Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Video Day #tzaupbeat

Holy Ghost! keeps the new music coming with their new video for Do This.  The Chemical Brothers continue to impress me, this time by including some vocal stylings by k-os in their new single/video for Get Yourself High. Miley just put out her her video for Mother’s Daughter which definitely has its share of political statements and inclusivity.

Bonus:  I didn’t know who this Eugene Lee Yang was before, but this video is AMAZING.  He’s not a performer, but this video to a song by ODEZA is totally worth a bonus listing.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Golden Vessel (7/12/19)

Golden Vessel was a surprise, late-addition to my TZA calendar.  Crawling the Beachland website, this show popped up and was instantly intrigued by this pop / electronic artist from Australia.  His album is full of guests vocalists, and each song would just get better and better with every listen.  I was curious how this was going to translate into a live performance.  His stage mate (the guy on the left) jumped on the tour and took on all the vocal parts - very well I might add.  Overall, the show didn’t have quite have the quicker tempo of the album, but I was still very satisfied with the performance.

Golden Vessel  7 12 19

Golden Vessel  7 12 19

Opening was Instupendo out of Philadelphia.  Very low key set, which was very appropriate for the Rostam vocals he brought in, and I recorded, below.  He had also scored a guest spot on the newest Toro Y Moi album - so there’s something going on there, I just missed it I guess.

Instupendo  7 12 19

Tal National (7/10/19)

There were a lot of options for live music on this night. Not only was this City Stages event happening at the Transformer Station, there was also the Eilen Jewell show at the Beachland and And The Kids were at Mahalls.   Bergen’s attendance was requested, so i just stuck with this Tal National show.  The weather was superb, friends were plentiful, and the music played the perfect backdrop to a perfect Summer evening.

Tal National  7 10 19

Tomorrow: Michigan Rattlers & Oliver Hazard @ House of Blues

Oliver Hazard, my most recent house concert artist, is coming back to town!  They’ll be opening up for the Michigan Rattlers tomorrow at the House of Blues (Cambridge Room) for $20.  I’ve been checking out Michigan Rattlers and it should be a pretty good show, particularly if Rolling Stone is right about this quote!
"For Fans Of: Whiskeytown-era Ryan Adams, early Wilco, the acoustic side of Rhett Miller and the Old 97's."
If you weren’t at my last house concert, you’re in for a treat.  Here’s what you missed: