Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drink Up Buttercup (1/26/11)

After that fun little jaunt at the Barking Spider, we headed over to the Spot (a bar below a dorm at CWRU).  They've been known for bringing in good shows in the past, but this was my first time here in a while.  A nice renovation had occured, but the cheap beer, wings, and drunk college students remained.

Opening was the charming Max Stern, who I'm presuming with his connection to the crowd, that he was a student there.

Max Stern (1/26/11)

Now for Drink Up Buttercup, I'd been having a crash course in their new album, Born and Thrown on a Hook. Initially I was enthralled with their track Doggy Head, but quickly fell in love with the rest of the album, which I guess I could best describe as having a modern indie rock sensibility with some of the maturing and depth of the Beatles.

Drink Up Buttercup (1/26/11)

The show was alright.  They didn't really connect with the audience, they didn't want recorded by kingofthecastle7 (who I finally met!) - and I guess they were trying out some new stuff.  What we heard sounded great, though I'm not sure I could really connect much of it with the album.  But no problem though, I was able to pick the vinyl version up at this show.

You should check some of these songs for yourself.

Sunday at the Station (1/26/11)

Another surprise at the Barking Spider Tavern.  We were a bit early for the show this night at the Spot, so we swung through to the Tavern.  Low and behold (is that right?), 3 young guys playing folk music.  What a treat.

Sunday at the Station (1/26/11)

Sunday at the Station sounded great, though with a few technical difficulties.  I really liked the play between band members and some of the harmonies they had - though with a younger band - they could always use some tightening up.  I kind of felt like I was seeing an early version of an Avett Brothers tour (a total compliment).

Sunday at the Station (1/26/11)

Sunday at the Station (1/26/11)

Worried Men (1/22/11)

Having already seen Worried Men before, I was excited to see them again - particularly because this show was going to be at a new House Concert series starting up on the other side of town - Mechanic Street House Concerts.

Worried Men (1/22/11)

It was a relatively short, but good set.  Then an intermission, and then a little jam session...  Great idea!!  I'll try to not steal it.

While the Worried Men were great, it was only made better by the space that housed them...

Worried Men (1/22/11)

Worried Men (1/22/11)

Worried Men (1/22/11)

Worried Men (1/22/11)

more photos here...


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stream: New Hercules and Love Affair

Hercules and Love Affair had one of my favorite Pop / Dance albums of 2008/2009.  I'm so glad to see they finally have something new out.  Even happier that you can stream the entire thing online right now:

Hercules & Love Affair - Blue Songs by moshi moshi music


Album being released on 1/31/11 (UK)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video Tuesday

Back on track... starting off with a new Noah & the Whale track (kinda Petty-esque).  Next up is a new She & Him video, for all you retro-lovers.  Finally, a brand new (and somewhat odd) video from Cleveland's own Cloud Nothings.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sokolowski & Cowboy Rose

So I was just at Sokolowki's University Inn for dinner the other night... it's an amazing place.  I highly recommend this old-school Polish hotspot.  I true Cleveland gem.

And speaking of gems, how much fun does Cowboy Rose look?

Cowboy Rose.jpg

A Few Hundred Posters

If you've ever been out and about in this city, you've more than likely seen the great work of John G. and Jake Kelly.  Well, you should swing by Heights Arts and see the work more professionally displayed.  A Few Hundred Posters: By John G and Jake Kelly is open now, through the end of February.



Gallery Hours: Thursday through Saturday 1:30 to 9:30 pm or by appointment
Heights Arts Gallery is located at 2173 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twin Shadow (1/16/11)

I couldn't have been happier that this Twin Shadow show was on the Sunday night of MLK weekend.  Perfect. Because of that, I paid even closer attention to the album, knowing I was able to stay up and really enjoy the music without concerns of work the next day.

Cleveland's own Clovers opened the show and they we good!  I was perched at the bar, not quite ready to start documenting the show, but by the time they were done I was sad I didn't.  They had a nice clean sound.  I want to hear more from these guys.  BRAHMS were up next, and while they don't have an album out, I've been liking what little I could find on the internet.  Later on, I found out they are led by Cale Parks, who was also part of Aloha (w/ a Cleveland connection).  Even Stereogum is saying this is a band to watch.

BRAHMS (1/16/11)

BRAHMS (1/16/11)

At this point, it was clear this night was going to be a dance party.  The retro-flair of this bass induced eletro pop continued with Twin Shadow.  I'll admit their album didn't strike me right away (like it did many, many others).  But once I broke the seal, I was sold.  These guys were everything I was hoping for.

Twin Shadow (1/16/11)

Twin Shadow (1/16/11)

As you can see, I'm still learning the camera.  Though, back to the iPhone for video:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whoa... Coachella.

This is an *incredible* lineup.  I'm floored.


Rubblebucket (1/12/11)

Honestly, I was a little desperate.  It had been early two weeks since a show and I was getting an itch.  I had heard a little about Rubblebucket on the internets, but didn't really have an album that I could connect with.  I had actually been listening to their Triangular Daises EP on MOG, and loving "Come out of a Lady" (video too).  Whatever, I was sold.

Opening was the Revolution Brass Band.  A many multi-instrumental outfit that just by sheer presence is fun to listen to...  The got a crowd moving.

Revolution Brass Band (1/12/11)

Between sets, we headed down to the This Way Out shop.

Beachland Ballroom

Beachland Ballroom

Beachland Ballroom

Finally, Rubblebucket took the stage.  Not as voluminous in size, but definitely in spirit.  All the jangly, fun, upbeat "indie orchestra" sounds that I hoped for.  These guys had energy!  I will definitely be keeping an eye on their upcoming album - currently being worked on.

Revolution Brass Band (1/12/11)

Revolution Brass Band (1/12/11)

(Unfortunately, I discovered the Nikon D3100 does a terrible job at recording the audio portion of a video, at least at concerts)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Video Tuesday (Belated)

Whew... OK.  This first one is a sexy new video from Casey Spooner (remember Fischerspooner?).  I saw Casey open up for Scissor Sisters in DC, and i'm glad to see some activity from him.  Freelance Whales has new video for Enzymes, from Green Label Sound (Mt. Dew). They'll be coming to the Beachland on 4/29/11.  Finally, a new video from Akron/Family, who will be at the Grog Shop on 3/3/11.

Friday, January 14, 2011

1/16 Twin Shadow

One of my Spangle Magazine Featured Events for January... Twin Shadow is playing on Sunday night at the Grog Shop!  Check out the Spangle link for more videos.Tickets are $8

Also, BRAHMS is opening... Check out a full concert of theirs on Baeble Music.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rubblebucket Tomorrow Night!

The Beachland Tavern.  $8 advance / $10 at the door.  Door at 8:00pm.  I'll be there...

Rubblebucket says 'yes' to anything-goes sound |

File the music of Rubblebucket under 'yes wave' -- as opposed to the noisy 'no wave' movement of the 1970s. 'We've been hearing people talk about 'the yes wave,' ' saxophone-playing lead singer Kalmia Traver said during a recent phone interview.

'Look at the popularity of Phoenix or Animal Collective or St. Vincent. . . . So much amazing music is coming into prominence. It's melodious and harmonious, and it's OK to be positive and happy.'"

(Continued... Rubblebucket says 'yes' to anything-goes sound |


Rubblebucket Kalmia Traver, right, and Alex Toth front the hard-to-peg, easy-to-love band Rubblebucket. 'The music we're playing is specifically designed to uplift people,' Traver said.

Video Tuesday

This is a pure pop music Video Tuesday, with all new stuff from The Radio Dept. (awesome!), as well as Deerhoof & Tennis.  All bands (rightfully) getting a lot of buzz lately...

Monday, January 10, 2011


As you know by now, there's been a bit of an uptick of Rap on TZA.  It doesn't make a frequent appearance, but there's been increasingly good stuff out there - or I've just been better at finding it - I'm happy with either.  His past stuff has been fun - this feels a bit more legit.


Finally the wait is over! The Asher Roth & Nottz collaboration EP has been released for download. A few tracks had been released in the upcoming weeks and what
I heard I was really digging. Although there is only 8 tracks, each is solid leaving you wanting more. "

(Continued... Oh So Fresh! Music)

And while you're at it - check out his sweet website (for the web nerds).


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's Stay Home Instead...

The corporate concert industry is killing itself with greed, just like the retail industry did.

Let's Stay Home Instead... Live Music Sales Decline - hypebot

Interpol (9/26/05)

In 2010, the number of tickets sold dropped 12% from the 2009 level of 29.9 million.

You may not be able to download a concert, but you can stay home instead. That appears to be exactly what people are doing. Why? Many fans pointed out that expensive tickets aren't the only reason why they've hidden their wallets from the 'TicketBastard' juggernaut.

Of course, many fans also griped about the additional fees that are tacked onto the cost of a ticket. Some even went as far as citing the 35$ t-shirt, 25$ program, and 8$ beers as being outrageous to the point where they decided to say home where parking is free and beer costs $1.

Others said the live music business is failing to draw in the younger audience."

(Continued... Let's Stay Home Instead... Live Music Sales Decline - hypebot)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starfucker's Bury Us Alive

I've been crushing on Starfucker ever since the brief part of their performance I caught back in October.  Their new release is called Reptilians, and you can download it immediately, if you pre-order their Vinyl record (as I did) from Insound (or Polyvinyl). Check them out...

Bury Us Alive by starfucker_usa


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now, Now New Release: Neighbors

This one slipped by me.  Now, Now (formerly Now, Now, Every Children), released their Neighbors EP back in December.  Just checking it out and it sounds great... There's a full stream available over at Filter Magazine.  Check out Neighbors:


These guys are coming to Cleveland too!  Opening for Gold Motel on Tuesday, February 15th at the Grog Shop.  Should be a good show.


Now, NowNeighbors

After a year of sleeping in late, scrounging up pennies for bills and cheap food and treading through months of poor spirits, Neighbors stands as the first release from Now, Now since 2008. Though the songs themselves were not assembled around a collective concept, the theme of reconstruction binds the release in both its artistic presentation, and in spirit. In the midst of battling the fickleness of labels and shoddy contracts, the band uses the EP as the shovel with which they begin to dig themselves out of the very dark, deep hole of legal battles and past mistakes. The opening track, Rebuild, serves as the embodiment of everything the band now faces- starting over. With a name change and the help of a new label and friends, Now, Now releases the EP as a beacon of hope, reassuring everyone, themselves included, that the band will forge through the darkness of uncertainty and keep writing. Now, Now is currently writing a new record, enforcing the conviction of the EP that rebuilding is not only possible, but happening now.

Track Listing:

01. Rebuild
02. Giants
03. Roommates
04. Jesus Camp
05. Neighbors
06. Giants (Acoustic)
07. Neighbors (Acoustic)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video Tuesday: Lovers Edition

I've thought about doing themed Video Tuesdays before, but never has the idea been so compelling as with Lovers, and their KEXP in-studio session.  Dark Light was probably one of my favorite albums last year - and will continue to be for this year too.  Choose the high quality versions and go full screen for these.  I'm in love with these ladies.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Listen Now - New EP from The Dø

It's about time The Dø came out with something new...  This French/Finnish pop band made one of my favorite records from 2008.  It's only an EP, but it's good enough for now.

(I haven't had luck downloading yet)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Find: Bobby Long

Happy New Year.  Try some new music... Bobby Long made a splash (almost accidentally) on the Twilight Soundtrack - but don't let that stop you.  Should be a nice little release.