Friday, March 30, 2018

Article: Going to concerts helps you live longer, according to new research | The Independent

This has been making the rounds on social media this week.  Of course I’ve been tagged several times on it already.  :-)Long life

"According to a new study by O2 - which owns some of the largest music venues in the UK - alongside Goldsmith University's Associate Lecturer Patrick Fagan, regularly attending live shows can help expand your lifespan.

The study says that 20 minutes at a show 'can lead to a 21 percent increase in that feeling of well-being.'

Even more research says that going to gigs 'directly links high levels of well-being with a lifespan increase of nine years.'"

(Via Going to concerts helps you live longer, according to new research | The Independent.)

Coast Modern (3/29/18)

I've actually been listening to this Coast Modern album for quite some time, unlike some other shows of late where I’m listening for the first time - the week before the show.  Their summery upbeat sound reminds me a bit of Milky Chance - a solid, fun album all the way around.  That’s exactly the experience they brought to the Beachland Ballroom last night.  Starting off early with their fun cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel, they ran through their (only?) album’s tracks, bringing the crowd along with them. Where they might have fell a little short on polish, they made up with energy. Great show.  DAKS: 8

Coast Modern  3 29 18Coast Modern  3 29 18Coast Modern  3 29 18

Opening was Late Night Episode, and Coast Modern couldn’t have asked for a better opener to get the crowd going.  It wasn’t long before they jumped in the crowd for a couple songs.  Total success.

Late Night Episode  3 29 18

Late Night Episode  3 29 18

Tomorrow: JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood @ Sachsenheim Hall

I’m a little embarrassed about my lack of knowledge of Rob Sherwood.  After his death, the public and personal testaments to his life and his parties were so moving.  I’m disappointed that I missed out, not only on what was happening in that era, but also the epic party he threw for the Gay Games.  I love hearing about the history of dance in Cleveland - which sounded epic.  I guess the best I can do now is to make sure I make this event.

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Some details, with a link to the FB event:

"The Disco Mafia proudly presents JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood, Saturday, March 31, 2018 at Sachsenheim Hall in Cleveland at 7pm.

Music by: Kenny Summit / Lady Miss Kier dj set / Mike Filly

Featuring creatures of the night both legendary and au courant in a sensual performance spectacle of drag and dance.

An extensive installation of ephemera from the golden age of Cleveland’s underground club culture."

(Via (1) JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood.) had a piece on this as well.

"'My idea has always been to bring the gay bar concept and sell it to a straight audience,' Sherwood told The Plain Dealer in 2014.

Sherwood, who was gay and was called 'Jane' by close friends, loved outrageous party themes, a clever mix of music and a sensibility that could shoehorn Fellini, John Waters and Andy Warhol into a sweaty, glittery club full of glam and grit."

(Via Paying tribute to pioneering Cleveland DJ Rob Sherwood with an all-out disco party |

So did Scene.


"To pay tribute to the man, his friends and colleagues have organized JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood, a memorial that will feature the 'final production of the Disco Mafia event squad.' The goal: to 'pay proper ass-shaking homage to Rob Sherwood.'

Acts scheduled to perform include: DJ Kenny Summit, founder of house music label Good for You Records; Lady Miss Kier, a DJ, singer, 'influential fashion heroine' and member of Deee-Lite; and Mike Filly, a terrific local DJ who worked with Rob Sherwood back in the day."

(Via Tribute to Local DJ Rob Sherwood to Take Place at Sachsenheim Hall | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog.)

Rostam (3/27/18)

When I saw Rostam was doing a relatively short tour, I was thrilled to see an Oberlin date!  Such a quaint little college town, a treat to visit.  I’m guessing Rostam felt the same way, with a very young-leaning, jubilant crowd there for him.  Being a college town, the show didn’t even start until 10pm (with an opener!).  By the time Rostam took the stage, I was only able to stay for a couple songs - but he’s every bit as enjoyable to listen and watch live.  Loved his having a bevy of strings on stage with him as well - as you should in Oberlin.

Rostam  3 27 18

Rostam  3 27 18

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tomorrow: Coast Modern @ Beachland Ballroom

Coast Modern’s sun drenched sound properly reflects their LA roots.  A great, upbeat pop/rock sound, with enough quirk to fun to be thoroughly engaging.  Looking forward to seeing these guys at the Beachland Ballroom tomorrow night!

95 og

Opening is Late Night Episode (below) and Reeve Powers.


Video Day #tzaupbeat

Django Django has an elevating new video for Beam Me Up.  HUMANS dig up some vintage video, of humans doing crazy shit, for their new single Sip It.  Ezra Furman just put out his new animated video for Suck The Blood From My Wound.

Bonus:  I wish I liked this new Years & Years song & video as much as their previous stuff, but I have to give them credit for the scale of production on this video.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Rogue Wave (3/24/18)

Rogue Wave rolled in to the Mahall’s to perform for their 10th Anniversary of their Asleep at Heaven’s Gate release.  I wish I had caught that album the first time around, because I really fell in love with it over this past week. Unfortunately my first real experience with these guys was with their recent covers project, but I’ve since realized the quality of their original stuff.  The album also has not lost anything in the passage of 10 years!  It was a full crowd crammed into the hyper neon space, and the band was just as electric.  The rolled through the songs with ease, bringing in charming stories about its creation as well. I may have missed the boat on that album the first time around, but I’m all on board with this band going forward!  Superb show.

Rogue Wave  3 24 18Rogue Wave  3 24 18

Rogue Wave  3 24 18

Opening was Dear Boy.  I’ll say that I was a bigger fan of them live than their recorded stuff.

Dear Boy  3 24 18

Motherfolk (3/22/18)

This was one of the most uncomfortable shows I have seen in a LONG time.  I haven’t had the chance to see a lot of shows (that I like) at thew new Winchester Music Tavern.  I was looking forward to catching this rescheduled Motherfolk show, and was curious how the Winchester would draw for it. - particularly because it’s such a large space.  I’ll also say that I love the new Winchester, with the reconfigured stage, keeping the cool retro bar in the front - it has so much potential!  But on this night, it just wasn’t a good draw, and Motherfolk made sure we were constantly aware of that.

The night started with them having a little affront with an audience member over some food issue earlier.  That weird and sometimes contentious banter lasted through the night.  They also kept commenting on the size and energy of the crowd, and what better way to make it worse that to keep bringing it up.  I’ll say that I really like these guys and their music, but they were kinda assholes on this night.  Sure it wasn’t a big crowd, but honestly - pick a better venue for your audience.  Blah.

Motherfolk  3 22 18

Motherfolk  3 22 18

Here’s to hoping the Winchester picks some better bands in the future.  I have high hopes for this place.

Motherfolk  3 22 18

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Article: Brittany's Record Shop to feature reggae, soul, hip-hop selections in Slavic Village

Well this is exciting!  Opening today at 2pm! I even updated my Record Stores page, which probably needs a little more work anyway.
"Brittany's Record Shop, located at 6410 Fleet Ave., Cleveland, is a revamped business reflecting Benton's own taste in music and goals as a store owner. When DJing, Benton tends to pull the freshest and funkiest soul, hip-hop and reggae album. You won't be able to find a huge selection of classic rock at Brittany's Record Shop.
It's music made for beat-makers, like Benton. On her online shop you can order albums by artists like Toots & The Maytals, DVSN and PRhyme. Benton has featured black musicians and art in the store, highlighting the history and culture that created the shop's music.
'The space is for everybody but I wanted it to be a showcase of black art and black music, not in an exclusionary sense,' said Benton. 'Some people think vinyl is just good old-boys classic rock, and there's a time and place for that, but I wanted to make something that's a testament to the scene that we have. Something a little bit fresher.'"
(Via Brittany's Record Shop to feature reggae, soul, hip-hop selections in Slavic Village |
A word from the owner!

Tomorrow: Motherfolk @ The Winchester Music Tavern

I wish I could remember where I first heard about Motherfolk.  I recognized the name when I saw they were coming the first time (this is a rescheduled show) and remembered I had an album of theirs - right before discovering they have a new one.  I jumped back into both and have come to the conclusion that tomorrow’s show at the Winchester should be pretty damn good.  Nothing really groundbreaking with their upbeat folk rock sound, but I’ll be curious to see how good their live show is.  Luckily they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously.  Check out their most recent video below.

DSC05986 1020x685

And besides, this review is pretty inspirational:

“The music on the album is unequivocally indie rock with a tinge of folk but what separates the songs from the masses is the raw emotion that is conveyed. Motherfolk has a type of vibe that is immediate, visceral, and even cathartic. The music is excellent throughout but what really makes this album take off are the vocals. Throughout the band delivers catchy vocal melodies and harmonies that spew with emotion that feels all to real. It’s the exact opposite of the over produced, auto-tuned vocals that are much to prominent in todays musical landscape.”
— The Equal Ground

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Article: Boundless: Artists in the Archives has its first recorded songs!

Brilliant!  I’m thrilled when I can see an overlap of my profession (libraries, archives & technology), with my personal interest (music!).  I want to copy this program out of the University of Tennessee Knoxville for our work here at my Library!  

Also, if Count This Penny is cool enough to do this, I’ll have to check them out as well...

University CenteredLogo RGB 1

"Amanda and Allen Rigell (aka Count This Penny) composed two songs inspired by materials in the Wilma Dykeman and James R. Stokely Jr. Papers, which are preserved by and housed in the UT Libraries’ Special Collections department.


Watch the video below as we follow Amanda and Allen through the archives and into the recording studio throughout the production of these songs.

To continue the Boundless: Artists in the Archives series, the UT Libraries will periodically commission a work of art or music inspired by the unique items in our Special Collections and our Betsey B. Creekmore Archives."

(Via News & Events - Libraries: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.)

Born Ruffians (3/15/18)

Born Ruffians is one of those bands who’s name I recognize - but know nothing about their music.  As I dug into their stuff, I realized that they’re this awesome-fun Canadian indie pop/rock band!  The more I listened, the more I liked.  I’m totally sold on these guys and will be watching them closely!  Check out some of the performance below.

Born Ruffians  3 15 18

Born Ruffians  3 15 18

Opening the show was yet another incredibly fun band, Fleece.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a group of guys on stage having a better time than these guys.  Wanna know just how much fun - check out this video for their cover of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love (!!!).

Fleece  3 15 18

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Article: Burning River Record Riot

This looks fun.  The Burning River Record Riot will be at the Winchester Music Tavern this Sunday at Noon (FREE). 


"We are about quality. Punk, New Wave, Metal, Soul, Psych, 90’s alternative, college rock, Jazz, the rare stuff you don’t see on the shelves at the the other swaps or in the stores. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of budget friendly old fashioned classic rock too, but the heavy hitters come out to our show. We have vendors coming from Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Detroit.’ says Burchaski."

(Via Burning River Record Riot – Swingo's Key party.)

Istvan Medgyesi (3/14/18)

When I saw Istvan Medgyesi was excited for this show at Mahall’s apartment venue, I knew this would be an interesting show.

Watching Istvan perform, I’m intrigued by the blending of the moog with an acoustic guitar.  Just watching him work that synth alone is interesting - something I’d be curious to see exactly what he’s doing there.  But on the other hand, it’s probably better left a mystery.

Istvan Medgyesi  3 14 18

(Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay to catch Konstantinos Revelas)

Radiate 2018

A last minute decision took us to the Radiate party at the Agora, sponsored by Cumulus.  It was a total neon dance fest.  As much as I like dancing, the music and crowd there isn’t really my scene, but I can’t deny having a great time - if only for the people watching.  I didn’t grab many photos, but you can catch some clips of the show below, including a cover song that I was not expecting to hear!

One of the few (usable) photos I did grab was for the Agora renovation!  I can’t wait to see how this p

Radiate 2018

Friday, March 9, 2018

Video Day #tzachill

I just can’t enough of this band, and I’m getting more than ever in this new video for The Road Ahead is Golden.  Damien Jurado continues to charm with this gorgeous video for Over Rainbows and Rainier. As always, I’m smitten with any new material (and visuals) from Xavier Rudd, releasing his new video for Walk Away.

Bonus: Having just seen Jessica Lea Mayfield, this video for Offa My Hands is even more vivid.

Joe Pug (3/6/18)

Joe Pug and I go all the way back to 2009.  His early albums were amazing, and he’s continued to be a successful traveling musician.  To be so, it really helps to be a great storyteller and we were reminded of this with a variety of stories of being on the road over the years.  While I haven’t seen him perform in the area much lately - or release much music for that matter, he’s still able to pull in a great crowd (of hot young people - surprisingly)!  Showing his experience, when the piano wasn’t being amplified, he just invited everyone to gather ‘round while he played his last couple songs acoustically. A consummate performer. 

Joe Pug  3 6 18

Joe Pug  3 6 18

Jessica Lea Mayfield (3/2/18)

Unfortunately we were running late for this show, so I missed Mal Blum.  We walked in while Jessica Lea Mayfield was on the main stage, instead of the Locker Room as expected.  The new neon / blacklight makeover of that space fits nicely with her new visual aesthetic, which feels like it’s in opposition to her sound.  Probably deliberate.  Her songs are slow and sad, which can work for me, but apparently resonating really well for her fans!  Her following is dedicated and I can appreciate that.  While this show didn’t really further elevate my excitement for her, I’m still rooting for her.

Jessica Lea Mayfield  3 2 18

Jessica Lea Mayfield  3 2 18



Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Article: Artists to Fans: Put Your Phones Away!

"The last thing Jack White wants to see, when he's standing onstage, is a sea of fans more involved with their phones than the music. So after pleading with fans not to use smartphones at earlier shows, he's going hardcore for his sold-out spring tour – hiring Yondr, a tech company, to force attendees to lock their phones in pouches. "The way they react tells me what to do next," White tells Rolling Stone. "And if they're not really there, I don't know what to do next." Adds his manager, Ian Montone, who also manages the like-minded LCD Soundsystem: "No one wants to be standing behind 1,000 phones filming the entire show."

It seems as if some artists are banding together to support this initiative, and are focusing on this Yondr company.  They’re the likes of Jack White and Guns & Roses (of course), but also Bonnie Raitt & Alicia Keys.  I’m of two minds on this, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  I see people carelessly (and frivolously) pull out their phones almost as reactionary as hollering, but then those recordings may never even be seen/used again.  Also, much of what I see people recording (because I’m forced to standing behind them), is terrible quality anyway.  It’s frustrating.

But then as someone who records shows for the purposes of this blog, it’s hard for me to be too critical.  I also think there needs to be an understanding that times are changing and sometimes you can’t stop the tide.  As someone who’s involved in archives, and looking forward to managing born-digital archives, this creates a whole new ocean of content for future researchers to experience and study our society engaged technology in this early, tumultuous time - as we figure out how to manage this new power.

I once heard someone describe our acclimation to this rapidly accessible technology as akin to just sprouting a 3rd leg.  We’re lumbering around, knocking into each other and trying to figure out how to properly use this new limb.  I believe that eventually things will smooth out and we’ll (hopefully) realize how to manage this new appendage.


"It feels weird at first, but once you immerse yourself, it becomes a unique kind of concert," adds Jon Lieberberg, manager of Haim, which has used Yondr. "It's almost like a social experiment."

Article: Artists to Fans: Put Your Phones Away!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Tomorrow: Jessica Lea Mayfield @ Mahalls

After having to cancel her previous appearance due to illness, Jessica Lea Mayfield is coming back home to Northeast Ohio (she’s a Kent native)!  It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from her, but her new album has slowly been growing on me.  But then again, none of her albums have been captivating on first listen - but usually are a slow burn.  This new song and video from Jessica falls into that camp.  I’m definitely looking forward to to Friday’s show!


On tour with Jessica is Mal Blum from New York.  A quick glance at her stuff has me intrigued in her stripped down, punk-influenced sound.  Check out her video for Reality TV below.  (Our own Punch Drunk Tagalongs will be opening the show!)