Monday, February 28, 2011

Out This Week: Acrylics

I'm still a sucker for good pop music, especially done in interesting ways.  These guys give me a jj vibe, which works for me.

Acrylics lives and treasure review

"Teen heartache given pop form."- NME

"a silky fusion of '70s pop." - NYLON Band Crush

Check out Pitchfork's Rising feature on Acrylics and download their first single "Nightwatch" (available for posting) Photo Credit: Bek Anderson

Brooklyn duo Acrylics have signed to Friendly Fire Recordings (Violens, The Concretes, Oh No Ono) for the co-release of their debut full-length, Lives and Treasure, now set for release on March 1st through Friendly Fire Recordings/Hot Sand Records.

After forming in 2008, Acrylics (Molly Shea and Jason Klauber) became the first artist to sign to Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and Ethan Silverman's label, Terrible Records (Twin Shadow, Class Actress) with the release of their Taylor-produced debut EP, All of the Fire.

Between tours and performances with A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Das Racist, Morning Benders and The Smith Westerns through SXSW, CMJ and beyond, the band spent two years in and out of the studio to finish Lives and Treasure. With the help of producers Patrick Wimberly (of Chairlift), Matt Boynton (Gang Gang Dance, MGMT), Britt Myers (Yeasayer, Chairlift) and mastering engineer Chris Gehringer (Rihanna, Drake, Nas), the album is now complete and ready to be heard.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Local Music: Scene's 10 for '11

I've been meaning to post this for some time now.  Scene's profiling some great local bands...  Half I know, half I need to check out.


"Ten for '11  Meet the future of Cleveland music by Keith Gribbins

Cleveland's next generation of top musicians walks among us today, but you might not have noticed them yet. Not much makes them stand out on the street — maybe it's the long hair, the leather jackets, or the look in their eyes that says we're hungry."

(Continued... Ten for '11 | Music Feature | Cleveland Scene)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

New 7Digital Music Store for iOS

Nice little twist.  As much as I like Apple, I'm always happy to see alternatives to purchasing from iTunes.

7digital logo

7digital launches web-based music store to rival iTunes on iPad and iPhone | Crave | CNET UK

Mobile Phones Apple allows streaming music apps on to its App Store for iPhone and iPad, but digital music stores are given short shrift. That's the reason you won't find an Amazon MP3 store app for iPhone, unlike Android and BlackBerry. UK store 7digital has found another way on to iOS devices though: a new HTML5 mobile Web version.

We've been trying it out today, and while the mobile Web experience is by definition not quite as slick as the native iTunes and iPod apps, it has other advantages."

(Continued... 7digital launches web-based music store to rival iTunes on iPad and iPhone | Crave | CNET UK)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reminder: An Island Screening This Thursday

Reminder, please join me for the ONLY OHIO SCREENING of An Island.  A film by Vincent Moon featuring the Danish band, Efterklang. Here are the registered showings around the globe:


Thursday at 8:00pm.  Sign up on the website, or at the FaceBook page.

Video Tuesday

Enjoy some jiggling speedo's in the new Cut Copy video for Need You Now //  Check out the new cat-tastic video for Ra Ra Riot's Boy (coming to the Beachland, Friday April 8th) //  Finally, see the new Tapes 'n Tapes video - who were just here actually (1/31/11).

Monday, February 21, 2011

Brite Winter Festival 2011

As you've been reading, you'll know it's been abusyweek.  Out of town plans were canceled, but was glad to swing by and catch this Brite Winter Festival that I missed last year (at the Hart Crane Memorial Park).

We rolled in around 7:00 and it was pretty cold, though it didn't seem to slow down the good times being had.  Was glad to see the big 3 fire pits, a popular place to be...

Brite Winter Festival 2011

I didn't know much about the bands performing that night, except it was another chance to see The Modern Electric.  But before that, we stumbled into something amazing.  We squeezed into one of the cubes and found a party like nothing I've ever experienced.  There was about 15 people crammed into this vinyl box with the band Presque Vu.  Some impressive vocal stylings on top of slick beats kept all of us dancing and warm.  Some technical glitches made for some equally impressive acoustic efforts.  Overall - one hot experience outside on a cold night.

Presque Vu (2/19/11)

The Modern Electric.  Good as ever. I also grabbed a performance of David Bowie (w/ some unfortunate camera work).

The Modern Electric (2/19/11)

I'm already ready for next year... Here are some more photos.

Future Islands (2/18/11)

This Future Islands show was a featured performance on my February Spangle article, and for good reason.  Ever since I first heard Tin Man, I knew I'd like this band.  If you like your band to be passionate about their music, and especially their performance, this. is. your. band.  Throw in some amazing electronic elements, and it's nearly epic.  The more I listened to their stuff, the more I liked it.  Seeing them live just sealed the deal.

Future Islands (2/18/11)

Seeing Sam Herring (the lead) walk around before the show, I had no clue about the transformation that was about to take place on stage.  I had heard he was passionate, but as soon as the music kicked in, you could visually see the change happen.  It's like he became an angry, caged animal on stage - growling and lunging at the crowd. But at the same time the audience could feel completely safe, being close enough to have been bitten.  This wasn't confrontation however, just pure expression.  I'd never seen anything like it.

Future Islands (2/18/11)

More Videos: Vireo's Eye & An Apology


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poison Control Center (2/17/11)

It's been a while since I've seen Poison Control Center... in fact, I didn't even see the whole band, I just saw Patrick (the lead singer).  Well, that was a fun night, about 5 years ago.  Finally, they're back and I'm finally seeing them again (2nd of 3 nights in a row at the Tavern).

Opening was both JJ Magazine and Afternoon Naps - two of my favorite local bands.  Both solid acts and I'll always be happy to see them play again.

JJ Magazine (2/17/11)

Afternoon Naps (2/17/11)

Before they went on Patrick tapped me on the shoulder to say hi, catch up about that crazy Spider night, and see what's been happenin' since. It's being in that kind of conversation with someone from a band that really makes me appreciate the DIY ("indie") music scene.  These guys are just so real and personal, and having the ability to hang with the band members and talk to them directly about their music is pretty amazing.

Poison Control Center (2/17/11)

PCC was every bit as crazy as Patrick's previous performance would leave me to believe.  These guys were all over the stage, playing their heart out.  And the crowd definitely responded.  This kind of fun, energetic indie rock is always a good time.  Made better when performed by really good people.

Poison Control Center (2/17/11)

Poison Control Center (2/17/11)

Keep your eye out.  kingofthecastle7 was in attendance, so full video of the concert will be posted on his YouTube Channel.

Article: The Modern Concert

Jack Loftus addresses what many consider to be an obnoxious modern concert phenomena in a not so bleak light. A nice new perspective... Personally, as a music blogger, I sometimes loathe my own need to record and document shows. Though at least I'm doing something with that content.  I'd feel much better about this shift in the modern concert experience if I knew everyone else was doing the same.

This is gizmodo

The Modern Concert

"Some of my friends malign the appearance of cellphone photographers at concerts, saying their presence somehow cheapens the experience—perhaps not for them, the concert aficionado, per say, but for the person whose eyes are glued to the LCD screen and not the artists on stage.

But I don't know. These cameraphone zombies are spreading content to places it might not otherwise have been even a few years ago and that's a pretty powerful, important thing even if the sharer is missing half the show because they can't decide whether 'Toaster' encapsulates the band's effort more perfectly than 'Inkwell.'

Viewed in more optimistic light, this Modern Concert has played itself out in far more meaningful ways in places like Egypt and Tunisia, where the Modern Revolution made life impossible for oppressive dictators and gave the people a much louder, much more efficient voice—disconnected Internet attempts be damned.

The practice can certainly be abused, of course—thank you very little, girl who had to take six Blackberry flash-assisted photos before things were 'just right'—but that's the case with everything.

For whatever it's worth, the scope of humanity's newfound hyper-connectivity all came together for me with this silly photo. Maybe you've had a similar experience, if not at a concert then a speech or rally or sporting event. Whatever it was, it was an event where you too realized just how connected we've become in such a short amount of time.

In any case, the Modern Concert. Rock on."

(Continued... The Modern Concert)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Chris Bathgate (2/16/11)

This show was the first of a three-night marathon for me at the Beachland Tavern, and I couldn't think of any better place - or bands - for this to happen with.  I first discovered Chris Bathgate when scouring Beachland's schedule for my monthly Spangle article.  As soon as I heard No Silver, I was hooked.  Besides Brian Straw and The Modern Electric were opening.  Done and Done.

Caught the tail end of Brian Straw, who I would consider having one of the best local voices.  Though The Modern Electric brought the energy.  These guys continue to get better and better and I'd see them any chance I get (speaking of which, they're playing Brite Winter Festival on Sat.).

The Modern Electric (2/16/11)

Unfortunately, the healthy crowd there was mostly there to see them.  The place kinda cleared out before Chris Bathgate, which was a bummer, except for being able to score a table front & center.  What transpired was not at all what I expected.  Chris walks out with a Union Jack electric guitar (Oasis edition), which we later found out he got for free.  He also had a modified suitcase outfitted with loop machine - which just tickles my fancy.  This was not the folky sound I expected, but I couldn't have been happier.

Chris Bathgate (2/16/11)

Chris Bathgate (2/16/11)

What I particularly loved about this show was how appreciative he was of those who stayed, and continued to build these great, looped compositions.  Here's a sample.

His new album, Salt Year, is out in April 26.  I am all over that.

Mumford & Sons w/ Laura Marling

Will all the post-Grammy buzz on Mumford & Sons, I thought I'd finally share a little project they did with another favorite of mine - Laura Marling.

New Mumford & Sons EP With Laura Marling, Dharohar Project « Radio 92.3

'I think all tours bring us closer together. In India it was intensified. ’ Ben from Mumford & Sons One of our favorite new bands is the harmonious English sensation called Mumford & Sons. They conquered the USA this year, with stops at every major festival and loads of club dates supporting their debut album Sigh No More. They even played the Discover studios for a session we won’t soon forget. But one trip they took in 2010 stands out above all the rest for Marcus Mumford and the guys. Their trip to India, with friend and fellow artist Laura Marling, was an experience so moving that the only way to do it justice was to memorialize the trip in song. The result is this new EP, titled Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling & Dharohar Project."

(Continued... New Mumford & Sons EP With Laura Marling, Dharohar Project « Radio 92.3)


Being that I just plopped down $5.99 for Shazam Encore, I'm happy to read some fun press about them.


Shazam’s Search for Songs Creates New Music Jobs -

"Mr. Slomovitz, a music industry veteran, spends his days tracking down hot new artists — but not for a big record label. Instead, he works for Shazam, maker of the application of the same name that can figure out what song is playing in a bar, a clothing boutique or a TV commercial.

‘It’s like a scavenger hunt in real time,’ said Mr. Slomovitz, 42. ‘It never stops.’

Mr. Slomovitz’s job is one of the more unusual in the new digital music era, as he and the dozen or so other ‘music sourcers’ at Shazam try to ensure that any songs the app’s users might want to identify are ready and waiting in the company’s database.

As the major record labels shrink, Shazam and other start-ups are thriving by offering people new ways to discover and listen to music. That is creating new kinds of jobs in the music business, from foragers like Mr. Slomovitz to the developers building software that recommends the perfect song for a particular listener.

‘We used to have D.J.’s, record store clerks and A.& R. types’ — the music industry’s talent scouts — to help discover music, said Paul Lamere, director of the developer community at Echo Nest, which builds music search services. ‘But now, because so much music is available, the challenge is surfacing relevant music to listeners.’"

(Continued... Shazam’s Search for Songs Creates New Music Jobs -

That doesn't mean I'm not trying out that other app, SoundHound (only the free version for now).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tonight! Chris Bathgate

Should be a great show, tonight at the Beachland Tavern...  The Modern Electric is opening!

Check out the Mostly Midest "Bridgehouse Session" here:

"If Bathgate has mastered one thing in his enormously promising's the art of distilling alienation into bruised-sounding beauty" - NPR

"This isn't just folk music -- this is Middle American Gothic." - AllMusic

Salt Year is, without a doubt, the first great folk record of 2011." - My Old Kentucky Blog


Belated Video Tuesday

Crazy-busy at work... Here's some doozy's.  MEN Who Am I  to Feel So Free (wait for it....).  Small Black's Photojournalist  The New Pornographers tell the story of their band with Moves.  And finally a bonus video for your patience.  Those Darlins just want to Be Your Bro.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Article: Indie Labels Lead Grammy Nominations

Not much for the Grammy's, but this is good to hear.

Indie Labels Lead Grammy Nominations : The Record : NPR

"For over 50 years, the Grammy Awards have rewarded everything that's larger than life about popular music. The biggest stars and, not coincidentally, the biggest record labels have generally taken home the top prizes — that's just one reason the awards have been dubbed, 'The Grannys.' They tend to play it safe — especially in the big categories. But that's changed. This year, more than half of all Grammy nominations went to smaller, independent labels.

Take one of the top categories: Album of the Year. You'll find some of the usual major label suspects — Lady Gaga, Katy Perry — but you'll also find Arcade Fire.

The Canadian band's ambitious album, The Suburbs, came out on Merge Records, an indie label based in North Carolina. Merge co-founder Laura Ballance says the Internet has helped level the playing field in the music business.

'Now, whether something is on a major label or an independent label doesn't matter,' Ballance says. 'If you live in Wichita, Kansas, you can still get to hear whatever band you want. Because it doesn't have to be in your local record store or in the Wal-Mart.'"

(Continued... Indie Labels Lead Grammy Nominations : The Record : NPR)

Arcade fire the suburbs cover

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Robyn (2/7/11)

Finally.  I'd been looking forward to seeing this show for a while, actually ever since seeing her in Pontiac, MI.  If you've been following this blog at all, you'll know that Robyn is a favorite of mine.  I guess it's hard to explain, but at this point I consider her the quintessential pop star.  She's writing and performing genuine dance/pop songs - because it's more art than business for her.

Only adding to the excitement were the openers for this show, particularly Diamond Rings, who I just saw at Musica in Akron.  Natalia Kills came on first and was enjoyable, especially nice work with the back-up dancers.  But then Diamond Rings took the stage.  Having recently seen part of his performance at Musica in Akron, I was ready for more.  It was everything I was hoping for, though some friends pointed out some need for diversity throughout the set, which I could see.

Oh, and I got a photo pass...

Diamond Rings (2/7/11)

Diamond Rings (2/7/11)

Robyn was stunning.  Lots of energy, and for as little stage antics as she has, she owned the stage and audience.

Robyn (2/7/11)

Robyn (2/7/11)

Robyn (2/7/11)

There's more...


More Love for Oberhofer

I really should have posted this prior to their show last month, but I don't want these finds to go to waste... If you haven't checked out Oberhofer yet, there's still time!

Watch the full video at

You can also check out some more live clips over at Pure Volume.

It's not just me either...

“Each song is laced with manic drums, quirky melody and sharp, angular guitar riffs that give way to pensive moments of xylophone, keys and samples. There’s sing-along “oohs” and “whoa’s,” and choral hooks like that on “Landline” that will never cease being stuck in your head.”

Oberhofer combines the delicately layered shouts of Animal Collective, the drugged-out guitarwork of Real Estate, and the thrashy percussions of The Dodos" - Flavorpill


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sin Fang's New Album, Classic Covers

Sin Fang's last album, Clangor, was a favorite last year - as was his performance with Seabear (4/1/10) at the Grog Shop. Now he has a new album coming out March 15th and a couple covers you can check out now:

Sin Fang:  Landslide / The Only Living Boy in New York

"Icelandic wunderkind Sindri Már Sigfusson really is a never-tiring musician. Touring with his other band Seabear around the world for most of the year, he used his time off to write and record a new album of his solo project Sin Fang (formerly Sin Fang Bous, to be released in early 2011). The album is preceded by this remarkable 7inch featuring two all-time-classic non-album coverversions: 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac and Simon & Garfunkel's 'The Only Living Boy In New York'. Sin Fang's versions withdraw some of the glossy sweetness of the originals and replace it with a pinch of Weirdo-Folk, giving you a new listening experience while keeping the original song's heart-breaking potential intact. read more..."

(Listen at Morr Pressdesk)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloud Nothings Bonanza

I just couldn't wait for the next Video Tuesday... so here is the just released Cloud Nothings video for Understand At All... It's pretty out-there, but the longer I watched, the more I liked it.

And since I got you here... did you see their Mixtape?



"Cleveland, Ohio isn’t exactly known for it’s music scene. Sure, right now we’ve got Emeralds, and my band is starting to do alright I guess, but any nationally recognized artists from the city have been few and far between. However, in the late 70s and early 80s, Cleveland was a breeding ground for the kind of punk weirdos that labels like Siltbreeze or Sacred Bones would eat up these days. The scene was fragmented and small, with shows that were sparsely attended at best, but its influence on punk music as a whole can’t be overlooked. This mix is intended to point out some of the standout bands of the era, and hopefully shed some light on a city that has been unfairly ignored for the better part of its existence."

And finally... some bits on the new record.

CD Album Review – Cloud Nothings – S/T (A Cleveland Blogger’s Thoughts) | Citizen Dick

"Of course, ultimately, the album is a rock record, representative of the blue-collar attitudes Clevelanders so stoicly cling to and emit;  it's here where the album hits an air of sincerity and intensity that many folks won't truly understand unless they've been here; until they've seen the musty Beachland Tavern, the downtrodden near east side, or the remnants of a dying steel industry peppering the landscape of our night sky.  Baldi has a better record collection than most people twice his age, but totally displacing a musician from his geography is impossible; in this case, it's a boon to the sound that anyone with a pair of ears should get behind."

(Continued... CD Album Review – Cloud Nothings – S/T (A Cleveland Blogger’s Thoughts) | Citizen Dick - a cleveland/brooklyn based music blog, new music reviews, live music reviews, fashion, art, and walrus pelts)

Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings | Track by Track | DIY

"Track by Track: Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings Dylan Baldi et al talk us through the record. Posted 13th January 2011, 10:21am in Track by Track, Cloud Nothings

If hearing a band has a 'Blink-182 moment' doesn't make you like them just a little bit more… well, you fail.

Cleveland's Cloud Nothings will release their self-titled debut album proper (they put out a collection of previous releases last year, 'Turning On', but that doesn't count) week after next, on 24th January, through Wichita Recordings; it has one of those moments, on track three, 'Should Have'."

(Continued... Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings | Track by Track | DIY)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Video Tuesday

Something a little different for you today.  World Tour's Sparks, Joan as Policewoman's The Magic, and Devkotcha's 100 Other Lovers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Movie Showing: An Island

In between house concerts, I thought I would try something different...

In August 2010, French filmmaker Vincent Moon and Efterklang's 8 piece-live band met up on an island in the Danish country side. The objective was to shoot a film. A film with the same length as an album, and a film full of performances, experiments and collaborations.

Over an intense period of 4 days Efterklang collaborated with more than 200 local musicians, kids and parents, creating new performances and interpretations of songs from their Magic Chairs album. It was all filmed by Vincent Moon who same time conducted several filmic and musical experiments with Efterklang as his dedicated play mates.

I'm hosting a showing!  Thursday, February 24th.  Seating is extremely limited (it's my living room), so sign up soon!  (teasers below)

Web flyer

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tapes 'n Tapes (1/31/11)

I hadn't paid much attention to Tapes 'n Tapes over the last couple years, but a friend highly recommended their show coming up at the Grog Shop.  As I often do, I checked out the openers. I'd heard of Oberhofer, but did quite a bit more exploration of their sound - as well as the new Tapes 'n Tapes album.

The more I listed to Oberhofer, the more I really liked them.  Like, liked them more than usual.  They have a quirky and dynamic sound, with some of the muddled low-fi indie rock hooks.  I knew I had to see these guys.

Oberhofer (1/31/11)

Oberhofer took the stage (after an imbibed Filmstrip performance), and I couldn't have been happier.  There was a decent crowd and I had a great spot (and thankfully, ear plugs).  It was everything I was hoping for, and I was left wondering how Tapes 'n Tapes would top that.  And by the way, it's not only me who likes them live...  "The live band is not only able to do his songs justice, but they add an even higher intensity than the recorded versions” (New York Times).  See for yourself...

(several more songs mixed here)

Tapes 'n Tapes were up next.  Total good vibe from these guys... They were having fun and playing some great songs.  They even hit a couple that I liked (see below).  I wasn't quite as blown away as I was with Oberhofer, but granted, they got more ear-time then did TnT.  I did glance back and see some guys singing their hearts out to these songs.  They were that type of band.

Tapes 'n Tapes (1/31/11)

Tapes 'n Tapes (1/31/11)

Also: Read a WRUW Interview with Oberhofer

RIP Martin Juredine

I wish I could be so eloquent as Heidi Cool is in this post, but I'll leave it to her words to illuminate why Martin and the Barking Spider was so special.  I'll just echo that I've often sang the praises of the Barking Spider to people, and Martin was a big part of that.

IMG 1391 279x443

As I got to know him, when I'd walk in the door he'd swing by and make sure to tell me of upcoming artists who he thought I'd like.  You see, that showed how much he cared for those who frequented the Spider, but also his love of helping people discover new music, particularly live music. He remembered what I liked and was happy to share, and I'll always remember him for that reason.

Remembering Martin Juredine

"The Spider isn't about the look or feel but about the people. Martin made everyone feel welcome. He made you feel safe. If you arrived alone, waiting for friends, you could sit on your own reading a magazine, with the knowledge that you wouldn't be pestered. And if for some reason you were, Martin would be there to shoo the miscreant away.

But that didn't happen often, because the Spider is the sort of place where you feel comfortable chatting with most anyone you might encounter. You could sidle up to the bar to join in a conversation with Martin and anyone nearby. When you did you might find a brain surgeon and a carpenter in deep discussion about anything from politics to fishing in South America. And they'd be happy to let you jump in and share your two cents.

Camaraderie is encouraged. Martin made it this way because he was both affable and a thinker. He liked people and wanted them to feel at home. He also wanted to learn more about anything and everything, so he asked good questions and was ready to converse about pretty much any topic you might bring up. This led others to do the same. In many ways, the Spider is an intellectual hang-out, popular with faculty and staff from Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Botanical Garden and other nearby organizations. But at the same time, the Spider is also relaxed. You can sit down with a crowd of PhD's and delve into deep thought or (with the same crowd) you can just relax and talk about baseball. It really doesn't matter. Martin made the Spider a place where you could just be yourself and not worry about pretense.

Martin created a place where I've met some amazing people, some of whom are now among my closest friends, while others are friendly faces I may only see from time to time. I'm not alone in this. As I've been reading the Facebook, Twitter posts and e-mails, this has been a common thread."

(Continued... Remembering Martin Juredine | Coventry Village – Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

RIP Martin.

Out This Week: MEN!!!!

Finally!!  I have been waiting for this album for what has felt like forever...  MEN released Talk About Body this week (buy it on Insound).  They will also be gracing the Grog Shop on Sunday, March 13th!


MEN - Talk About Body | The Line Of Best Fit

"Of course, it helps that Talk About Body is superior in quality and fun. MEN are comprised of JD Samson, Michael O’Neill and Ginger Brooks, but seek enough creative guidance from Joanna Fateman and Emily Roysdon for the two to be unofficially included in their line up. Ultimately, without wanting to diminish the importance of their new venture, Samson and Fateman have picked up where Le Tigre left off.

However, here are some poignant differences – besides the absence of Kathleen Hanna. Samson’s penchant for DJ noodling is notable: beats and fuzz creep into every corner until they devoir ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ and ‘Simultaneously’. In those instances, MEN draw better comparison to Sleigh Bells. Nothing’s unrecognisable – ‘Off Our Backs’ and ‘My Family’ touch down on familiar ground – but the trio aren’t afraid to progress. Whatever direction they take, Talk About Body blasts glitter charged bullets into the mainstream crowd and emerges brandishing the empowering ‘Who Am I To Feel So Free’.

Unlike the majority of pop releases, this album’s sentiment is far from mindless. MEN have wrapped their material up in issues concerning trans-awareness, sexual ambiguity and most importantly of all, liberation. Wearing your motivations on your sleeve without resorting to aggression is admirable, particularly regarding such an important and shamefully unpromoted topic. Setting those wise words to fun is inspired – this is brainwashing of the best kind. Now play them on the God damn radio!"

(Continued... MEN - Talk About Body | The Line Of Best Fit)

I've posted this video before, but totally worth re-posting.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Out This Week: Ivan & Alyosha

Check these guys out... Father Be Kind (EP) is out this week (order it from Insound). They'll also be coming to Wilbert's on Sunday, March 6th.  Should be an excellent show.

Seattle four-piece Ivan & Alyosha are excited to unveil the beautiful acoustic performance video for their song "Fathers Be Kind", the title track from their forthcoming EP, out February 1st via Missing Piece records. Following the release of their album the band have a busy schedule with an NPR Tiny Desk Concert running February 7th, and appearances confirmed for Folk Alliance, Dead Of Winter Festival, 35 Conferette Festival, SXSW 2011, and Mountain Stage where they'll open for country great Lucinda Williams.

Ivan & Alyosha | Myspace Music Videos

Video Tuesday

An eclectic little mix today.  First off, does anyone else think this new Patrick Wolf video is strange (for him)?  It's like an 80's Gap Ad.. w/ saxophone. Still a good song.  Then a new video from The Thermals - who are still doin' it for me. And finally, the new Lykke Li's for I Follow Rivers... which has been ALL OVER the internet these last couple days.