Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Article: Album Review for Wild Nothing's Nocturne

If you haven't given the new Wild Nothing album a listen yet, you should do so.  I've been liking them even more after their performance at the HOB.
Wild nothing nocturne

[Indie Rock] Wild Nothing – Nocturne (Album Review) | The Music Ninja
The album is a strong sophomoric effort for Tatum and his young musical endeavor. It is at the same time mellow and catchy; steady and experimental; pensive and exciting. Tatum said in an interview with Dazed Digital magazine that ‘Nocturne’ is not only his favorite song on the album, but is also representative of an underlying theme ‘which is kind of this nighttime, drowsy, lack of sleep delirious type feeling.’ I don’t think the title track is the best song on the album, but the simple guitar licks, stretchy vocals, and intoxicating harmonies come together beautifully. To me, ‘Nocturne’ is a combination of the band’s biggest hit from Gemini, ‘Chinatown’, and the sound of those French guys, Phoenix."
(Continued... [Indie Rock] Wild Nothing – Nocturne (Album Review) | The Music Ninja)

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