Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple Announces a New iTunes


In case you haven't already heard…  When I think about it, as much as I use iTunes, I should be excited about this - but I'm not, really. Sure they'll move some things around and squash some bugs, but otherwise it feels like it's largely cosmetic.  We'll see, hopefully I'll be blown away.

Apple Unveils Upgraded, 'Simplified' iTunes

At today's Apple event, which featured the new iPhone 5, the company also unveiled major upgrades to iTunes.  The streamlined and more intuitive interface will be available to consumers in October.

Key new features include:

Full iCloud integration New small and discreet mini-player Improved search and play features While previewing a song, you can continue to browse, and it will keep playing Share directly from iTunes to Facebook and Twitter Easier playlists: Move back to your library without closing a playlist Drag and drop tracks where you want them Click on a song or album and start to drag it the app automatically brings up a list of your playlists, so that you can add it. Click on an album and the window expands to show the tracks.   Click on a song to play The company also unveiled redesigned in-ear headphones now dubbed Ea"

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