Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holy Ghost! / Jessica 6 (11/4/11)

The closer this show came, the more excited I was to see it!  First off, I'd been reconnecting with the Holy Ghost! album and realizing just how much I liked it.  Then I also spent some time with Jessica 6 who was opening.  The more I listed to their album, I was about as excited for the opener as I was for the main act.  I just knew It'd be a dance-bonanza.

Jessica 6's sound has been described as nu-disco, and I can definitely see where that comes from.  I'd also discovered that some members came from Hercules and Love Affair (who's previous album I loved), and they've been listed as one of the inspirations for the new Madonna album!  Wowza. Well, they sounded amazing and it turned out to be the dance party night I was hoping for (I'm sure that shot of jaeger didn't hurt).

Jessica 6 (11/4/11)

(sorry for the poor video quality)

Holy Ghost! really kept the party going. These guys filled the stage... and the room.  They played many of the songs I was hoping for, including a couple of my favorites that I recorded...

Holy Ghost! (11/4/11)

Holy Ghost! (11/4/11)

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