Thursday, September 15, 2011

All Weekend: Ingenuity Festival


Ingenuity Fest!!  It's Cleveland's yearly festival of all things art, technology, music and all around cool.  Hell, just hanging out below the Detroit Superior Bridge is good enough for me.  I think they stepped up the music acts this year too... I'm thrilled (and a bit surprised) to see that Washed Out is performing on Friday night at Midnight.  For me, this is the highlight of the Festival...

Other shows to consider are:

  • Revolution Brass Band (Friday)
  • Presque Vu (Saturday)
  • The Modern Electric (Saturday)
  • Ashley Brooke Toussant (Saturday)
  • Cloud Nothings (Saturday)
  • Buried Wires (Sunday)
  • Filmstrip (Sunday)
  • Megachurch (Sunday)
  • Shivering Timbers (Sunday)

A kind of who's who of Cleveland performers.  I'm sure there a ton of other good ones, check them out.  You can see the ENTIRE list of events happening online.  The list of just music acts is here.

Here's a article for even more detail:

Cleveland's Ingenuityfest kicks off Friday with an intriguing blend of art, technology |

"The 2011 edition of Ingenuityfest -- on the subway level of the Detroit-Superior (Veterans Memorial) Bridge -- will bulge with intriguing (and, potentially, ingenious) exhibits and performances, in keeping with the mission founder James Levin established in 2005. For the second consecutive year, admission to everything is free. Bendis, creative director of New Media for the Freedman Center at Case Western Reserve University, has put together newfangled presentations for Ingenuityfest that made use of holograms, photos, jokes and drawings."

(Continued... Cleveland's Ingenuityfest kicks off Friday with an intriguing blend of art, technology |


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