Monday, September 19, 2011

Active Child (9/15/11)

Ah... back to a Tavern show.  A Pop / Electronic one at that!  Similar to the TDCC debacle, I was probably a little more interested in the opener than the main act.  But first, I want to throw out kudos to the *very* first opener, our own Les Cousins Dangereux. It was a great set of glitch/pop/dance electronica sounds.  I'll be excited to see him perform again. (wish I had a better photo)

Les Cousins Dangeroux (9/15/11)

Chad Valley was next.  He sounded great, and by this time the room was holding a lot more people.  It was very nice to see, especially already having a sweet seat at the bar.  :-)  You really should spend some time with Chad Valley.  (oh, btw all videos are courtesy of kingofthecastle7)

Chad Valley (9/15/11)

Finally, Active Child.  Well, sort of my fear with Active Child was the operatic-esqu sounding pop/electronica wouldn't hold my interest (though the band members themselves did).  No big complaints, but had enjoyed the previous performances more.

Active Child (9/15/11)

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