Thursday, August 26, 2010

Casiokids Reviews... Detroit Show Tonight!

How exciting!  I can't wait for this Casiokids show tonight (@Magicstick / Detroit, MI)...  Here's a recent review.

Exclaim! Canada's Music Authority

"However, the audience rushed the stage for Casiokids. Soaking in all that swirling '80s nostalgia, these Scandinavian scamps are the right band at the right time, from their name to their sound. With an arsenal of precious pawnshop keyboards and dance punk grooves, their sugary pop and rolling beats are undeniably 'in,' and their capitalization is ensured by the fact they are a tight live band and generous, joyous performers.

Lead singer Ketil Kinden Endresen's wondrous, moaning, extended upper-register melodies, combined with a funky rhythm section and all those keyboards, make it sound as if Sigur Rós toured with the Rapture, and sang in Norwegian rather than Hopelandic. While Casiokids ended up going a little 'Under the Sea' at times, with cheesy percussion and a slide whistle solo, their closing tracks cast aside all doubts."

(Continued... Exclaim! Canada's Music Authority)

And some other sweet comments:

"Casiokids are a roving party of effortless cool that happen to play mind melting, toe-tapping, vintage synth funk. Part chaos, part retro meets outer space, the kids use quirky instruments  and unorthodox samples to craft a sonically absurd audible's no wonder concert-goers can't stop raving about this high energy Norwegian export." - AOL Spinner

"Whether you're looking for ways to indulge your cultural bent (i.e. learning new languages and all about Oslo) or just plain love good old electro-pop music, we've got the band for you." - FILTER

"The group's bouncy U.S. debut is chock-full of positive vibrations and dance beats..." - Wired

"It really doesn't matter that the band sings in Norwegian, their songs are so fun and danceable that the music alone is enough.." - Under the Radar

"... absolutely brilliant pop songs." - BBC

Click the image below to buy their album at Insound.


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