Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heartless Bastards (7/22/10)

Heartless Bastards is one of those bands who slowly crept up on me.  They had a song that made it into my iTunes (can't remember how), but which then caused iConcertCal to alert me that a new album was out.  I downloaded it and threw it in my "New Releases" folder.  I never actually got around to sitting down to listen to the whole album (I always have lots of new stuff), but their songs would keep catching my ear when I would listen to that whole folder on random.  Her voice is just stunning.  I knew I had to see them live.
Opening was Peter Wolf Crier, who I also really started to like.  For their performance, we walked right up to the stage (swoon).  They were phenomenal... the two of them put out some great music.  They seriously could have headlined the show. Definitely check out their new album Inter-Be.
Peter Wolf Crier (7/22/10)
Next up was The Builders & the Butchers.  I'm not a big fan...  They have all the right elements for a great performance, but it didn't really strike me.
Builders & the Butchers (7/22/10)
Finally, Heartless Bastards.  Erika Wennerstrom should be (is?) a rock goddess... that voice.  Amazing.  They played through a lot of my favorite tracks and I couldn't have been happier with this performance.  I left this show, ready for the next.  Check out their new LP, The Mountain.
Heartless Bastards (7/22/10)

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