Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps (11/14/11)

Last week I caught another great show at the Beachland Tavern.  Scanning for new bands / shows (as I often do), I ran across Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps and was instantly taken by her voice.  I was instantly sold on the show, and the $5 price tag was just right.  Opening was Bethesda, an NEO band.  I think they had a lot of good qualities, but I'm not sure I really dug the vocals.  They're a fun, young band though…  I hope they do well.

Bethesda (11/14/11)

Next up was… well, this is kinda embarrassing.  Next up was Caroline Smith & the The Good Night Sleeps, but I didn't realize it until their last song.  While I had been checking out their album, i wasn't really familiar with their work.  And throw in the fact that any videos I had seen of Caroline she had dark brown hair - also, I had no idea who Humble Home was, and thought they might have a female lead singer as well - and the Beachland listed Caroline as the headliner! So I was really thrown off, and chalked it up to the last two bands being similar.  I instantly liked what I heard and thoroughly liked the last performance (and was looking for a whole 'nother set of great female vocals).  Last song comes and I hear it's Caroline… Der.   Still, a great performance, and possibly an earlier night than expected!

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps (11/14/11)

Finally, the real Humble Home took the stage.  Caught a couple songs from these local guys, but took the chance to get home a bit early.  These guys weren't too bad… (especially on the eyes).  ;-)

Humble Home (11/14/11)

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