Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kickdrums (7/26/10)

I was sold on the Kickdrums the first time I heard Out To Get Me from their "Just a Game" release.  It didn't hurt finding out there was also a Cleveland connection.  I've been wanting to see them, particularly since April.

I was surprised to see a full band performance happening at the B Side.  Tickets were $10 and I was excited to see these guys making their way back to Cleveland.  I wish I could say the show was amazing, but it was a little lack luster.  Some technical difficulties, some rough edges, and an extremely short set (less than 45 min).

Fret not.  I'm not giving up on Kickdrums. I just hope the next time they come around, things will be a bit better.  Do the Grog Shop!

Here are some of the highlights.

Kickdrums (7/26/10)

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