Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out This Week: Sonny Pete

You may be asking yourself "Who??".  That's exactly what I did, and i'm so glad I took a moment to investigate... See, I've been anxiously awaiting something new to come from Birdmonster, one of my top favorite bands from the last couple years (since seeing them in 2008).  Well, Sonny Pete was formed by the lead singer for Birdmonster, and his new album dropped this week!  (I just picked up, i mean downloaded, my copy... $8!).  Check it out:

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Some details:

Some big news: Pete's album for his Sonny Pete project Where the Shadows Pass (Odes to Death & Transience) is out on April 5th via iTunes and online stores everywhere!You can get a preview and a free download of the first single On That Day over at the Sonny Pete Hat Co.

Where the Shadows Pass was first inspired by a collection of Japanese death poems and is conceived as a series of vignettes and meditations on the nature of death and passage. You see, in the Buddhist tradition monks would each write a single haiku on their deathbed to reflect on the shadowy journey ahead. Despite the grim circumstance of their creation, these death poems were also a celebration of life both in this world and on to the next.  The album, while brooding and wistful, also finds cause for celebration along its path through ominous territory. Ultimitely it wonders: What might we find on this dividing line between realms, where the shadows pass?

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