Friday, September 21, 2012

New York City!

So not a typical review, but I guess none of them really are.  I did want to document going to NYC over Labor Day weekend, which ultimately was to see Roxette, but many other fun things happened along the way.  The first of which was a stop off in Youngstown.  We got to watch this amazing performance.  I really thought about embedding it, but decided a link was good enough.  Next we swung through Pottsville, PA to tour the Yuengling brewery.  We then stayed the night in Allentown, PA and hit this amazing record store (Double Decker Records).  

Double Decker Records

So amazing that we had to ship a box back home We also got a chilling talk on the state of things in Downtown Allentown, right where we walked from and back to (and staying in).  It was an adventure indeed.  Next night… Benny Benassi at the Roseland Theater in New York City.

Benny Benassi (9/1/12)

We were already tired, so we only stayed long enough to catch the Bingo Players.  This was the closest to a rave I've ever been to… (wait for it…)


Next night, the venerable Roxette 

Roxette (9/2/12)

Roxette (9/2/12)

Roxette (9/2/12)

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