Friday, September 21, 2012

Dragonette / Ingenuity Fest (9/16/12)

Right after my DJ gig, we raced over to Ingenuity Fest on the Lakefront in Downtown Cleveland to catch Dragonette.  This was unfortunately my first time making it to Ingenuity for the weekend, but probably the (musical) highlight of the fest.  

Ingenuity Fest 2012

We quickly walked around and got a lay of the land, the food and beer.  

Ingenuity Fest 2012

Ingenuity Fest 2012

We then found the stage.  By the time we got there, some people were already pulling up their stakes, but was glad to see people were still sticking around for this show.  I'd really spent so much time prepping for my DJ gig that I didn't get much time with Dragonette before their performance, but I can say they kept me movin' throughout their entire high-energy set (just as they did the last time I saw them with Dan Black)  I often feel bad for bands in unusual performance spaces like this, but they pulled of an excellent (yet short) set.

Dragonette (9/16/12)

This show really got me excited for their upcoming release Body Parts on Tuesday!

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