Thursday, August 12, 2010

Deer Tick (8/11/10)

Another great night at the Rock Hall.  It's a bit tight to get home, let the dog out, and get back downtown by 7pm, so we missed a lot of The Modern Electric's performance.  I really wanted to catch these guys, particularly because of the ravereviews they've received from the likes of Citizen Dick and Cleveland Bachelor. I'm surprised that our paths hadn't crossed until now.  And unfortunately, they crossed only by a couple songs.  But I really liked what I heard, especially their final song - an impassioned performance of A Man's Man's Man's World by James Brown.  These guys deserve any praise going their way.  I picked up a copy of their album and will keep a close eye out for when these guys perform again.

The Modern Electric (8/11/10)

Oh Deer Tick.  I was curious how their show would translate to an earlier performance outside the Rock Hall.  Their last show at the Beachland Tavern was a "real, alcohol-infused, 70's inspired, God's honest, Rock & Roll" performance.  Unfortunately I can't say it held up so well.  John McCauley seemed as if he hadn't stopped partying since that show at the Beachland, which would be fun if we were still at the Tavern.  But with the front two rows sittng on the ground, and everyone else standing completely still - it was a little rough.  I felt bad for the band, especially picking up on some vibes from the band that they felt the same way.  John tried spicing it up a bit, getting out into the crowd, but this just wasn't the time or place.

Deer Tick (8/11/10)

Regardless, John's gritty and soaring vocals against the backdrop of Lake Erie, with the sky darkening and the Rock Hall being lit up - it was still pretty amazing.  You just had to focus on the music.  Deer Tick is still one of my favorite bands right now - I just want to get them back to the comfort of the Tavern as soon as possible and buy them a round of shots.

Deer Tick (8/11/10)

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