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