Saturday, February 21, 2015

Video Day #tzaupbeat

It’s Saturday people!  Hot Chip is back with a video for Huarache Lights, off their upcoming album (finally!).  Sleeter-Kinney goes comical with their cartoon video for A New Wave.  HUMANS finally has a video for their first single, Follow.

Bonus: I recently discovered Alison Wonderland, who worked with Wayne Coyne on U Don’t Know.

Brite Winter Festival - TONIGHT!

Tonight!!  Here’s my schedule:

Britemusicposter5 662x1024

"Bundle up, hold a beer in your mitten and it’s really not so bad. Brite Winter is dedicated to embracing the winter season with 60 bands and a strong focus on local music. The fest will take place on eight stages throughout Ohio City, two of which are outdoors, and also feature outdoor art installations.   Headliners include Chicago-based Maps & Atlases, Baltimore’s Sun Club and Cleveland’s Welshy Arms. The diverse lineup also includes acoustic lyricism by Philadelphia’s Roses (new project by Matt Scheuermann of American War), dancable Cleveland pop band Sammy Slims, hip hop acts Muamin Collective and Archie Green, indie rock band The Modern Electric, garage rock band Banging Fragiles, and Uno Lady, known for her beautiful and eccentric vocal loops."

(Via. brite winter is bigger & brighter than ever with 60-band lineup)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Video Day #tzachill

Settle in on this cold Friday with these new videos.  Death Cab for Cutie are back on the scene with their new video for Black Sun.  Natalie Prass has been getting a lot of press for her new album, and rightfully so.  Here’s her new video for Why Don’t You Believe in Me.  Finally, Toro y Moi with a summery new track and video for Empty Nesters.


Bonus: Lower Dens puts out a video To Die in L.A. that feels like it could be a wacky dream - verbatim.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Video Day #tzaupbeat

Madonna’s new video for Living For Love - one of my favorite new songs by her!  Giorgio Moroder released his new video, feat. Kylie Minogue, for Right Here, Right Now.  Sweden’s Elliphant has a banger of a new video for Purple Life.

Bonus this week goes to Rone, someone who I discovered because they’ll be performing at this years Movement Festival (formerly known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival).  Looking forward to going back again this year!


Monday, February 9, 2015

River Whyless (2/3/15)

Last week I made it back out to the Beachland, primarily to catch Holden Laurence, but was thrilled to also be catching River Whyless as the headliners.  Holden had put out a folk/americana album a couple months ago, but his performance was quite different, as he admitted (noting people may not be experiencing what they thought they would be).  Still, he was excellent…  Nice to see Modern Electric band members supporting one of their own too!

Holden Laurence (2/3/15)

The River Whyless were also superb.  The earthy/folky/jam sound fits perfectly in the Beachland Tavern.  I’m definitely adding these guys to my camping playlists.

River Whyless (2/3/15)

Tomorrow: Chris Bathgate @ Annabell's (Akron)

After seeing an excellent performance by Chris Bathgate back in 2011 - he seemed to drop out of sight.  I hadn’t heard anything more from him until this show announcement, and I’ve since realized that he was on hiatus and is just now getting back out there.  While he doesn’t have any new personal material, but he is working with a band/collective  named Skullls.  So this night will be kind of a mystery performance, but I trust it’ll still be a good one.  Besides, Annabells is the best dive bar in Akron!


"You should come out because two musicians who are sharp as knives will be pouring their hearts out for you. You should come out because we’re the type of musicians that make people say ‘holy shit’ after the last chord rings out. We are relatively unknown, but dedicated as hell to performance. You should come out because we’ll probably make you feel super fucking sad, but then crack jokes with you after. This show is a four course meal of emotion."

(Via.Never Nervous: INTERVIEW: Chris Bathgate Talks Performing Solo, the Difficulties of Touring, and Ja Rule's Current Whereabouts and Activities!)

 Opening is Molly Sullivan, who seems pretty notable in her own right.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tonight: Sinkane @ Rock Hall

 Should be a great show at the Rock Hall tonight.  Tickets are only $5.50!


Sinkane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Born to college professors in London, he lived in Sudan, then moved to the US when he was five, and lived for some time in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to embarking on his solo career, he worked with Eleanor Friedberger, Caribou, of Montreal, Born Ruffians, and Yeasayer as a session musician."

"The event is an expansion of Rock Hall's Summer in the City concert series bringing live music to guests all year long. Similar to the Summer series, there will be a lineup of local acts as well as many national touring headliners. Performances will take place at the museum's Klipsch Audio stage and the outdoor stage during warmer months."

(Via. Rock Hall's new Sonic Sessions concert series brings live performances year long (video): Kristel's CLE |

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Video Day #tzaupbeat

New music from The Go! Team (finally!!) with their new video for The Scene Between.  Years & Years is a new find, with a fun new video for King. The Do Do’s do their own dance routine for Competition.


Bonus: I don’t know much about Kazaky, other than I’ve seen him do some incredible dancing - in heels.  I guess he’s also a musician, and is also stirring up some controversy back in Russia.  I can’t say this song is all that - but it’s worth giving the video a spin.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Tomorrow: River Whyless @ Beachland Tavern

I caught onto this show at the Beachland Tavern because I’ve been wanting to see Holden Laurence perform live, but this River Whyless looks like they’ll be worth staying for.  A nice winter evening of folk/bluegrass sounds just what the Dr. ordered for some cabin fever relief.


Holden Laurence is holding down the middle slot.

Video Day #tzachill

Check out these videos on your snowy Monday... Modest Mouse has a new video for Coyotes, feat. a Coyote.   Avi Buffalo and his excellent falsetto voice have a new video for Think It’s Gonna Happen Again. Trampled by Turtles bring some animated Repetition.

Bonus:  The venerable Texas is back, with a new compilation (of sorts), and a new video for Start a Family (with Alan Rickman)

Ani DiFranco (1/27/15)

Another year, another (great) Ani performance. Being seated at the House of Blues was not what I was expecting, but I’ll take whatever I can get…  Unfortunately we missed Anais. 

Ani DiFranco (1/27/15)

Ani DiFranco (1/27/15)

 You can see my YouTube videos, here - but why post those when you can see the entire concert here:  

"Last night, singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco took to the stage at House of Blues Cleveland, kicking and pounding on her guitar. She powered through 18 songs with her bassist and drummer; the set included tracks such as 'Allergic to Water,' 'Careless Words' and 'Rainy Parade.' Before playing ''Tis of Thee,' "

(Via. Anais Mitchell and Ani DiFranco Performing at House of Blues • Galleries | Cleveland Scene)

Porch Swing (1/22/15)

I wish I could say I was at the Barking Spider for the music on this night, but it was more a random encounter as I continue to acclimate my new puppy to new surroundings, and the Barking Spider is one of the places I want him to feel most comfortable.  It was a great time, and the band wasn’t too bad either.  :-)

Porch Swing (1/22/15)

Porch Swing (1/22/15)

BTW, the Barking Spider has a new website!  You should check it out… it includes this great video: