Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Find: CANT

So I posted a video from CANT on a previous Video Tuesday and mentioned talking about them (him) more.  The more I listen to the new album, the more I like it.

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Particularly this song (play it loud):

Here's a live version from KEXP (and here's the rest of the videos).

A bit more info…

CANT: From Grizzly Bear's Friction, A Solo Gem : NPR

" as far as side projects go, Grizzly Bear is basically a high-school valedictorian."

CANT is the latest addition to the pedigree — a Chris Taylor solo outfit with a moodier strain of after-hours sultriness than can be heard in Grizzly Bear's lofty melancholia. Its debut album, Dreams Come True, grooves as readily it sulks, borrowing liberally from Prince and Depeche Mode, and "She Found a Way Out" is a clear standout. Taylor's sparse guitar arrangement and airy harmonies evoke intimacy akin to Daniel Rossen's take on "Deep Blue Sea," right up until the sucker-punch second half erupts. Synths wash over the track, nearly swallowing the heavy bass-snare hits as Taylor professes, "She can't / She can't / She's gonna find a way out."

The result has all the grandeur of Gary Numan's Pleasure Principle, and belongs nowhere near a proper Grizzly Bear album, but as Grizzly Bear's Yellow House proved, a little friction makes for better music. Best of all, in that band's case, what doesn't fit makes for great solo material."

(Continued... CANT: From Grizzly Bear's Friction, A Solo Gem : NPR)


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