About TZA

Looking for some new music?

Seeing the same bands over again and again and looking for something new?

Whether or not you're in the Cleveland area, The Zender Agenda is your guide to new music. People around the Cleveland area just get the greater benefit of local show and band information, highlighting the amazing music scene that Cleveland continues to have.

This blog is not intended to be another Pitchfork or Stereogum, bringing you the latest and greatest from the hip indie music scene (yet). I'm just a guy who's really into new music and sharing it with friends. Keeping track of new releases and talking about bands on the road is what this blog is all about.  I'll leave the professional reviews to the big guys (and will link and quote them appropriately).

I think live music is the essence of the music industry, but is both woefully under-appreciated and over-exploited at the same time. The best thing this blog can do is get more people out to see these live shows, buying vinyl and merch directly from the artist, and supporting the incredibly talented touring musicians currently out there.

I like to support the little guys, who is typically more in-tune with their art and their fans than most major-label acts. I'd like to think that i'm not anti-major label, I'm just pro-independent. And no matter your genre, there's something new out there right now that will blow you away. Hopefully you find that here.

It's hard to believe that i've been blogging about music consistently since 2005. This process has also been a kind of personal diary of every show I go to (and has been consistently so since 2005).  I'm not a professional music reviewer (i'm not even a musician).  I just love the energy and the art... and I hope it shows.

Previously known as:

www.onlymusicleft.com (8/08 - 5/10)
www.rogerzmusic.com (2/05 - 8/08)