Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Funday! DJ / Ingenuity / Beachland

It's a busy day folks.  Start out with me for Brunch at the Beachland!  Then head over to Ingenuity to catch Dragonette (5pm), and then back to the Beachland tonight for your pick of shows.  If you're more Americana / Folk leaning (with a youthful slant) then Frontier Ruckus is in the Ballroom.  Get there early because White Pines should be great.  I've seen Frontier Ruckus a coupletimes and saw White Pines open for the Bowerbirds.

California Wives is a Chicago band performing in the Tavern with a little Indie Pop vibe.  Should also be a great show…  Check them out.

2555869 california wives 617 409

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