Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Drums (10/3/11)

I've been a little luke-warm on The Drums, but I knew right away this would be a great show to bring my friend Andrew too.  See, Andrew and I were old concert-going buddies back in the BG days (Bowling Green).  It's been *years* since we'd seen a concert together, and other than his immense help with the House Concert - this was our show.  Making the night even better, our friend Kat joined us!  (Unfortunately, the show was *really* dark, so not the best photos / video.)

Opening was Veronica Falls.  It's been such a crazy week and all, I just got a cursory exposure to them, but the sounded good live and I like what I've heard of their album.  Feels like a basic kind of 90's girl alt-rock sound.  Done well.

Veronica Falls (10/3/11)

The Drums took the stage and brought out the 80's with them.  They may be sick of that simple, categorization, but it really is the easiest (especially when you're speeding through reviews).  I thought they'd be a little more un-afffected onstage, but they were pleasant and appreciative.  Loved their sound... here's a sampling:

The Drums (10/3/11)

The Drums (10/3/11)

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