Friday, September 21, 2012

Missy Higgins (9/18/12)

Finally getting back to normal.  I hadn't been to a show at the Beachland for several weeks, so it was nice to be in that element again.  This Missy Higgins show was definitely a "girls night out" from both the performer and audience perspective.  Opening first was Butterfly Boucher from Australia.  She was great, and from what little I've listened to her new album, she's pretty impressive (and even co-produced Missy's new album).

Butterfly Boucher (9/18/12)

Next up was Katie Herzig, who i've missed at the Beachland before, but was very glad to see finally.  She put on an amazing performance, ending with a stunning mash-up of Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) vs. Seven Nation Army (White Stripes).  She also announced that she'll be opening for Ani DiFranco at Kent Stage next weekend - so I'm glad I'll get to see her again.

Katie Herzig (9/18/12)

Missy took the stage in front of the increasingly imbibed audience.  Well, at least a small pocket of girls were really imbibed and Missy luckily shut them down rather quickly, so the rest of us could enjoy the show.  It was pretty good.  A lot of sound… a full band.  Matt told me about seeing her perform acoustically before and how it was a much better show.  I can see how it would be.  Missy has a strong voice, but it was lost in the full band sound they were presenting.

Missy Higgins (9/18/12)

There were some acoustic songs, which really punctuated what we were missing from the entire show.  However, the album is really strong and she's a great performer. I go again.

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