Sunday, November 27, 2011

Austra - The Choke

Incredibly beautiful… and I'm not just talking about the room.


disco naïveté » Austra - The Choke (Paper Bag Session)

"Katie Stelmanis takes place behind that grand piano at The Great Hall of the Hart House on The University of Toronto campus again for the second  installment of the Austra Paper Bag sessions and performs a stripped-down version of The Choke."

(Continued... disco naïveté » Austra - The Choke (Paper Bag Session))

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps (11/14/11)

Last week I caught another great show at the Beachland Tavern.  Scanning for new bands / shows (as I often do), I ran across Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps and was instantly taken by her voice.  I was instantly sold on the show, and the $5 price tag was just right.  Opening was Bethesda, an NEO band.  I think they had a lot of good qualities, but I'm not sure I really dug the vocals.  They're a fun, young band though…  I hope they do well.

Bethesda (11/14/11)

Next up was… well, this is kinda embarrassing.  Next up was Caroline Smith & the The Good Night Sleeps, but I didn't realize it until their last song.  While I had been checking out their album, i wasn't really familiar with their work.  And throw in the fact that any videos I had seen of Caroline she had dark brown hair - also, I had no idea who Humble Home was, and thought they might have a female lead singer as well - and the Beachland listed Caroline as the headliner! So I was really thrown off, and chalked it up to the last two bands being similar.  I instantly liked what I heard and thoroughly liked the last performance (and was looking for a whole 'nother set of great female vocals).  Last song comes and I hear it's Caroline… Der.   Still, a great performance, and possibly an earlier night than expected!

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps (11/14/11)

Finally, the real Humble Home took the stage.  Caught a couple songs from these local guys, but took the chance to get home a bit early.  These guys weren't too bad… (especially on the eyes).  ;-)

Humble Home (11/14/11)

Video from, and entire concert posted at:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video Tuesday

Some stunning videos today… I'd be a terrible music blogger if I didn't join the masses and post the new Fleet Foxes video for The Shrine / An Argument. Next up is a new one from Florence & the Machine for No Light, No Light.  Finally, a visually stunning video from The Naked and Famous for No Way.

Guerilla New Music Exposure

I love my friends.  I love that when they're in my presence, they know they're going to be subjected to some music they've  (probably) never heard before.  I kinda enjoy this personal, guerrilla-style new-music promotion that I do outside this blog. - and thankfully my friends usually just play along (and sometimes even like it).  A couple weekends ago I had my most recent chance, with a couple friends visiting form Pittsburgh.

Their whole time staying with me, they were subjected to my crafted playlist of new songs that were specifically selected to be amenable to both their tastes.  Now I'm sure they didn't even take much notice (these friends in particular), but I get satisfaction out of it no matter what.

But this isn't always a 1 way offering.  This particular weekend I was treated to a couple videos of songs that *I* should check out - neither of which I've heard before (and kinda liked both).  Not the kinda stuff you'd usually see on here, but fun and worth checking it out.

Monday, November 21, 2011

MONDAY the 28th: Beirut @ House of Blues

UPDATE:  Make that next Monday (28th) - Thanks Amber!!  // See why I'm so excited about this Beirut show tomorrow night at the House of Blues (despite the $30 price tag)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Article: Building a House of Wax in Cleveland (Gotta Groove)

Good stuff… Go Gotta Groove!

You Are Here - Building a House of Wax in Cleveland -

"In the heart of postindustrial Cleveland, in one of those cheery urban-reclamation areas with freshly painted brick buildings and almost unnaturally green lawn spaces, you’ll find Gotta Groove Records, one of around 20 plants in the United States that still press vinyl. On the day I visited, the guts of this converted elevator factory were packed with hissing, clanking vintage record presses, and the walls were lined with band fliers and colored LPs. A dry-erase board at the far end of the shop displayed the day’s jobs, Tom Waits and Tim Buckley among them."

(Continued... You Are Here - Building a House of Wax in Cleveland -

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video Tuesday

Quite an interesting selection of videos if I do say so myself.  Probably my favorite Icelandic person at the moment: Sin Fang w/ Because of the Blood.  A groovy-green video from Mates of State with Sway.  Rounding out the three is another interesting Yellow Ostrich dance video for Mary.  (...and there's a bonus below)

So not typically my thing, but a big "Bravo!" to Duran Duran for making a slick video for one of their comeback singles.  Bravo...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shows This Week!

Took a week off last week - thankfully, as the week before was exhausting!  Some great stuff this week, check it out!

Monday:  Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps
Beachland Tavern / $5 
A stunning voice.  Opening for Caroline Smith & the Good Nights is Humble Home and Bethesda

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps - "Calliope" by performermag

Tuesday: Mister Heavenly
Grog Shop / $12
Mister Heavenly is a feat. members of Islands, Man Man and Modest Mouse!  A solid rock beat.

Mister Heavenly - Mister Heavenly by subpop

Wednesday: Los Rakas
The Spot / CWRU Only
Not something I can see being a huge hit on campus, but Los Rakas sounds fun!

Los Rakas - Kalle by Radio Morillo

Thursday: The Wilderness of Manitoba
Beachland Tavern / $8
Just the name The Wilderness of Manitoba evokes a romantically organic feeling.  The music follows it up… for fans of Fleet Foxes.

The Wilderness of Manitoba - Orono Park by Stayloose

Thursday: Pomegranates
Grog Shop / $7 ~ $8
I guess I've seen Pomegranates before, but with some strong local support, this might be worth another shot.  This song sounds great.

06-pomegranates-corriander by indieana john

Free Small Black Mixtape: Moon Killer

Having been a fan of Small Black for a while now, I'm excited to see them sharing a mix tape - especially for free.  Check it out:


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Video Tuesday

Going a little off the beaten path this week.  Starting off with new Cass McCombs's for The Same Thing.  Next is a band I've seen and enjoyed, and finally with a full release... Gauntlet Hair with Keep Time.  Finally, is EMA with Marked.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holy Ghost! / Jessica 6 (11/4/11)

The closer this show came, the more excited I was to see it!  First off, I'd been reconnecting with the Holy Ghost! album and realizing just how much I liked it.  Then I also spent some time with Jessica 6 who was opening.  The more I listed to their album, I was about as excited for the opener as I was for the main act.  I just knew It'd be a dance-bonanza.

Jessica 6's sound has been described as nu-disco, and I can definitely see where that comes from.  I'd also discovered that some members came from Hercules and Love Affair (who's previous album I loved), and they've been listed as one of the inspirations for the new Madonna album!  Wowza. Well, they sounded amazing and it turned out to be the dance party night I was hoping for (I'm sure that shot of jaeger didn't hurt).

Jessica 6 (11/4/11)

(sorry for the poor video quality)

Holy Ghost! really kept the party going. These guys filled the stage... and the room.  They played many of the songs I was hoping for, including a couple of my favorites that I recorded...

Holy Ghost! (11/4/11)

Holy Ghost! (11/4/11)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beat Connection @ Laundromatinee

I first mentioned Beat Connection as a New Find back in April.  I'm still enjoying the album, and I'm glad to actually seem them in person and live at Laundromatinee!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tomorrow: Holy Ghost! @ Grog Shop

I have a particular affinity for bands with an exclamation mark in their name.  Especially a worthy band like Holy Ghost! I've already featured two of their videos on my Video Tuesday series, and they're finally coming to the Grog Shop Tomorrow ($12~$14 @ 10pm)!  I checked out the opener, Jessica 6, and they'll be worth getting there early (relatively speaking), being a band boasting former members of Hercules & Love Affair and scoring a cameo from Antony (from Antony & the Johnsons).  Oh, did I mention Holy Ghost! scored one from Michael McDonald.  Seriously…

Holy Ghost! – “Some Children” (Feat. Michael McDonald) Video - Stereogum

DFA and Adult Swim teamed up to create a video for Holy Ghost!’s “Some Children,” with a directorial credit going to lilfuchs. This is the HG! song with a cameo from Michael McDonald! (Stereogum’s style guide mandates that an exclamation point be used after every instance of both Holy Ghost! and Michael McDonald!, for reasons that are self-evident.) The clip is playful, animated, and vibrant in a way that recalls Ed Banger art director So Me’s work with Kanye and Justice, and to those points, ends appropriately with the hoodied hipster creation scene depicted above. "

(Continued... Holy Ghost! – “Some Children” (Feat. Michael McDonald) Video - Stereogum)

I think these guys are going to be a lot of fun...

Watch: Jessica 6 Video Featuring Antony | News | Pitchfork

"NYC dance outfit Jessica 6 (whose lineup includes ex-Hercules and Love Affair members) teamed up with fellow H&LA alum Antony Hegarty for a track called "Prisoner of Love" on Jessica 6's debut album See the Light.

Now, Antony co-stars in the video, which was directed by Marco Ovando and styled by Lady Gaga collaborator Nicola Formichetti."

(Continued... Watch: Jessica 6 Video Featuring Antony | News | Pitchfork)

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

What a fun night with friends.  So often I go to shows by myself because it's just too hard to get people out to shows - let alone as many as I do.  Tonight I was actually out with two friends and they just made the night.  Two of us hit Music Saves for an early in-store performance of Blitzen Trapper. *AWESOME*  (great job Melanie!)

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

We had time to kill afterwards, because the Beachland wasn't even letting people in yet. W caught up with the third and we tried the Collinwood Cafe -- Closed.  We ventured all the way to the other end to the Boardwalk.  I was blown away.  I'd been in there a couple years ago during some day festival, and it wasn't much.  However, bar lighting made this place so much cooler, but then isn't that always the case? Cheap & delicious eats.  Will definitely be back.

SS+W Boardwalk (11/1/11)

We got back to the Beachland in plenty of time for The Belle Brigade and Dawes.  But honestly, we grabbed a table back in the bar and had a great time just hanging out and talking.  We could hear the music from table, but nothing really drove us out onto the floor.  We grabbed a glass of much-needed water and headed out for Blitzen Trapper.

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

The place was still pretty full, so we hung back as any consider, self-aware tall person does.  Blitzen Trapper put up a full, heavy set of pleasantly current sounding 70's rock riffs, mixed in with some more sensitive songs peppered in.  Earlier I talked to my friend about how sometimes for shows, they're much better when you have a previous connection with the songs.  I think this was one of these shows.  One friend got bored and left, but these guys had me sold the entire night.

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

Blitzen Trapper (11/1/11)

Video Tuesday

Video Tuesday my ass. Let's go ahead and bring on weekend with Class Actress' ...Weekend. Next is Miracle Fortress with Possession, and I hope you have some bass on those little speakers of yours. Finally is M83's Midnight City, a band and album everyone is talking about.