Monday, April 11, 2011

Starfucker (4/10/11)

The day had finally come!  I have been giddy over this Starfucker show for months... Already making the top spot for my list of April shows, my expectations were pretty sky high, which is kinda odd since I had already saw a bit of them before.  But having spent time with their entire catalog of music, I think I'm becoming a superfan.

We missed Hot Cha Cha, but made it in time for Champange Champagne.  Listening to what little I could before the night of the show, my best description of them would be the rap-version of Starfucker.  Some fun indie electronic beats behind some sweet raps - very similar to Starfucker's free mixtape (GET IT).  What transpired on stage was just that, with some super-energy (and sweat) behind it.  These guys really earned their keep on stage, working up the seemingly ill-prepared crowd of young white folk.

Champagne Champange (6/10/11)

The only downside to Champagne Champagne was the length of their set.  Starfucker didn't take the stage until after midnight, though you wouldn't have been able to tell that from the crowd.  From almost the first song, the crowd went wild.  I mean like, mosh-pit wild.  I'm not quite sure where this came from, but the excitement was refreshing and fun - as was the continuous crowdsurfing.

Starfucker (6/10/11)

My only non-positive comment on Starfucker was the vocal qualities (check the video), but this was overlooked by the wall of sound that came out of this band.  It was pure pop / electronica goodness.  Again, we didn't stay for the whole set (it *was* a Sunday night), but I left there a bigger fan than ever.  The next show I am taking the next day off.

Starfucker (6/10/11)

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