Monday, April 4, 2011

Spangle: Starfucker & Royal Bangs top April's List

So I was just texting a friend, reminding him that the Starfucker show is this Sunday at the Grog Shop (!!!) ($8!).  He was shocked that he didn't know this sooner...

This is one of two featured performances for the The Zender Agenda: Spangle Edition - a once a month list of what to see in Cleveland, including a few road-trip options.  While I sent the announcement/link out via my Twitter account (@thezenderagenda), this exchange made me realize I should probably post an update about it here (he tells me he reads this blog all the time).  :-)

Click the image for the list of shows, including videos for the featured performances, as well as links galore for all other worthwhile shows this month.


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  1. He should probably just read TZA daily.