Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tomorrow: Canon Logic @ Euclid Tavern

Wow, this is my first recommendation for a Euclid Tavern show!   One of my great Cleveland disappointments was not getting here in time to see a show in the old tavern.  Piss soaked floors?? Bring it on...  OK not really, but I would have loved to have gone to at least one show there.  Now's my chance to finally see a show in the new one...  The only hiccup is Those Darlins over at the Grog Shop.  I really want to see them, but I think the allure of the Euc is bringing me there.  Oh, and Canon Logic. They have a big rock sound, sorta like Killers or Snow Patrol.  It's not the easiest sound to pull off, but I think these guys do it well.  Check them out:

CanonLogicRapidEmpire by lightscamerawolfgang

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Some comments about their sound from their recent full-length release:

In the Spring of 2010 Canon Logic released their first full-length effort, FM Arcade, an eclectic album of powerfully catchy pop songs. Converse’s Talk Blog said "FM Arcade is rife with slick musical structures and beautiful, clear vocals.” Achieving a growing popularity in their native NYC, supporting acts like Oh Land and the Lemonheads, and headlining Bowery Ballroom, they broadened their reach up and down the East Coast on tour, and the songs stretched even further, landing placements on CSI:NY, internet ad campaigns, and on Hollister Co. and affiliated stores’ playlists, nationwide.

Now, I have no idea what time these guys might go on.  I might need to call the venue.

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