Tuesday, September 27, 2011

House Concert This Sunday w/ Stephanie Nilles!

If you haven't had a chance yet, please RSVP for Sunday's performance by Stephanie Nilles (or email thezenderagenda at gmail.com).  This will be my 3rd house concert, and my first with a keyboard performer!  I've been thrilled with the results of the previous shows and have high expectations for this one as well.

$10 will get you a performance, free beer, and what's turning out to be a bit of a pot-luck.  All food, beer and effort is being donated, with all proceeds going to the artist.

Show starts at 6:00pm.  Location: Cleveland Heights (address will be provided to all RSVPs)


Here's some info on Stephanie:

"Nilles, an ex-classical pianist turned jazz and blues belter, tours year-round singing personally and passionately with a voice reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald, if Ella was a little tweaked and really adamant about sticking it to the man." -Spinner

"Singer/songwriter Stephanie Nilles makes something fresh out of things lost. A graduate of Cleveland Institute of Music, she is a serious classical pianist gone bard. When you think Nilles, think of a quirky mix of subversive vagabond and sultry artist, a burlesque cocktail of wit and substance. No need to wonder what she's thinking -- she weaves it into her music, which growls like Eartha Kitt and bites like Tom Waits ... With a unique outlook on life, music that's as intellectual as it is entertaining and a voice capable of transcending the tracks of the indie railroad, Nilles is just the kind of treasure that music aficionados love to discover." -The Tennessee Journalist

"Stephanie Nilles is a Bad Ass ... Her songs are full of political satire and bold, shocking ideas you've subconsciously formed but never figured out how to articulate. And she only uses maybe 7 or 8 chords..." -Christian Howes

A great little bio / interview here:  http://www.fromthetop.org/content/stephanie-nilles

Check out some sounds:

For a High Life Commercial - Stephanie Nilles by ladybangbeat

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