DAKS scale is my way to score the quality of a live show and if I think someone would enjoy it, even if they [D]idn't [A]lready [K]now the [S]ongs.

It's a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being a great live show that anyone would probably enjoy.  I guess 1 would be a terrible show (even if you did already know the songs).

I thought about this because there are a lot of live shows that I love, mostly because I have a long-time "relationship" with that artists music.  They're shows that I wouldn't necessarily recommend widely, but ones that I truly hold as special.  These are shows that I could rave about, but may only rank a 4 on a DAKS scale... (I may put shows like Joan Armatrading, O'Death, and Ani DiFranco in this category)

While I do share some of that on this blog, giving it some personality,  I also want a wanted a way to rank shows absent of this personal connection (as best I can).  So this is ranking shows based on general quality of performance, sound, vibe & energy.  What would I recommend to anyone and everyone.

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