Monday, August 30, 2010

Crystal Castles (8/22/10)

So I'm back from my little East Coast Birthday Extravaganza Road Trip.  Stopped in Pittsburgh to drop off the dog, then it was off to beautiful Baltimore!  Well, it wasn't so beautiful, but granted we were there less than a day.  But in that time, had a great dinner and stopped at a couple historic locations (Atomic Books).  We then arrived at Sonar after what seemed an endless stream of row houses.

Sonar was a gritty club filled to the brim with seemingly sweaty, cracked out teens.  I've never felt so cool...  Well, I have, but this came close.  We were easily the oldest people at the club, but I've convinced myself that we didn't stand out that much. At least it was extremely easy to get a beer.

The music was loud and the crowd was INTO IT.  The night started out with Rusko's signature deep beats.  Beaming the phrase "Wake The Fuck Up", there was no way you could be sleeping... though I am hoping his statement was a little more rhetorical.  It's hard to believe he was just at the Grog Shop less than a year ago...  wish I would have seen him then, now.  Here's a couple little clips of what you missed (all photos for the show can be found here):

During a surprisingly long break, I found checking out the audience was extremely entertaining.  As was this trip to the bathroom.


So at this point, I was fully aware what I was in for and had adjusted accordingly.  Crystal Castles came on stage and the crowd went bezerk - as you would imagine.  I will say that Alice Glass was GREAT.  Definintely wild, and doing more screaming and stage diving than I've ever seen - but I was captivated, and isn't that what it's all about?

Crystal Castles (8/23/10)

Crystal Castles (8/23/10)

The sound was decent. Crystal Castles seems to have shed any polish that might have been on their previous album, for more noise and distortion.  Not a bad thing.  Here's a sliver of polish with performance of Crimewave:

Another video mix can be found here if you're interested.

Next up DC!

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