Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Christopher Bell (8/15/10)

This past Sunday night was gorgeous.  Still warm, but with a late summer breeze blowing through the place.  Unfortunately, not many people were in attendance because I think the Feast of the Assumption might have claimed the masses last night.  That was fine with me though, it definitely provided for an intimate experience.  And better yet, Chris didn't seem to mind.

Christopher Bell is definitely an original.  The first thing you'll notice is the upright bass strapped around his neck like a guitar, of which he plucked the strings and played with a bow.  Pair that with a keyboard on stage and I'm sold. He was performing solo this night, but his ability to capture and loop segments of songs, building a layered and wonderfully textured sound, made me happy that he was.  While many may have used pre-recorded loops, I loved that Chris did this all live.  I was captivated.

His performance was broken up between two sets.  In between, we got to chat a bit about house concerts (more coming on that topic real soon), which was great to get some details from the artists perspective.  We also chatted about Labyrinth Coffee House in Jamestown, NY, which sounds like a fun little rust-belt road trip.

Now that I've started recording some artists, I sometimes get nervous wondering if they care or not.  Thankfully Chris didn't, so here you go:

Some other shots...

Christopher Bell (8/15/10)
Christopher Bell (8/15/10)

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