Saturday, April 30, 2011

Foals (4/29/11)

Unfortunately, a friend turned 40 this past week. I feel like I can safely say that from two perspectives: one is that he's now 40, and the other because celebrating his party trumped seeing the openers for Foals (Freelance Whales & Naked and Famous).  I wouldn't have it any other way though - he was the guy who designed my logo after all.  :-)

We arrived just in time to visit some friends and grab a drink.  The show was SOLD OUT, and even on the same night as Iron & Wine (Go Cleveland) .  Shortly after that , Foals took the stage and I don't think I stopped concert-dancing until the end.  You see, they jammed... more-so than I was expecting.  Their first 3-5 songs were great.  They were tight and they played some of their newer songs which I knew.  Totally feeling it.

Foals (4/29/11)

Foals (4/29/11)

As the show went on, they really drug out some song and got into some jams, going back to their older stuff.  I really wanted to catch a song from beginning to end, but gave up on this one after 6+ minutes.

No complaints though... overall, I was thrilled with Foals.  Breaking many drum-sticks, jumping on speakers and stage-diving... I can see how this band draws an energenic crowd, and then returns the favor.

Foals (4/29/11)

More Photos:

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (4/28/11)

I took a chance on Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers back in early 2010 at the Beachland Tavern and I just fell in love with her.  Her sound is a little more raw and intense that I generally go for, but she just has such a good energy on stage that I've been taken ever since.

I wasn't even expecting to catch any of the openers this night, but the show started much later than normal - so neither of the two openers had even started when we arrived at like 10:30.  While normally this would have been really annoying, I couldn't have been happier to catch Corissa Bragg.  This local Clevelander just blew me away.  With a voice like that, she should be on a national tour with a big record label.

Corissa Bragg (4/28/11)

We kind of checked out for Madame & The Moist Towelttes, but then rocked out with Shilpa.  I was really happy to see a dedicated following staying late for her passionate performance.  Check it out.

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (4/28/11)

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (4/28/11)

More photos!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tonight: Foals, Freelance Whales, Naked & Famous @ Beachland!!

Another show where you want to get there early for ALL the bands...  Here's why:

The Modern Electric (4/27/11)

On the same night the Lady Gaga carnival was in town - we opted for a low-key casual night with one of Cleveland's best bands (The Modern Electric), in one if it's best bars (Happy Dog).

The Modern Electric (4/27/11)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Video Tuesday

A gorgeously done R.E.M. video for Every Day is Yours to Win.  Of course I have to post the star-studded Beastie Boys' Make Some Noise video. And to round out this throw-back Video Tuesday, here is Cake's It's Been a Long Time.

The Rural Alberta Advantage (4/24/11)

On what is becoming an Easter tradition, we saw another band on Easter Sunday (last year was an awesome performance with Love is All).  This show didn't disappoint either.  After a recommendation from a friend to see Lord Huron, I wanted to make sure to be there in plenty of time for them...  What little I caught from their recorded sound, I liked.

They're a group of good lookin' "indie" guys from California.  The sound was pretty good too, though I was missing something... then I think I realized what it might be.  Call me a jaded Clevelander, but I have a hard time feeling the passion and strife from bands that are from L.A.  These guys played some great, sunny folk-pop music, but I guess it felt a little more surface than I was hoping for. (got some great pics though!)

Lord Huron (4/24/11)

Lord Huron (4/24/11)

I got the opposite vibe from gritty, urgent feel of The Rural Alberta Advantage, who put on a good show as usual.  Though I knew what I was getting in to, having seen them twice before (8/26/09 & 1/17/10).  I missed the intimacy of the Beachland Tavern, but glad to see these guy pulling in a respectable crowd in the Ballroom.

The Rural Alberta Advantage (4/24/11)

The Rural Alberta Advantage (4/24/11)

Junip (4/21/11)

This is another show where I was probably as excited about the opener as I was about the headliner.  While I've quickly been warming up to Junip's sound, the Acrlyics had me hooked early on - and kept me there.  But this show unfortunately highlighted the fact that they are a relatively new band.  The live performance was lacking, particularly with the vocals.  For someone already knowing the songs, I could appreciate still hearing them live, but I'd be surprised to hear them win over first-time listeners with this show. I can see these guys easily improving with experience.

Acrylics (4/21/11)

When we first got to the Grog, it was hard to not notice the crazy new soundboard brought in (by the band?) for this performance.  This only highlights how Junip is about true sound and musicianship.  They sounded great... They covered their relatively small catalog of offerings to a very appreciative crowd.  Check them out.

Junip (4/21/11)

I was also having some fun with the camera at the Grog.  Some other photos on Flickr...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Record Store Day / Weekend 2011

We had big plans for a day long of Record Store Day goodness, though it ended up getting cut a bit short.  We still were able to hit some stores and some great finds.  Snapped a couple photos I thought I'd share:

My Minds Eye:

My Minds Eye (4/16/11)

My Minds Eye (4/16/11)

Music Saves:

Music Saves (4/16/11)

Music Saves (4/16/11)

Finally, the voluminous score was at the record show down at the VFW by the airport.  Overall, a big haul this past weekend.

Record Show Find (4/17/11)

(albums shown are for entertainment purpose only, and are not necessarily reflective of the views of this music blog)

Tonight: Joe Pug @ Beachland

If I weren't going back to Risingsun for Easter - I would definitely be at this Joe Pug show at the Beachland Tavern tonight ($10).  Sure I've seen him twice before, but his most recent album Messenger has kept me interested in his goings ons.  Opening is Strand of Oaks, who at cursory glance, seem very cool.

Joe strand

Here's a couple songs for download, where they are covering the other.  Amazing, particularly the Strand of Oaks cover of Hymn #101.

Joe Pug/Strand of Oaks Split Single by nodoor

Some surrounding dates:

April 23 Pittsburgh, PA–The Club Cafe
April 26 Columbus, OH–Rumba Cafe

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tonight: Junip @ Grog Shop

This show *almost* made one of my "Featured Performances" over at  José Gonzalez has been an indie-darling for some time now, so there's no surprise when his name is equally mentioned with the band name.  Junip has turned out to be a vehicle for a little more texture and density with music, than has been his solo stuff.  The more you listen, the more you'll love it.

I've also really been enjoying the Acrylics, who I highlighted their new release back in February.

Grog Shop.  Show starts at 8:00.  Tickets are $15.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video Tuesday

Oh and this... Games' Strawberry Skies. Asher Roth, Gotta Get Up. Cloud Nothings' Nothings Wrong.  All worthy of being a day late for 4/20.

New Find: Jonquil

I've been sitting on these guys a while, but they're definitely worth a listen.  A great album for Spring.  (buy it on Insound)

"Oxford's Jonquil is light and dark, orchestral and minimal; everything you've ever wanted all at once....captivating, spine-tingling sensory fare" "There's everything from a more romantic Mogwai to an even more organic Beirut. This is a masterclass in how to purvey experimentalism without foregoing accessibility, and for
that alone Jonquil need to become huge."


"Jonquil's self-proclaimed "Paul Simon's take on The Smiths" tag nails them well, however the six-piece also encompasses a level of intricacy not unlike a more subtle Dirty Projectors without the R'n'B. There's also an inclusion of a majestic summer flourish of romantic indie-pop very much in the modern tradition - similar to Beach House, Vampire Weekend or Wolf Parade. Emerging initially as the more folky end of Oxford's burgeoning math rock scene that brought us (close friends of Jonquil and recent touring partners) Foals and Youthmovies, Jonquil have constantly evolved and morphed into a very accomplished and mature band with a now newly focused, fresh output of work.” Dan Monsell // Rockfeedback // 2010

Royal Bangs (4/14/11)

I wish I had more to post from this Royal Bangs show, but some work issues kept me distracted this evening...  This show was good, but not quite the performance I was expecting, though it may have just been my disposition.  I will say that I haven't warmed up to their new album as much as I had their first one.  But still... I'm still keeping my eye on these guys and would go see them again.

Royal Bangs (4/14/11)

A proper review can be found over at the 92.3 Blog.

Free Music: Madonna's True Blue Covered

Well this is interesting.  Download this album of covers from Madonna's True Blue album, free from Paper Bag Records... (and don't forget to like me on FaceBook too)

Artworks 000006354938 myy6w3 original

Madonna's 'True Blue' Album Gets Covered by PS I Love You, Young Galaxy and More - Spinner Canada

PS I Love You, Young Galaxy, Winter Gloves and You Say Party! are some of the acts appearing on 'True Blue,' a free digital covers album of Madonna's 1986 smash album released this week through Paper Bag Records."

(Continued... Madonna's 'True Blue' Album Gets Covered by PS I Love You, Young Galaxy and More - Spinner Canada)


Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (4/13/11)

Wow, getting caught up from a vinlyicious weekend (more on that later...).  But first, let me tell you how good Ezra Furman & the Harpoons were.  Once again though, not many people were at the Beachland Tavern to see the awesomeness to go down.  I find myself appreciating these low-key, casual nights of great live music (thank you Cleveland!), even though I'd prefer to see more support for our awesome venues and the great music they bring.

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (4/13/11)

I was doing double-duty this night so we didn't arrive until late, unforutnately missing Tristen who I would've liked to see.  But we did walk into a room of people thoroughly enjoying themselves.  It was great to walk right up to the stage and enjoy.

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (4/13/11)

Ezra is a force all his own, with a not-so-soothing voice, and the passion to carry the best of rock shows.  Not quite evidence of that here, but none-the-less a song that has quickly become one of my favorites.

The was my first favorite:

And finally, a little treat from after the show:

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (4/13/11)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Listen: New Little Dragon

The best part about Little Dragon announcing a new album (other than getting to listen to the first track here), is that hopefully they'll tour around here again. They're great live!  Here's Nighlight.

Little DragonLittle Dragon on FacebookLittle Dragon on Twitter

Also, according to Fader, they're working with Big Boi (Outkast) on his new album.  That'll perk my ears when that album is out.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Record Store Day this Saturday!

This is one of the high holy holidays of the year that I can get behind...   I've also revamped my Record Stores page to highlight some of the best record store stops in the Cleveland-area, with a shout out to Square in Akron and my old store, Finders in Bowling Green.  Click below for a list of all participating stores nation-wide.


There's a ton of special, limited, and just drool-worthy things being released.   Here's my shopping list:

Full List of Releases here:

What am I even talking about??


Now Annual Event In Celebration And Support of Independent Music Retailers In Its Fourth Year On Saturday, April 16th, independently owned record stores across the country will once again celebrate the culture of the record store with their customers and friends with RECORD STORE DAY!

The worldwide event, now annual, and in its fourth year, stands as a remarkable testimony to the dedication, not only of the indie record store owner, but also to the artists and fans that have kept this unique and passionate culture going. Since 2008, participating stores have celebrated Record Store Day, and have been supported by artists, who chimed in with resounding in-store performances, special product and supportive quotes and, perhaps most importantly, the music fans who make it out to their favorite record store and take advantage of all the big day has to offer. The impact and success of Record Store Day has proven more profound with each passing year, 2010 boasting unprecedented sales figures: the more than 1,400 participating stores worldwide having trumped the previous Saturday by more than 100% with sales of special and exclusive product and merchandise and prompting Chief Organizer Michael Kurtz's very rock n' roll (but very true within context) quote, "Record Store Day is bigger than Christmas!" Record Store Day 2010 even caught the attention of Saturday Night Live that very evening with Seth Meyers taking a good natured poke at the event on "Weekend Update," not to mention coverage from other worthwhile outlets like NPR, USA TODAY, ROLLING STONE and the ASSOCIATED PRESS, among others. This year's event will undoubtedly be yet another step up for Record Store Day, and news about special releases, new products, events and more will be coming soon! For more information on exclusive Record Store Day events, products and participants, visit

Out This Week: Fredrik

Check out the Fredrik from Sweden.  His third full-length album, FLORA was released this week on The Kora Records.   Some additional treats below...

Frdrk flora cover1200 1

"Sophisticated and's gorgeous and clever throughout. It's forceful, sensuous music with a refreshing clarity of intention. - Pitchfork
"A mesmerizing new concept album...dreamy, ethereal...also just gorgeous and hypnotic." - NPR
"The ambient super group Jose Gonzales forgot to join, there's little not to like in this gentle unassuming gem. -Under the Radar

Be sure to check out this Tiny Desk concert (unfortunately not embedable).  Also download the tracks recorded for free!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Release: Handsome Furs: Sound Kapital (6/28)

While I'm very excited to hear that a release date set for the new Handsome Furs album (Sound Kapital out June 28th via Sub Pop), it would have normally just been a  twitter announcement.  However, because they're offering this nifty little preview (song is great) and download (for an email address), it's getting the  (worthy) upgrade to the full blog post.

Keep up with my Twitter account (@thezenderagenda) and my New Releases (along the right-side).

Tomorrow: Ezra Furman @ Beachland!

I first saw Ezra Furman back in April 2009 and I've been waiting for him/them to come back ever since.  Now with a phenomenal new album out (pre-order it here), I'm as excited as ever for Wednesday's show (Beachland Tavern $10 or $12 day of show).  One of my favorite songs from this new album is called Wild Feeling.  Stunning.  Here's a version of this song from Daytrotter:

Ezra Furman The Harpoons

The openers should be great too, especially Tristen.  Here are more details than you'll probably care to read.

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons debuted with 2007's Banging Down the Doors, prompting NPR's "All Songs Considered" to note: "Furman is a great young voice emitting sarcastic and clever Midwestern angst with a lot of intelligence and a lot of heart." Between albums, the band hastoured non-stop, performing with Lou Reed at SXSW, Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Walkmen, Matisyahu, Spoon and Delta Spirit, and appeared at major festivals such as Lollapalooza, FM4 Fest in St. Polten, Austria and the prestigious Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

More on Tristen:

A Chicago native who now calls Nashville home, Tristen is on tour in support of her recently released album. Charlatans At The Garden Gate has been met with wide ranging praise. The Onionwrites that Tristen"has crafted a confident, poignant folk-popdebut that never wants for hooks, and manages to undercut its sing-songiness at every turn with unflinching lyrics and mature songwriting." According toBust, "she caught up to her contemporaries and surpassed them in one fell swoop.As soon as the vocals kick in on the opener 'Eager for Your Love,' it's impossible not to listen to this record all the way through. Man this girl can sing."The home townNashville Scenenoted that "With or without Tristen's acute capacity to portray relationships and ideology gone wrong, Charlatans is a musical document billowing over with rich, vintage hues and irrepressible hooks, her reverence for the lions of pop music and confident sense of self all meted out in the same breath."

More on Apache Relay:

Nashville indie-rock band The Apache Relay are on tour to support the release of their second album, American Nomad, out April 12th via Thirty Tigers. American Nomad is a modern and young roots-rock collection produced by Nielson Hubbard. Their debut album, 1988, was released in 2009, and produced by Doug Williams, best known for his authentically raw approach with the Avett Brothers. The record cracked the door to reveal the band's capabilities, and Paste Magazine named it an "Auspicious Debut" and highlighted the band as "Best of What's Next."

Video Tuesday

Acrylics new video for Sparrow Song (Coming! Grog Shop on 4/21). Beth Ditto's video for I Wrote the Book (Madonna homage?). Finally, U.S. Royalty with Equestrian.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Starfucker (4/10/11)

The day had finally come!  I have been giddy over this Starfucker show for months... Already making the top spot for my list of April shows, my expectations were pretty sky high, which is kinda odd since I had already saw a bit of them before.  But having spent time with their entire catalog of music, I think I'm becoming a superfan.

We missed Hot Cha Cha, but made it in time for Champange Champagne.  Listening to what little I could before the night of the show, my best description of them would be the rap-version of Starfucker.  Some fun indie electronic beats behind some sweet raps - very similar to Starfucker's free mixtape (GET IT).  What transpired on stage was just that, with some super-energy (and sweat) behind it.  These guys really earned their keep on stage, working up the seemingly ill-prepared crowd of young white folk.

Champagne Champange (6/10/11)

The only downside to Champagne Champagne was the length of their set.  Starfucker didn't take the stage until after midnight, though you wouldn't have been able to tell that from the crowd.  From almost the first song, the crowd went wild.  I mean like, mosh-pit wild.  I'm not quite sure where this came from, but the excitement was refreshing and fun - as was the continuous crowdsurfing.

Starfucker (6/10/11)

My only non-positive comment on Starfucker was the vocal qualities (check the video), but this was overlooked by the wall of sound that came out of this band.  It was pure pop / electronica goodness.  Again, we didn't stay for the whole set (it *was* a Sunday night), but I left there a bigger fan than ever.  The next show I am taking the next day off.

Starfucker (6/10/11)

Parallels (4/8/11)

After leaving the Generationals / Ra Ra Riot show early, we headed over to The Happy Dog for the Parallels show.  Expecting to miss the openers, we actually caught the Gossip Culture performance.  While the vocals were a little weak, the music was quite good!  I'd love to see a little more polish on these NEO guys.

Parallels (4/8/11)

I was pretty excited to see Parallels, particularly with a Crystal Castles connection (however faint it may be).  But this show surpassed all my predictions.  This was dance, pop electronica at its best.  Each song kept you groovin' and some were even up front dancing (which is where I really should have been.)  And this wasn't an all electronica show... the drums brought in a refreshing live element.

Parallels (4/8/11)

One of my all-time favorite dance / electronica concert performances was The Hundred in the Hands performance at the Grog Shop.  This rivaled that experience.  If in part by just see this type of performance at a place like the Happy Dog.

Parallels (4/8/11)

Here's a little video clip from my friend Larry.

Generationals (4/8/11)

This was my second double-header this week!  Some plans had changed (unfortunately), but now I was able to catch a couple shows I was eyeing for this past Friday night. The first was the Generationals, from New Orleans, who were playing at the Beachland Ballroom.  I hadn't been paying too much attention to these guys at first, when I thought that I wasn't going to be able to go. However I'd often find myself really enjoying a song then look at my phone and see it was from them.  Now these guys were just the opener for Ra Ra Riot, but they ended up being my preferred performance for this bill.  Besides, I'd seen Ra Ra Riot before (3 times actually) - and I had another show to go to this night.

Generationals (4/8/11)

They were a lot of fun live... Very pop friendly, with a little dork rock thrown in.  Make sure you check out their new release, Actor / Caster.

Generationals (4/8/11)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Liam Finn (4/6/11)

Immediately after Stephanie Nilles, we walked over to The Spot (CWRU) to catch Liam Finn.  I'd seen him before, where he had an electric performance at the Grog Shop.  Unfortunately, I was distracted and wasn't quite paying as much attention at this show.  Maybe because it was my second of the night, or maybe because Liam didn't have a new album out to have connected with.  I do think the pics came out pretty decent though.

Liam Finn (4/6/11)

Liam Finn (4/6/11)

Stephanie Nilles (4/6/11)

This is the third time that Matt & I have seen Stephanie Nilles at the Barking Spider now, and its kind of becoming a little ritual.  Stephanie was a little under the weather, but she still put on a great performance.  Her raw, insightful, and sometimes biting lyrics are refreshing to hear.

Stephanie Nilles (4/6/11)

I'm wondering if I could accommodate that keyboard in my living room. :-)

Tomorrow: Starfucker @ Grog Shop!

I am so thrilled for this show tomorrow.  Starfucker has been here before, but I was unfortunately under the weather and couldn't stay for very long.  And since that time,  I've gone back and got the first album and have been spending lots of time with their new one Reptilians.  Everything I've heard is superb.  (Grog Shop / $10)

Champagne Champagne, Hot Cha Cha, and The Nude Acid American Revolution Band.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sissy Bounce: Big Freedia

This is a great little story from Diplo, trying to discover what's really happening in New Orleans.  He stumbles on a queer sub-genre of Bounce music called Sissy Bounce, and ends up discovering Big Freedia.  This story is pretty amazing.
Here's some Big Freedia if you want to check her out...  I can't say it's quite my style, but put me in one of those clubs and I would totally be shakin' it too.  :-P
Scion A/V Presents: Big Freedia by ScionAV
Artworks 000005483868 natnms original
(this totally ups my respect for Diplo)

Watch: Tallest Man on Earth on Jools Holland

I've been thrilled with The Tallest Man on Earth ever since his stunning La Blogotheque shows.  Here's an off-air performance of Love is All from the Jools Holland show in UK.

Here's The Kind of Spain which actually aired on the show.  Both songs are from his 2010 release The Wild Hunt.

Download: Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes)

Nice little treat from Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes). Listen and download below.

Robin Pecknold tracks by One Thirty BPM


MP3: Fleet Foxes & Grizzly Bear Frontmen – “I’m Losing Myself” at PMA | Pretty Much Amazing

"What a lovely, unexpected surprise. With his band’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Helplessness Blues, coming out in May, who would have thought Robin Pecknold had some extra solo stuff lying around as well? The Fleet Foxes frontman has released a free three song EP—thanks Twitter!—that he recorded with a friend in Los Angeles. They’re all pretty ‘mellow jams,’ as he’s claimed, but the most noteworthy one has to be ‘I’m Losing Myself,’ a duet with Grizzly Bear‘s Ed Droste. Probably like you’d imagine, these two vocalists sound absolutely exquisite together, with this subtle folk ballad consisting only of quiet acoustics and their softening crooning. Beautiful."

(Continued... MP3: Fleet Foxes & Grizzly Bear Frontmen – “I’m Losing Myself” at PMA | Pretty Much Amazing)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out This Week: Sonny Pete

You may be asking yourself "Who??".  That's exactly what I did, and i'm so glad I took a moment to investigate... See, I've been anxiously awaiting something new to come from Birdmonster, one of my top favorite bands from the last couple years (since seeing them in 2008).  Well, Sonny Pete was formed by the lead singer for Birdmonster, and his new album dropped this week!  (I just picked up, i mean downloaded, my copy... $8!).  Check it out:

5528574020 b10aa2693b o

Some details:

Some big news: Pete's album for his Sonny Pete project Where the Shadows Pass (Odes to Death & Transience) is out on April 5th via iTunes and online stores everywhere!You can get a preview and a free download of the first single On That Day over at the Sonny Pete Hat Co.

Where the Shadows Pass was first inspired by a collection of Japanese death poems and is conceived as a series of vignettes and meditations on the nature of death and passage. You see, in the Buddhist tradition monks would each write a single haiku on their deathbed to reflect on the shadowy journey ahead. Despite the grim circumstance of their creation, these death poems were also a celebration of life both in this world and on to the next.  The album, while brooding and wistful, also finds cause for celebration along its path through ominous territory. Ultimitely it wonders: What might we find on this dividing line between realms, where the shadows pass?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tonight: Yellow Ostrich @ Beachland Ballroom

So at the same time as the Jessica Lea Mayfield show in the Ballroom tonight is Yellow Ostrich in the Tavern.  My friend Justin, formerly known as Cleveland Bachelor mentioned this show to me.  They sound great, a kind of dense-pop/rock sound.  Like, it's probably even better than I can give it credit.  They're opening for Blair.  Free song below.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Video Tuesday

This Young Dreams video is just stunning (read more & download the MP3 here).  Another great video is from Fleet Foxes' Grown Ocean, with an amazing montage of gorgeously stylized clips.  Finally, is an equally beautiful, though much darker video for Bugs from O'Death.

Wednesday: Jessica Lea Mayfield @ the Beachland Tavern

Jessica Lea Mayfield will be at the Beachland Ballroom on Wednesday night ($10).  Honestly, I've been a little luke-warm with Jessica lately, but I've been spending some time her new album Tell Me.  It's better than I was expecting, and Jessica has been receiving plenty of press lately:

  • Vogue magazine recently named Jessica their “Artist of the Week”, calling her “raw and authentic”.
  • NPR chose Jessica’s “Our Hearts Are Wrong” as their “Song Of The Day” today, saying “The strength of 21-year-old Ohio native Jessica Lea Mayfield’s voice isn’t in its power; it lies in the haunting cool she conveys as she sings with emotional depth and reflective self-awareness.”
  • Spin has featured Jessica as one of their “35 Must-Hear Acts at SXSW“, saying “Only 21, this precocious badass singer-songwriter — discovered (and produced) by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach — delivers bluesy folk peppered with blush-worthy tales of lust.”

Maybe I've been wrong.  Here's a bit from a reveiw of Tell Me:

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Tell Me | The Line Of Best Fit

"She was the first guest voice ever to be heard on a Black Keys record – at the age of 17 – and that band’s Dan Auerbach appears throughout this record as producer and player, however his role is very much in the background as Mayfield’s confident songs are allowed space to beguile the listener. While 2008′s With Blasphemy So Heartfelt might have been ostensibly country in its approach, Tell Me has a broader sound taking in pop, a touch of shoegaze, girl-group shimmy, blues and back, of course, to country."

(Continued... Jessica Lea Mayfield – Tell Me | The Line Of Best Fit)

Check her out for yourself, and there's a free download below:

Here's a free download:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spangle: Starfucker & Royal Bangs top April's List

So I was just texting a friend, reminding him that the Starfucker show is this Sunday at the Grog Shop (!!!) ($8!).  He was shocked that he didn't know this sooner...

This is one of two featured performances for the The Zender Agenda: Spangle Edition - a once a month list of what to see in Cleveland, including a few road-trip options.  While I sent the announcement/link out via my Twitter account (@thezenderagenda), this exchange made me realize I should probably post an update about it here (he tells me he reads this blog all the time).  :-)

Click the image for the list of shows, including videos for the featured performances, as well as links galore for all other worthwhile shows this month.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tech: TZA, the Mobile Edition


Blogger recently enabled mobile templates for blogs!  (Much appreciated!!)  Now you can view this blog on your mobile device - which should auto detect.  If not, here's the URL:

They also provide a 2D code that you can take a pic from your mobile phone (with the right software) and have it link directly for you.  If you know what I'm talking about - go ahead and take pic of this one on the screen.  It's pretty cool.  Go here if you don't know what I'm talking about.

QR code of mobile preview of your blog.png