Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wednesday: Jessica Lea Mayfield @ the Beachland Tavern

Jessica Lea Mayfield will be at the Beachland Ballroom on Wednesday night ($10).  Honestly, I've been a little luke-warm with Jessica lately, but I've been spending some time her new album Tell Me.  It's better than I was expecting, and Jessica has been receiving plenty of press lately:

  • Vogue magazine recently named Jessica their “Artist of the Week”, calling her “raw and authentic”.
  • NPR chose Jessica’s “Our Hearts Are Wrong” as their “Song Of The Day” today, saying “The strength of 21-year-old Ohio native Jessica Lea Mayfield’s voice isn’t in its power; it lies in the haunting cool she conveys as she sings with emotional depth and reflective self-awareness.”
  • Spin has featured Jessica as one of their “35 Must-Hear Acts at SXSW“, saying “Only 21, this precocious badass singer-songwriter — discovered (and produced) by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach — delivers bluesy folk peppered with blush-worthy tales of lust.”

Maybe I've been wrong.  Here's a bit from a reveiw of Tell Me:

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Tell Me | The Line Of Best Fit

"She was the first guest voice ever to be heard on a Black Keys record – at the age of 17 – and that band’s Dan Auerbach appears throughout this record as producer and player, however his role is very much in the background as Mayfield’s confident songs are allowed space to beguile the listener. While 2008′s With Blasphemy So Heartfelt might have been ostensibly country in its approach, Tell Me has a broader sound taking in pop, a touch of shoegaze, girl-group shimmy, blues and back, of course, to country."

(Continued... Jessica Lea Mayfield – Tell Me | The Line Of Best Fit)

Check her out for yourself, and there's a free download below:

Here's a free download:

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