Monday, August 9, 2010

Dan Black / Dragonette (8/8/10)

Amazing show.  I'm giving co-billing in the blog title because these were both headliner performances.  We missed the first couple Dragonette songs, but was instantly drawn to the light show they brought with them.  Maybe almost  a dozen light "rods" around the stage, playing to the music.  I've been liking the new Dragonette album, but their live performance really sealed the deal with them being a band to watch.  Matt mentioned the very first Scissors Sisters first performance at the Grog Shop, and this is kind of how felt about this show.  Next time they'll be playing HOB.

When they left the stage, they took the lighting, which I figured they would have shared between the bands.  But once Dan Black took the stage, I can see why they didn't.  Dan Black was his own ball of energy and really bounced around the stage - like no one I've ever seen.  He had sooo much energy as a lead, it was amazing. I knew it would be hard to explain, which is why I captured some video...

(check out more videos on YouTube)

Dan Black (8/8/10)

I think he was a little surprised at the small crowd there this night, especially having just come from Lollapalooza, but I think the excitement of the small crowd made it worth it.  There were some dedicated fans there for both acts.  In fact, that seemed to be all that was there.  Where was the rest of Cleveland??  This was an amazing electro-pop performance.  Everyone in Cleveland should have been there last night!

Pick up a copy of Dan Black's ((un)).  You won't regret it.

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