Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Find: Jonquil

I've been sitting on these guys a while, but they're definitely worth a listen.  A great album for Spring.  (buy it on Insound)

"Oxford's Jonquil is light and dark, orchestral and minimal; everything you've ever wanted all at once....captivating, spine-tingling sensory fare" "There's everything from a more romantic Mogwai to an even more organic Beirut. This is a masterclass in how to purvey experimentalism without foregoing accessibility, and for
that alone Jonquil need to become huge."


"Jonquil's self-proclaimed "Paul Simon's take on The Smiths" tag nails them well, however the six-piece also encompasses a level of intricacy not unlike a more subtle Dirty Projectors without the R'n'B. There's also an inclusion of a majestic summer flourish of romantic indie-pop very much in the modern tradition - similar to Beach House, Vampire Weekend or Wolf Parade. Emerging initially as the more folky end of Oxford's burgeoning math rock scene that brought us (close friends of Jonquil and recent touring partners) Foals and Youthmovies, Jonquil have constantly evolved and morphed into a very accomplished and mature band with a now newly focused, fresh output of work.” Dan Monsell // Rockfeedback // 2010

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