Saturday, September 29, 2012

Article: Universal Music CEO: We're Not In This To Make Art

Sad perspective
Universal Music CEO: We're Not In This To Make Art | Techdirt
"Universal Music CEO: We're Not In This To Make Art from the of-course-not dept Whenever debates come up about disruptive innovation in the entertainment industry, the big record labels and big Umgmovie studios like to fall back on claiming that they (and often they alone) are the last vanguards protecting our culture. They talk about how, without greater copyright protections, their 'art' may die off. But, of course, as most normal people recognize, the labels and the studios (and the RIAA and MPAA who represent them) are not representing art at all, but commerce -- and just a specific type of commerce. They represent the gatekeeper model, which makes less and less sense in a digital world where we need filters and enablers, not gatekeepers. But it's pretty rare for them to actually admit that, since their entire public persona and lobbying efforts are based on 'we represent culture and art.'
And then, finally, an exec speaks the truth. In a quite interesting New Yorker profile of Scooter Braun, the man who made Justin Bieber into Justin Bieber, Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group (the biggest of the record labels) explains why he named Braun the company's first technology 'entrepreneur in residence' by admitting that 'art' has nothing to do with Universal Music: The company likes hits, the fans like hits, and that's what he's there to do--make hits. We're not in the art business."
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lighthouse & the Whaler Documentary

I've been sitting on this trailer for a while.  I don't know where this documentary has ended up - but with Cleveland's own Lighthouse and the Whaler just releasing their new album, just playing at the Grog Shop, and now going out on a national tour, I figured now is as good of a time as any.  These boys are definitely making a name for themselves.

Header pic main

Article: We Are Hunted Founder On Spotify App & Music Discovery

Makes me want to check this site out again…

We are hunted 180x180

We Are Hunted Founder On Spotify App & Music Discovery [INTERVIEW] - hypebot

NBT: In plain terms, can you describe what We Are Hunted does for those unfamiliar with the company?

We Are Hunted aims to be the best music discovery service in the world. We exist to help you find your next favorite artist. We do this by continuously scanning the internet, to find the best new artists in the world each day. We then make it easy for you browse these artists, listen to some of their latest tracks, save your favorites, and share them with friends.

Behind the scenes, Hunted is a technology company. We write search software that crawls the internet to identify people who are talking about new music. Our software captures what they are s"

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tomorrow: Santigold @ House of Blues

Tomorrow night is Santigold at the House of Blues.  This is the rescheduled date from June 29th with Theophilus London and I was kinda looking forward to seeing him again.  This time it's Teen who's opening, and check them out below.



Video Tuesday

OMG!  I've been loving CITIZENS!'s True Romance for a while now, and finally there's a video for it - deserving of equal adoration!  Everyone who hears me play this song always asks who it is…  Next up is another stunning video by ALT-J for Something Good, who you just saw "last week".  Finally is the next in a series of Miike Snow videos for Pretenter, as we follow this other-worldly character around… Love the live reactions of festival-goers here.

For a bonus, trip out with Diplo feat. Jahan Lennon.  This guy seems to do no wrong.

Monday, September 24, 2012

(Last Week's) Video Tuesday

Technically, this is last week's Video Tuesday.  I thought about just not posting one, but there are just too many good videos to share.  Starting with ALT-J for Fitzpleasure.  These guys were just up in Ann Arbor and I hope they come around here soon.  Next is a charmingly creative video for Moonbeams by Family Band. Finally,  if you need any reason to see Future Islands on Nov. 19th, this video for Grease should help.  Not my favorite song, but love the video.

I honestly was going to post PSY's Gangnam Style video a s last week's bonus video, but shit's blown up  (OVER 266 MILLION VIEWS) and I'm already overexposed.  Instead, check this shit out.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Missy Higgins (9/18/12)

Finally getting back to normal.  I hadn't been to a show at the Beachland for several weeks, so it was nice to be in that element again.  This Missy Higgins show was definitely a "girls night out" from both the performer and audience perspective.  Opening first was Butterfly Boucher from Australia.  She was great, and from what little I've listened to her new album, she's pretty impressive (and even co-produced Missy's new album).

Butterfly Boucher (9/18/12)

Next up was Katie Herzig, who i've missed at the Beachland before, but was very glad to see finally.  She put on an amazing performance, ending with a stunning mash-up of Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) vs. Seven Nation Army (White Stripes).  She also announced that she'll be opening for Ani DiFranco at Kent Stage next weekend - so I'm glad I'll get to see her again.

Katie Herzig (9/18/12)

Missy took the stage in front of the increasingly imbibed audience.  Well, at least a small pocket of girls were really imbibed and Missy luckily shut them down rather quickly, so the rest of us could enjoy the show.  It was pretty good.  A lot of sound… a full band.  Matt told me about seeing her perform acoustically before and how it was a much better show.  I can see how it would be.  Missy has a strong voice, but it was lost in the full band sound they were presenting.

Missy Higgins (9/18/12)

There were some acoustic songs, which really punctuated what we were missing from the entire show.  However, the album is really strong and she's a great performer. I go again.

Dragonette / Ingenuity Fest (9/16/12)

Right after my DJ gig, we raced over to Ingenuity Fest on the Lakefront in Downtown Cleveland to catch Dragonette.  This was unfortunately my first time making it to Ingenuity for the weekend, but probably the (musical) highlight of the fest.  

Ingenuity Fest 2012

We quickly walked around and got a lay of the land, the food and beer.  

Ingenuity Fest 2012

Ingenuity Fest 2012

We then found the stage.  By the time we got there, some people were already pulling up their stakes, but was glad to see people were still sticking around for this show.  I'd really spent so much time prepping for my DJ gig that I didn't get much time with Dragonette before their performance, but I can say they kept me movin' throughout their entire high-energy set (just as they did the last time I saw them with Dan Black)  I often feel bad for bands in unusual performance spaces like this, but they pulled of an excellent (yet short) set.

Dragonette (9/16/12)

This show really got me excited for their upcoming release Body Parts on Tuesday!

DJ TZA @ Beachland Brunch

After almost a couple weeks off of recuperation and preparation, I was ready for my first DJ gig at the Beachland Ballroom for their Sunday Brunch.  It was awesome!!  Thanks to those who came out to support me and definitely looking forward to maybe doing it again!  (Thanks to Matt for the photos!)

DJ TZA at Beachland Brunch (9/16/12)

DJ TZA at Beachland Brunch (9/16/12)

DJ TZA at Beachland Brunch (9/16/12)

DJ TZA at Beachland Brunch (9/16/12)

New York City!

So not a typical review, but I guess none of them really are.  I did want to document going to NYC over Labor Day weekend, which ultimately was to see Roxette, but many other fun things happened along the way.  The first of which was a stop off in Youngstown.  We got to watch this amazing performance.  I really thought about embedding it, but decided a link was good enough.  Next we swung through Pottsville, PA to tour the Yuengling brewery.  We then stayed the night in Allentown, PA and hit this amazing record store (Double Decker Records).  

Double Decker Records

So amazing that we had to ship a box back home We also got a chilling talk on the state of things in Downtown Allentown, right where we walked from and back to (and staying in).  It was an adventure indeed.  Next night… Benny Benassi at the Roseland Theater in New York City.

Benny Benassi (9/1/12)

We were already tired, so we only stayed long enough to catch the Bingo Players.  This was the closest to a rave I've ever been to… (wait for it…)


Next night, the venerable Roxette 

Roxette (9/2/12)

Roxette (9/2/12)

Roxette (9/2/12)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Minds Eye is Moving, and Expanding!

Exciting!!  I'll have to update my Record Stores page.

My Mind’s Eye Record Shop Relocating… and Expanding

They’re bucking the trend. For years, with Apple iTunes Store as the most popular music vendor in the world, record stores have been quickly disappearing from the cultural landscape.

However, citing a lack of space, one of Cleveland’s coolest record shops is closing their doors… only to open in larger digs a few blocks away.

In a few weeks, My Mind’s Eye will move (from their shop at 13727 Madison near Bunts in Lakewood) to 16010 Detroit, between Sweet Designs Choclatier and Steve Barry Buick. The old Detroit Avenue Savings & Loan Company building has been vacant for years, and will offer My Mind’s Eye additional space for their CDs, DVDs and huge vinyl collection. Next door in the same building, Tess’ Tender Touch are preparing to open their new space as well, offering handpainted glassware, cards, jewelry & gifts.

The recent resurgence in vinyl sales has been supported both by hipsters looking for Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens on high-quality vinyl pressings (which often include hi-res 320kbps digital downloads of the same album), to aging hippies and yupsters that managed to keep their old Technics 1200 turntables spinning, looking for the classic music of their youth.

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Article: Why Spotify and Rdio Aren't Ready to Replace Your Music Library

My sentiments exactly.  While I use (and enjoy) MOG, I can't ever imagine a time when a these types of services will replace my personally curated collection.

Spotify Icon

Why Spotify and Rdio Aren't Ready to Replace Your Music Library

"Why Spotify and Rdio Aren’t Ready to Replace Your Music Library Whitson Gordon Ever since Spotify and Rdio landed on the scene, people have been lauding them as the future of music—that MP3s are a thing of the past, and a premium streaming account is all you need to get your music fix. Here's why they still have a long way to go. Like all of our rants, this post is my opinion. Obviously it doesn't apply to everyone—hell, our own Adam Pash has switched to Rdio full time—but a lot of us are still stuck with our old school music players. It's not for lack of trying, either: it's because the services just don't have the functionality necessary to replace your library. If you have a differing opinion, be sure to discuss it with us (politely, of course) below!

Their Libraries Will Always Be Limited Full size The biggest complaint you hear about services like Spotify and Rdio is that their libraries aren't big enough (and they're constantly compared against one another as a gauge of who's 'better'). I'm a music junkie, so I have tons of rare, unreleased, or just plain obscure tracks and albums that aren't—and probably never will be—in a (legal) streaming database. Heck, even bands like the Beatles, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and others still aren't available on most streaming services, meaning even non-junkies are likely to hit a few walls when building up their collections. You'll always have some songs or albums you won't be able to stream, which means you'll have to fall back on MP3s. Which wouldn't be a problem, except..."

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Funday! DJ / Ingenuity / Beachland

It's a busy day folks.  Start out with me for Brunch at the Beachland!  Then head over to Ingenuity to catch Dragonette (5pm), and then back to the Beachland tonight for your pick of shows.  If you're more Americana / Folk leaning (with a youthful slant) then Frontier Ruckus is in the Ballroom.  Get there early because White Pines should be great.  I've seen Frontier Ruckus a coupletimes and saw White Pines open for the Bowerbirds.

California Wives is a Chicago band performing in the Tavern with a little Indie Pop vibe.  Should also be a great show…  Check them out.

2555869 california wives 617 409

Friday, September 14, 2012

Stream the new Grizzly Bear album

This wasn't high on my list of albums to check out, but I've been liking what I've been hearing so far.

Grizzly Bear

Thursday, September 13, 2012

This Weekend: Ingenuity Festival!

One of Cleveland's awesome, seasonal parties for the year kicks off this weekend! (in great company with the likes of the CMA's Summer Solistice party and the BriteWinter Festival! …is there a Spring one?)

Anyway, this year mixes things up by leaving their stunning location under the Detroit-Superior Bridge and moving on up to the lake front.  I have no idea how this will look or operate, but it should still be a blast - thess guys have earned the benefit of the doubt.  Musically, there's a great lineup of local artists (Freeze-Tag, Megachurch, Jack & the Bear, Shivering Timbers, Wild Orphans and the Very Knees).  They also scored Dragonnette as their festival closer (Sunday afternoon!).  These guys offer slick pop/electronic mix, check out their soon-to-be-released album Bodyparts.  This will be a dance party.

Dragonette 09 1335 flat 1


Further details from Ingenuity…

IngenuityFest is one of America’s largest festivals of art and technology, bringing a weekend-long celebration of groundbreaking innovation to Cleveland. The free event, which draws over 40,000 attendees annually, taps into and celebrates Cleveland’s rich engineering, bio-medical, and high tech resources along with its creative energy in design, music, theater and dance.

As the Midwest’s premier showcase of groundbreaking art, music, and technology, IngenuityFest 2012 will feature headlining musical guests Dragonette, Two Fresh, R. Ring (Kelley Deal of The Breeders and Mike Montgomery of Ampline), and Helado Negro among a full roster of local and national acts. Featured stages will also be presented by The Coventry Kids and returning experimental noise collective Rubber City Noise.  Throughout the weekend of September 14-16, IngenuityFest will present more than 50 musicians on both an indoor and outdoor stage at Docks 32 and 30, which sit on the lakefront north of Browns Stadium and the Great Lakes Science Center.

Complete lineup of musical artists (can also be found at


Additional information on headlining artists:


Best known for their infectious smash hit “Hello” in collaboration with French DJ Martin Solveig, Dragonette’s high-energy synth-pop is backed by the glamour-drenched vocals of Martina Sorbara.

The Toronto band is set to release their highly anticipated third album, Bodyparts, this September. The group has toured with Duran Duran, New Order, and the Sugababes, and collaborated on hits with Basement Jaxx, Cyndi Lauper, and Kaskade.

Their music has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, The Hills, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries and ads for Toyota, Macy’s, Trident and Sony Playstation. Look for Dragonette to infuse their live performances with punk rock sensibility and fashion-forward style.

Two Fresh

Combining an array of influences and a diverse musical background, Two Fresh’s sound is difficult to describe but impossible to ignore. Built on a foundation of instrumental hip hop, twin brothers Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls’ music seamlessly incorporates elements of sampling, a tight low end and catchy synth lines, with a strong beat always at the cornerstone.

R. Ring

R. Ring is Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery. It is voices, guitars and keys. It is sparse, chaotic, abrasive and lulling, often within the same song. It is new. It is, at the very least, a stark departure from the music they make in their other bands (Kelley with The Breeders and Mike with Ampline.)

Helado Negro

Under the name Helado Negro, Roberto Carlos Lange crafts moody, experimental electro-folk heavily influenced by the ambiance and lush aesthetics of his native South Florida’s Latin culture. Lange is a frequent collaborator with Guillermo Scott Herren, better known as Prefuse 73, and is also a member of music group Savath y Savalas.

The Knocks (Live)

Everyone can now make music. The increasing access to music related technology and the liquid flow of music and information is a blessing to aspiring musicians, but a curse to those who have to sift through the terrible mash-ups and tunes in order to find quality music. Based out of New York City’s Lower East Side, The Knocks are taking a stand and reclaiming good music for all. The Knocks – Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “Jpatt” Patterson – have produced original material and remixes for Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Marina & the Diamonds, M83 and now their own music, including “Make It Better” and “Dancing with the DJ” and are known for their explosive live performances. 

Secret Panda Society
This production duo brings a relentless assault of bass that keeps the dance floor hyped until the set is over. The talent and creativity of Rob Stern and Joe Benny, aka the Secret Panda Society, ensures that no song is safe from being morphed into a dance floor destroying bass drop. So load up on bamboo, put your panda mask on, and get ready to make a jailbreak from the EDM Zoo. Don’t say we didn’t warn you 

Imagine the sound of a Brazilian Carnaval in the Appalachian Mountains. An official selection of Womex 2011, Matuto (“bumpkin” in Brazilian slang) moves with two-stepping grace between bluegrass and forro, between swamp rock and maracatu, between surf guitar shimmies and the wah-wah of the berimbau.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently described Pittsburgh break-out band 1,2,3 like this: “The group — composed of vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Nic Snyder and percussionist/everything else performer Josh Sickels — … incorporates an arcing range of influences and styles … pulling from the classic psychedelia of The Beatles to the more recent ambient confusion of Animal Collective, and mixing washed over, surfy walls of sound with Mr. Snyder’s dreamy but sincere lyrics.”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple Announces a New iTunes


In case you haven't already heard…  When I think about it, as much as I use iTunes, I should be excited about this - but I'm not, really. Sure they'll move some things around and squash some bugs, but otherwise it feels like it's largely cosmetic.  We'll see, hopefully I'll be blown away.

Apple Unveils Upgraded, 'Simplified' iTunes

At today's Apple event, which featured the new iPhone 5, the company also unveiled major upgrades to iTunes.  The streamlined and more intuitive interface will be available to consumers in October.

Key new features include:

Full iCloud integration New small and discreet mini-player Improved search and play features While previewing a song, you can continue to browse, and it will keep playing Share directly from iTunes to Facebook and Twitter Easier playlists: Move back to your library without closing a playlist Drag and drop tracks where you want them Click on a song or album and start to drag it the app automatically brings up a list of your playlists, so that you can add it. Click on an album and the window expands to show the tracks.   Click on a song to play The company also unveiled redesigned in-ear headphones now dubbed Ea"

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Shovels & Rope (8/29/12)

A strong alt-country show at the Beachland Tavern, yes PLEASE.  It was actually Roger Hoover's opening slot that actually made me pay attention to Shovels & Rope and I quickly liked what I heard.  I also hadn't seen Roger Hoover in a long time (and I've been watching him for a long time).  He hasn't missed a beat.  With a new band and a new album, Roger Hoover still has the passion and sound that transcends a particular genre (blues/folk/country/rock). Get their new album

Roger Hoover & the Hurt (8/29/12)

Shovels & Rope was about what I was expecting.  They were alt-country with a strong, raspy female lead and a driving beat.  Good stuff really.  I can't say I was blown away, but I'd give them another chance.

Shovels & Rope (8/29/12)

Shovels & Rope (8/29/12)

Sharon Van Etten (8/22/12)

What a great birthday… getting to see the last of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Summer in the City concert series outside of the Rock Hall, with gorgeous weather and a stunning sky (& skyline).  I wish I could comment more on Sharon Van Etten then just "good" but you know, I was busy celebratin'.  She was good though!

Sharon Van Etten (8/22/12)

Sharon Van Etten (8/22/12)

Ezra Furman (8/11/12)

Wow, I can't believe it's already been over a month.  Anyway.  Man I was so excited for this show… Having seen Ezra twice already, and loving his new album - I had high expectations.  But before we talk about those… opening first was School Night.  Terrible.  Next up was Goodmorning Valentine, who I hadn't seen in a while but is always a joy to watch.  They are Rock & Roll.  Everyone loved them.

Good Morning Valentine (8/11/12)

Ezra was as charming as ever.  He has such a "I don't give a f*ck" sound.  He's not trying to sound good, he's just expressing himself, and he's got great stuff to say.  Ezra is one of the performers where you need to listen to what he's singing.  Stunning. Mischievous.

Ezra Furman (8/11/12)

Ezra Furman (8/11/12)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Video Tuesday

In case you need motivation to start taking the stairs, watch Here We Go Magic's new video for Hard to Be Close.  Next check out Deerhoof's… moves in Fête D'Adieu.  Finally, test your epileptic tendencies with Matt & Kim's video for Now (coming to HOB with Oberhofer on 9/13!).

Bonus: David Byrne & St. Vincent's Who.  What?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tomorrow: Studio-A-Rama! @ CWRU


WRUW-FM's venerable festival kicks off again this year on the campus of Case Western Reserve University!  I can't make the evening portion of this festival, particularly because I'll be missing Cloud Nothings.  I bet that set will be SPECTACULAR.

WRUW's 31st annual Studio-A-Rama!  Saturday, September 8, 2012

WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland is proud to announce its 31st annual Studio-A-Rama, a free, daylong music festival open to the public and held on the Case Western Reserve University campus.

This year's headliners are Cleveland's own Cloud Nothings. Hot off a hugely acclaimed album, 'Attack on Memory', a performance on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon', and international touring and festival appearances, Cloud Nothings will close out this year's Studio-A-Rama. Led by Dylan Baldi (who performed at Studio-A-Rama in 2009 with Neon Tongues), and featuring members of local bands such as Swindlella, Mole People, and Spacer Ace, Cloud Nothings run the gamut from bright power-pop to abrasive, searing post-hardcore. Catch them in such an intimate local setting while you still can!

Since last year's 'special guest' pre-headlining performance by Scrawl was such a hit, we're featuring another band as this year's special guest - Cleveland's Death of Samantha. A staple in the local circuit of the 1980s, Death of Samantha are back from a 22-year long hiatus. After a sellout Beachland Ballroom performance, and an appearance at South By Southwest, Death of Samantha will be returning to Studio-A-Rama in September - it's been a long time coming.

This year's festival will also feature the following local bands:

Herzog Dreadful Yawns Village Bicycle Pleasure Leftists Library Time Gossip Culture RA Washington and the Family Dollar The Lawton Brothers

The event is FREE and open to the public. Feel free to bring your own food and drink, just no glass bottles please! "

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Concert Etiquette Guide: 13 Rules for Seeing Live Music & Not Being a Jerk - Spinner

Please note.
Concert Etiquette Guide: 13 Rules for Seeing Live Music & Not Being a Jerk - Spinner
"Shut Up People are there to see music, not listen to you complain about work, school or your girlfriend. Yes, chances are you'll want to say something to someone during a show, but keep it low, quick and never during the quiet songs. I was stuck behind five coked-up guys (they were doing it right there) at a Jack White show and it really killed the fun of the night. Sadly, I bet they told their friends they had the best night ever."
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plants & Animals @ Hear Ya Studios

Still one of my favorite albums of the past year… (decade?).  Plants & Animals stop by Hear Ya Studios.  I think they agree with me…
"My favorite albums are the ones that sneak up on me. The slow growers that don’t make an impact at first, but slowly seep in.  Canada’s Plants and Animals released The End of That back in February and it filled up all the little cracks and broken splinters of my life for the rest of the year. The album filled all those spare moments in airports, on planes, in hotels, or at home while doing yard work. I’d somehow put the album on without thinking about it and later wonder why I was so drawn to it."
(Continued... Plants and Animals, Live Session #105)
Download their entire performance with the link above.  Check these guys out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Article: Album Review for Wild Nothing's Nocturne

If you haven't given the new Wild Nothing album a listen yet, you should do so.  I've been liking them even more after their performance at the HOB.
Wild nothing nocturne

[Indie Rock] Wild Nothing – Nocturne (Album Review) | The Music Ninja
The album is a strong sophomoric effort for Tatum and his young musical endeavor. It is at the same time mellow and catchy; steady and experimental; pensive and exciting. Tatum said in an interview with Dazed Digital magazine that ‘Nocturne’ is not only his favorite song on the album, but is also representative of an underlying theme ‘which is kind of this nighttime, drowsy, lack of sleep delirious type feeling.’ I don’t think the title track is the best song on the album, but the simple guitar licks, stretchy vocals, and intoxicating harmonies come together beautifully. To me, ‘Nocturne’ is a combination of the band’s biggest hit from Gemini, ‘Chinatown’, and the sound of those French guys, Phoenix."
(Continued... [Indie Rock] Wild Nothing – Nocturne (Album Review) | The Music Ninja)

Video Tuesday

A week of GREAT videos.  Have I extolled my love for Heartless Bastards lately?  Excellent video.  Presets have a great video also for Ghosts, great synchronization!  Moonface does a stunning job as well with I'm Not The Phoenix Yet.

If you didn't catch this catchy Chairlift tune already, don't let the Japanese scare you away.  Funky video with a great sound.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hercules and Love Affair Releasing DJ-Kicks Mix

Digitalism first, now Hercules & Love Affair… and then look who else I missed (Hot Chip!).  I need to go back and grab these past efforts (if they're any bit as good as Digitalism's).  Also check out the Pitchfork link for a great video of Antony singing with Hercules & Love Affair for Blind (for the first time ever!)

Hercules and Love Affair to Release DJ-Kicks Mix | News | Pitchfork

"On October 29, Hercules and Love Affair will release their contribution to !K7's DJ-Kicks mix series. (Past releases have featured mixes by Hot Chip, Four Tet, Erlend Øye, Chromeo, Annie, and more.) The set touches on the influences of the group's leader, Andy Butler, 'from proto house, through New York's golden years in the 90s, to Chicago jack tracks and modern takes on house music's halcyon days,' according to a press release. It features a new Hercules track, 'Release Me', as well as 'A Bit of Redemption', an unreleased track from Haze Factory."

(Continued... Hercules and Love Affair to Release DJ-Kicks Mix | News | Pitchfork)


See What Facebook's Hiding

Sweet tech.

Hipset Shows You The Music Content Facebook's Been Hiding - hypebot

Hipset logo

"With Hipset they've created a simple solution to the fact that most of the content musicians post on their Facebook pages is not actually seen by the fans who've liked those pages. It's part of the magic of Facebook's godlike algorithm. You tell it what you want and occasionally you actually get that.

When I logged into Hipset via my Facebook account, I was presented with a page of content from musicians I'd Liked on FB arranged in the now ubiquitous grid pattern often associated with Pinterest (though it was actually quite widespread before that site's rise).

As I scrolled down the page I realized that I had not seen 20% of that content. No, I had seen 0% of that content. Given that I go to Facebook multiple times a day this is not a good look for FB as a music marketing vehicle."

(Continued... Hipset Shows You The Music Content Facebook's Been Hiding - hypebot)