Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plants & Animals @ Hear Ya Studios

Still one of my favorite albums of the past year… (decade?).  Plants & Animals stop by Hear Ya Studios.  I think they agree with me…
"My favorite albums are the ones that sneak up on me. The slow growers that don’t make an impact at first, but slowly seep in.  Canada’s Plants and Animals released The End of That back in February and it filled up all the little cracks and broken splinters of my life for the rest of the year. The album filled all those spare moments in airports, on planes, in hotels, or at home while doing yard work. I’d somehow put the album on without thinking about it and later wonder why I was so drawn to it."
(Continued... Plants and Animals, Live Session #105)
Download their entire performance with the link above.  Check these guys out.

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