Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Amy Ray Country Album!

I have so much respect for Amy Ray as a musician and an activist… I’m thrilled with this:

Indigo Girls' Amy Ray cuts country album

"Goodnight Tender, out Jan. 28 on Daemon Records, is the result of 10 years of writing songs separate from her work with her folk duo with Emily Saliers, or her other solo recordings, which lean toward a highly politicized style of rock and punk. With its 11 originals and one cover, Goodnight Tender draws on roots ranging from Hank Williams and George Jones to the Carter Family and the Stanley Brothers, with a little Southern rock and Americana mixed in for good measure.

Ray says the material differs from her other work at a fundamental level of storytelling and subject matter.

'I've lived in a rural area for about 20 years now, and it has definitely affected my writing a lot, because I'm around a lot of bluegrass musicians all the time,' she says. 'On this record, I really tried to make it storytelling, and not gender-specific or sexuality-specific. When I do my rock and punk solo stuff, it's very driven by a politicized, rebellious idea about gender fluidity, sexuality and human rights. It's an arena, for me, that's very strident.

'Country music is such a populist music. Sometimes you just want it to be the story you're going to tell the guy sitting next to you at the diner who is a member of the NRA and voted a straight-ticket Republican, and you're this left-wing, queer, aging dyke, and you have this thing in common. I love that! That's where I live.'"

(Continued... Indigo Girls' Amy Ray cuts country album)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Seafair (10/26/13)

There was a lot going on in this city last night… The Shining Music Festival wasn’t originally on my dance card, but some friends were nice enough to give me an extra ticket, so I squeezed in a Seafair performance!  Well, actually I caught the end of Welshly Arms - who was really good!!  I’ve since scoured their web presence and followed everything I could.  Why haven’t I heard of these guys before?  Solid blues rock.

I finally got to see a proper Seafair performance.  Sure they were dressed up in a Snoopy theme, but that was only a plus.  I saw them at the last Brite Winter Festival, so seeing them on a full stage was a treat. They put on a great show, and any band with both a violin and a cello is a winner in my book!  

Seafair (10/26/13)

Of course the other star for the night was this Ohio City Masonic Auditorium venue!

Seafair (10/26/13)

Tonight! Jacco Gardner @ Happy Dog

Show is not until 9pm - and there are two openers - so tonight won’t be for the faint of heart…  But if you’re willing to stay up this late on a Sunday night, it will totally be worth your time.  Here’s a new video…

Here’s a clip from the last time I saw him

Those Darlins (10/22/13)

I’ve missed seeing Those Darlins at the Beachland like 3 times now, and with a brand new album out I was glad I was finally able to catch them!  We got there early to make a night of it, meaning we also caught both openers: Filmstrip and Gambles.  Filmstrip was fine.  During the Gambles performance I felt a little held hostage, because he basically sang from the floor and constantly walked and up to every single person!  Weird.  It was refreshing when Those Darlins finally took the stage.  I was not expecting the powerful little package that is their lead singer!  Adorbs. Their sound packed a punch, with their “country punk” sound.  I’d totally see them again.

Those Darlins (10/22/13)

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Release: Lorine Chia - Naked Truths EP

So this sin’t coming out until Tuesday - but you can hear the album via the link below - AND see her tonight at The Foundry (Hi-Fi) in Lakewood!  Show some hometown love for a great local artist.


Lorine Chia - Naked Truths EP (Review x Stream) | I'm From Cleveland

"‘Its been a pretty exciting past 11 months for Lorine Chia as the Cleveland, Ohio songstress has seen her work receive praise from Billboard, Pigeons and Planes and Complex. Lorine’s biggest moment in the spotlight probably came when she was rumored to be featured on the Kanye West song ‘Blood on the Leaves’ during a Yeezus listening party this summer. Chia continues to impress with her Naked Truths EP which will be released on 10/15. The 14 track EP features her recently released hits Fly High, House on the Hill and Eve’s Perspective. In addition to the original material, Chia’s breathtaking cover of Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ is on the EP as well as a fresh, unique remix of on Drake’s summer hit single ‘No New Friends’. Lorine also displays her versatility as an artist by taking on some hard rap verses, and by adding a reggae twist on tracks like‘Da Fire’. Overall, Lorine put out a product that will leave listeners craving to hear more from this talented artist as her journey only seems to be just beginning. Check out the EP here, and purchase it on iTunes on 10/29.’"

(Continued... Lorine Chia - Naked Truths EP (Review x Stream) | I'm From Cleveland)

Lovers (10/18/13)

That first night with Ezra was great, so there was a high bar for the Lovers show on this next night…  And just like last time I saw them, this show was about as equally challenging to find details on.  This night was at the brilobox, in a trendy neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and was part of a queer dance party night called Operation Sappho. The Lovers were added on to perform.

I knew the night was off to a great start with the pre-party DJ - who was phenomenal.  Lovers took the stage and what a treat to actually hear them on a professional stage!  I'm already familiar with their new album, and know just about all the other stuff - so song after song was just delicious.  It ended all too soon for my taste, but the DJ's continued on what ended up being an epic dance night at the brillobox.

Lovers (10/18/13)

All in all, I hope to make it back to their Operation Sappho party again!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ezra Furman (10/17/13)

I went out to Pittsburgh for quite an amazing doubleheader.  The first night was seeing Ezra Furman at Club Cafe.  I've been thrilled with Ezra every timeI've seenhim, and this was no different.  I new right away there'd be issue with having seating at what should be such a raucous show, but Pittsburgh still had a good time.  I think Ezra Furman is the living definition of Rock & Roll.

Ezra Furman (10/17/13)

Ezra Furman (10/17/13)

Too busy dancing to grab video, but there's his new music video:


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Video Tuesday

New stuff!  MØ's - Never Wanna Know (so glad Diplo found her).  Next up is Sumeau (pronounced "soo-mo") with their dreamy video for Next Day. Finally is a new "artsy" video from Toro Y Moi for Rose Quartz.

Bonus: An impressive (quality) video from Mykki Blanco for Wavvy.  Freaky-deaky.

Aimee Mann (10/14/13)

Oh Aimee… I love me an Aimee Mann record as much as the next person.  Her announcement of a show at the Kent Stage was pretty exciting!  I'd never seen her before, and being the venerable indie rock goddess that she is - this show was a no-brainer.  Opening was the seemingly mis-matched Ted Leo.

By the time we got to the venue, we saw the two of them on stage for the last song of his opening set, which seemed dialed down (from what I know of Ted Leo).  Aimee then took the stage with two others, but other than her SHORT leather shorts, the evening was rather uneventful.  Actually… it was just boring.  There was definitely excitement from the crowned for her being on stage - but maybe I just see too many shows to settle for performance mediocrity - so we even left early.

She did seem to be spending a LOT of time on stage with Ted Leo (despite having her own band) - who was really the bright spot of her performance.  I think those two are doing it.

Aimee Mann (10/14/13)

Phantogram / Future Islands (10/8/13)

This was quite the double-bill.  While I guess you could say Future Islands was opening, for me these guys are a headline act - and usually were so in the Tavern side.  I was excited to see such a large (and good looking!) crowd out on this night.  While I adore Future Islands, I'm not sure it really resonated with the crowd like it does in the Tavern.  I think proximity is great for them, with such an aggressive lead singer… or maybe audiences just are giving up on dancing.  Either way - I LOVE the music that Future Islands put out and was thrilled they had a larger crowd.

Future Islands (10/8/13)

As for Phantogram - that was ONE HELL of a light show!!  While I rarely wish people to sound like their recorded music - on this instance, I wish they did.  Live I wasn't quite as excited about their sound, but they more than made up with it with an assault on the eyes.

Phantogram (10/8/13)

Phantogram (10/8/13)

Phantogram (10/8/13)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Video Tuesday

Check out Deer Tick's AWESOME video for The Dream's in a Ditch. Next up is the anxiously awaited new video for Basia Bulat's Tall Tall Shadow.  Last is Wild Belle's Another Girl.

Bonus!  Junip's Walking Lightly

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Atlas Genius (10/2/13)

While this entry was titled for Atlas Genius (being the headliner and all) the real reason I attended this show was for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  I actually thought these guys would be the middle act, but turns out they opened the show!  Of course they performed like it was the end of the night and they were the headliner - a testament to this band.  I can't wait for the new album, and another (extended) tour stop for these Detroit natives.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (10/2/13)

Next up was Family of the Year, who I'd seen before - twiceactually.  This time they really ramped up their sound and brought it to the level of their stage-mates this night.  More rock and less folk.  I'd actually see them again…

Family of the Year (10/2/13)

So in preparation for this show, I started checking out Atlas Genius and slowly warmed to the album.  I like it!  I can't say it immediately bowled me over - and I could say the same about their live show.  The beauty of not being captivated by it though was getting to leave a little early.  No offense guys.

Atlas Genius (10/2/13)

Billy Bragg (9/29/13)

Last week I made it down to Kent to catch the venerable Billy Bragg at the Kent Stage!!  Of course - any self-produced media is hard to generate in that venue, so here's my obligatory photo from the show.  Keep reading though, I have some other stuff that I'd been collecting to help show you why this was such a great show - and why you should be checking out his new album.  And not to be forgotten was Joe Purdy opening, who was every bit as good, funny and charming as I'd expect him to be… I can't wait for him to headline his own show at the Beachland Tavern.

Billy Bragg (9/29/13)

Here's everything else…


Billy Bragg, Forever the Activist But Never A Luddite | Billboard

"After releasing his first new album in five years -- 'Tooth & Nail' in June -- British troubadour Billy Bragg says he feels 're-engaged with the record industry' and anticipates we'll be hearing more from him sooner rather than later.

'I kind of spurned the record industry after my last album (2008's 'Mr. Love & Justice'),' Bragg tells Billboard. 'I was not really sure where I fit anymore. Without a major label offering me funding to make a new record, it really came down to me to get my act together myself. And when I can write a song and make it available for free download in 24 hours, the pressure to put out an album dissipates. People are coming to the gigs. I'm making a decent living touring. Did I really need to expend a huge amount of my life and my energy to make albums and do things the conventional way anymore? I wasn't sure.'

Bragg says 'Tooth & Nail' was motivated by the death of his mother in 2010 and 'a need to move on to the next thing after that.' He took up producer Joe Henry on his long-standing invitation to record at his studio in Los Angeles, figuring 'in the worst case scenario I'd be making some very expensive demos.' But 'Tooth & Nail's' focus on mostly personal matters rather than the topical fare Bragg often favors has created a new template for him to make music moving forward."

(Continued... Billy Bragg, Forever the Activist But Never A Luddite | Billboard)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Video Friday

It's Friday!! A stunning video for Small Black's Breathless. Holy Ghost's groovin' Okay. And finally a Little Boots video for Satellite!

Bonus: Stumbled on this older Beyonce video for Move Your Body… Not a huge Beyonce fan, but this makes me wanna dance!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Video Tuesday-ish

Check it. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltin goes to Branson, MO with their video for Nightwater Girlfriend.  The National have the BEST TIME EVER making their new video for Graceless. And a new video for Born Too Late by Dent May, who probably had just as much fun making video as The National did.

Bonus: an already outdated video for Tegan & Sara's Goodbye, Goodbye (hello iOS7!)