Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fleet Foxes (10/28/11)

It's a little embarrassing, as a Cleveland music blogger, to be putting out a Fleet Foxes review so late.  It's no reflection on the band... the whole show was actually pretty amazing.  Well, the Walkmen were OK.  It was actually just a bit more fun to hang out in the Masonic Auditorium foyer and watch the people of Cleveland who actually attend a Fleet Foxes show.

Oh, there was one kick-in-the-pants thing about this night.  I tried getting a photo pass and was denied, so I didn't bring my camera.  What I didn't realize about these "Grog Shop presents" shows was that it's just the Grog Shop running it (SWEET!).  But damn, then I could have brought my real camera - instead you're left with an iPhone only show.

About the music?  Stunning as you'd expect.  The vocals, the sound, the presentation, everything was spot on for what you'd expect from this Seattle band.

Fleet Foxes (9/28/11)

Fleet Foxes (9/28/11)

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