Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Junip (4/21/11)

This is another show where I was probably as excited about the opener as I was about the headliner.  While I've quickly been warming up to Junip's sound, the Acrlyics had me hooked early on - and kept me there.  But this show unfortunately highlighted the fact that they are a relatively new band.  The live performance was lacking, particularly with the vocals.  For someone already knowing the songs, I could appreciate still hearing them live, but I'd be surprised to hear them win over first-time listeners with this show. I can see these guys easily improving with experience.

Acrylics (4/21/11)

When we first got to the Grog, it was hard to not notice the crazy new soundboard brought in (by the band?) for this performance.  This only highlights how Junip is about true sound and musicianship.  They sounded great... They covered their relatively small catalog of offerings to a very appreciative crowd.  Check them out.

Junip (4/21/11)

I was also having some fun with the camera at the Grog.  Some other photos on Flickr...

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